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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 46

A Precarious Situation

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 17, 2010 04:17 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 46


Nik: This Karuizawa place is quite a peaceful town.
Text: A turbulent wind is blowing into this peaceful town!!
Left text: Volume 5 is on sale now!!
Bottom of panel: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Title: File 46 A Precarious Situation
Nik: It has a nice temperature and a nice forest-like feel to it. It reminds me of Russia.
Nik: Don't you think, Yulia?

Yulia: Nik.
SFX: Whisper
Yulia: Don't people like us stand out too much wandering around as a group in a sightseeing area like this?


Nik: Do we? But there are plenty of foreign sightseers here. Ha ha ha.

SFX: Honk hoooonk

Man: Are you the mercenaries Peter Pan hired?
SFX: Whirrr
Nik: Yes.

Man: ...Get in.
SFX: Motion

Yulia: Yes, sir.


SFX: Roll
SFX: Slam
Man: Aren't you getting in?
Nik: I have something I need to do, so I'll head over there later. I know the place.

SFX: Rrrrr

SFX: Rrrr...


Kanou: Fujimaru.
SFX: rrrr
Text: Ah
Fujimaru: What is it, Kanou-san?

Kanou: If the remnants of "The Shooter of the Magic Bullet" really did hire Nik and other veteran mercenaries to target the president...
Kanou: what do you think they're after?
SFX: rrr


Fujimaru: Good question. Normally, I would think it would be the assassination of the president.
Kanou: But then their hijacking the power plant doesn't make sense because that could be seen as trying to stop him from coming to Japan.

Fujimaru: Right.
Fujimaru: But Minami-san said that he might have come even if they had successfully driven the power plant to meltdown.
Minami: Yeah.

Fujimaru: That means the terrorists hijacked the power plant for some reason that the president coming to Japan is a condition for.
Fujimaru: So what is it that they're after?

Kanou: Damn, I just don't know.
SFX: Sit back
Kanou: But all we can do is protect the president!!!


SFX: Glance
Minami: Since Peter Pan hasn't been caught or killed, having you working with us is really reassuring, Fujimaru.
Minami: It's just...

Minami: It should be obvious, but "Third-i" still doesn't trust you.
Minami: Do you understand, Hibiki? You can't run off and...
Hibiki: Excuse me, Minami-san?

Hibiki: You aren't after Fujimaru, are you?

Minami: ...Hah?
SFX: Annoyed


Hibiki: You aren't married and probably don't have a boyfriend. And that means...
SFX: Squeeze

Minami: Ough.

Minami: Enough.
Minami: I was an idiot to think I could talk seriously with you.

Minami: And just so you know, I like calm, collected older men like Captain Sakaki.
Minami: I have no interest in noisy kids with no composure.
Hibiki: I hope that's true.
Circled character on side of bubble: K
Kanou: Poor...
Kanou: Kusunoki.
SFX: Shock

Minami: C'mon, Fujimaru!
Minami: Warn that seducing agent of yours.

Minami: If she does anything remotely suspicious, she'll be restrained immediately.
Text: Sigh...
Hibiki: That won't be necessary.


Hibiki: I want to be with Fujimaru so I can protect him.
Hibiki: That's all.

Fujimaru: Hibiki...

Fujimaru: It's true that Hibiki's abilities as a warrior are in a different league altogether...
Fujimaru: but...if an enemy with the same ability were to show up...
Fujimaru: and she looked just like her, what would I do?


Fujimaru: Wow, the American military is here too?
Minami: Yes, "Third-i" put in a request and they were put on security as well.

Fujimaru: There are still civilians just here to see the president, right?

Minami: Yes, there isn't much of a chance to see him here in Japan, so they're really excited.


Hibiki: So you've grown lax from too long a peace?
SFX: Staring blankly

SFX: Chatter chatter


SFX: Chatter chatter
People: Who are those mercenaries? I didn't hear anything about that.
People: Can we really leave command to Peter Pan?
People: I don't know. But with Arthur gone, we have no other choice.
People: Damn it. I just can't trust him.

Yajima: Who are they?
Yajima: I have no idea what's going on...

Man: Why did you have us all gather here?
SFX: Step forward


Gide: ...We don't know.
Gide: We're just waiting here for orders from our boss.

Man: Damn it.

SFX: Rinnnng
Gide: Gide here.

Nik: I'll be there in 5 minutes.
Nik: Take care of Hansel's request in that time.

Gide: Yes, sir.

Man: Hey, what was that about?


SFX: Bang

Men: A-Ah. What are you-!?
Men: They just...!!
SFX: Commotion
Men: What the hell did you just do!?

Yajima: Wh-what!? Infighting!?

Gide: Go ahead.
SFX: Kaclick


Woman: Th-they're...!!!
SFX: Intense
Man: Damn it!!!

Woman: Ee
SFX: Bang

SFX: Bang bang bang
SFX: Blam blam blam


Yajima: Waaah!!!
SFX: Bang bang

SFX: Blam blam blam

SFX: Bang bang

SFX: Pant
Yajima: D-damn...I may be a stubborn one, but it looks like my time has finally come!!


Yajima: Fine. Fine. Satsuki...
SFX: Jangle
Yajima: I'm going to be with you soon.

Yajima: I'll give you the wedding I couldn't give you then.
Yajima: ...Satsuki.

SFX: Blam blam blam
SFX: Bang

SFX: Vvvvv
SFX: Vvvvv


Fujimaru: Who's that?

Fujimaru: Hello, this is Takagi...

Fujimaru: Eh?
Fujimaru: Wait...

SFX: Intense
Fujimaru: Kanou-san! Emergency! Yajima-san is...


Fujimaru: Well, Hibiki? Is the enemy around here?
SFX: Rustle
Hibiki: We're fine. There's no sign of anyone. I can't even hear or smell anyone.

Kanou: Fujimaru, where's the spot?
Fujimaru: The GPS says we're almost there.

Hibiki: It's probably over there...
Hibiki: where the crows are swarming.
SFX: Caw caw

SFX: Gulp...


Kanou: Wh-
Kanou: What happened?

Yajima: ...Yo.
Yajima: You took your sweet time coming for me, didn't you?
SFX: Dash


Yajima: I thought you'd forgotten about me.
SFX: Grab
Kanou: Yajima...Thank god...
Kanou: Thank god you're alright.

Yajima: Ha...ha ha...I somehow...
Yajima: managed to survive again.

Text: A small relief. But how did Yajima survive!?
Bottom left: To be continued in Issue 48

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