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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 45

Anniversary of a Revolution

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 7, 2010 02:24 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 45


Hansel: It looks like we're almost there, Peter.

Hansel: To our destination, Karuizawa.

Hansel: The president of the United States, the king of the modern world, is arriving here tomorrow, right?
Hansel: So we'll succeed that throne on Monday.
Hansel: I guess you could say it'll be a revolution, right? So it can't be helped if a little blood is shed.


Peter: That's right.
Peter: The anniversary of our history-changing revolution...
Text: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Title: File 45 Anniversary of a Revolution
Peter: will be Кровавый понедельник (Bloody Monday)!!
Text: On Monday, this country will be stained with blood.
Left: The heated battle in the nuclear power plant! Volume 4 is on sale now!!


Fujimaru: What do you think, Kirishima-san?
Kirishima: So, Fujimaru-kun, you're saying that the hacker "Peter Pan" stole the hundred million dollars from Orihara Maya?

I'm sure of it.
Fujimaru: The second Orihara Maya sent half to someone's fake account, a virus came from that same account that split the money up and transferred it fifty thousand times even paying the commission for the transfers so all the money was gone.
Fujimaru: He's the only one that could have done that.


Fujimaru: The only one!

Kirishima: So he completely betrayed Orihara Maya?
Fujimaru: Yes.

Fujimaru: The question is how he's going to use that money.
Fujimaru: I don't think someone who would carry out that kind of terrorist attack would be satisfied with stealing what doesn't even amount to ten billion Japanese yen.

Kirishima: I agree.
Kirishima: It could be funds he needs for some massive terrorist attack.

SFX: Slide
SFX: Commotion


Kirishima: Oh, Kanou-san.
Kirishima: I was just talking with Fujimaru-kun...
SFX: Appear
Kanou: Listen to what I have to say first.
Kirishima: What is it?

Kanou: I got a call from Sasha of the Russian Federal Security Service early this morning.

Tsukamoto: Oh, your rumored lover.
SFX: Yawn

Small SFX in Kanou's bubble: Twitch
Kanou: Don't interrupt me!
Kirishima: And what did she want?
Text: How lame.
Tsukamoto: Why are you getting so pissed?


Kanou: Yeah, about that...

Sasha: Did I wake you, Ikuma?
Kanou: No, I was just working up a sweat.
Kanou: What's with the early morning love call, Sasha? Well, I guess it's still night over there, isn't it?
Sasha: Enough with the jokes. This is hardly the time.

Sasha: I just got word that a man the Federal Security Service has marked as a person needing special attention used a fake passport to enter Japan yesterday.

Kanou: What?


Sasha: You just had a terrorist attack at a nuclear power plant, right?
Sasha: Doesn't this timing seem worrisome?
Kanou: Yes...but who is this man requiring special attention?

Sasha: He's someone you know quite well, Ikuma.

Kanou: It couldn't be...


Sasha: Currently he's working as a free mercenary and has played a part in disputes around the world, but he used to be a Spetsnaz ace.

Kanou: Nik.
Kanou: Nikolai Glazunov...?

Sasha: Да (Yes).


Kanou: Nikolai Glazunov.
Kanou: After leaving Spetsnaz, he has worked as a mercenary who could take on a thousand men and has even worked as an instructor for the French Foreign Legion.

Kanou: He has connections and he has wealth. If he joined with the terrorists...
Fujimaru: How much would it take for them to hire him?

Kanou: Well, it would depend on what they were hiring him to do, but at least a hundred million.
Kanou: If it was something dangerous and against the established society it would be 5 to 10 times more.

Fujimaru: So it's quite possible.


Hibiki: Légion étrangère...

Fujimaru: Eh?

Hibiki: The French Foreign Legion.
Hibiki: The man I fought against was probably from there.

Kirishima: You can tell?


Hibiki: I've been shown video after video of soldiers from all over the world.
Hibiki: I can just tell.

Fujimaru: That means they have a route of contact.

Kirishima: ...It's clear something's going to happen.

Fujimaru: In that case...


Fujimaru: I think...
Fujimaru: their target is President Adams.

Kanou: What?

Fujimaru: I don't know why they would, but with this timing, there has to be a connection.
Kirishima: But he's being guarded by the world's best secret service.


Kirishima: And here in Japan, we're at the highest level of alert.
Kirishima: It's impossible for them to attack the president.

Minami: I agree.
SFX: Brushing back hair
Minami: And I can't see any real connection between a terrorist attack here in Japan and an attack on the president.
Fujimaru: True...

Fujimaru: but I still think there has to be a connection.

Kirishima: Anyway, let's have "Third-i" guard him as well.
Kirishima: And we can tell the president to be cautious.


Fujimaru: I'll go to Karuizawa as well.
Hibiki: Then I'm going too!
SFX: Dramatic

Kirishima: You'll come, Fujimaru-kun?
Fujimaru: Yes.

Fujimaru: I've come this far...
Fujimaru: so I want to stop these terrorists no matter what.
SFX: Grip


Fujimaru: ...And for dad's sake too.

SFX: Smile
Kanou: Excellent, "Falcon".

Fujimaru: Peter Pan...I won't forgive you no matter what.
Fujimaru: I won't let you have your way!


SFX: Blowing wind
Nik: So, do you have the money...um, you're going by Hansel now, are you?
Nik: As ordered, I've assembled a dream team, but it's cost quite a bit. So I'd like for you to transfer the money right away.
Hansel: Don't worry, Nikolai. There would be no point in tricking you.
Nik: Heh heh...

Hansel: Fifty million dollars for the 10 of you is enough, right?


Nik: No, it isn't.
Hansel: What?

Nik: I'd like an additional ten million dollars once we successfully complete the mission.

Hansel: Ok.
Hansel: But there's something I'd like for you to do first.
Nik: I don't mind. What is it?


SFX: Tone
Sign: Karuizawa

Small text in Nik's bubble: Heh heh


Announcement: We will be arriving at Karuizawa shortly.
Announcement: Once we arrive at Karuizawa...
Nik: Fine.
Nik: That can easily be arranged.
Text: They head to Karuizawa where an extremely dangerous man awaits!!

Bottom: We will be taking a break next week. To be continued in Issue 47.

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