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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 47

The Sixty Million Dollar Job

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 21, 2010 20:05 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 47


Title: File 47 The Sixty Million Dollar Job
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Left: Volume 5 is on sale now!!
Center Text: What does his survival mean...?
Kanou: Anyway, I'm so glad you're okay...

Kanou: You can fill us in on the details later. Like who did this and why...
Yajima: I don't know myself.

Yajima: A dangerous looking group of foreigners came in and slaughtered all of the "Shooter of the Magic Bullet" members that had captured me and...


SFX: Bang

SFX: Blam blam

SFX: Machine gun fire
SFX: Raise hand
SFX: Stop


SFX: Wham
Yajima: Gah...

Yajima: When I came to, I was the only survivor.

Fujimaru: Yajima-san....
SFX: Step forward
Yajima: Hey, Fujimaru. So you're fine, too.
Yajima: I've been completely in the dark about what's been going on since I was captured.
Fujimaru: I made it somehow. But...


Yajima: Did something happen to someone?

Fujimaru: ...My father...

Yajima: Takagi...!?
Yajima: That...immortal man...

Yajima: I see...
SFX: Wobble

SFX: Push in front

Yajima: Hibiki...-chan!?
SFX: Shock


Yajima: Hey, Fujimaru? Why is she here?
Fujimaru: Um, well...A lot has happened.

Hibiki: Minami-san.
Hibiki: Restrain this man.

Yajima: Hah?

Fujimaru: Hey, Hibiki. What's this all of a sudden?
Fujimaru: Didn't you know that he's a member of "Third-i"?
Hibiki: I know that.

Hibiki: That's why it's unnatural.


Hibiki: He saw the enemies' faces.
Hibiki: A terrorist or an agent would gain nothing from letting someone like that live.

Yajima: Hibiki-chan...You...

Minami: She's right about it being odd.

Hibiki: There has to be a reason.
Hibiki: And as long as we don't know what it is, or at least until President Adams leaves, he should be restrained.

Fujimaru: You're reading too much into this, Hibiki.
Hibiki: Fujimaru...

Fujimaru: For whatever reason, the enemy slaughtered all the people that were supposedly on their side. But Yajima-san wasn't on their side, so maybe they didn't really pay him much mind.


Hibiki: If it were me, I wouldn't hesitate.

Hibiki: Highly trained soldiers don't leave witnesses.
Hibiki: The fact that doing so is dangerous is drilled into you until you're sick of hearing it.
Fujimaru: But...Hibiki...

Hibiki: Believe me, Fujimaru.
SFX: Grab


Hibiki: Please.

Yajima: She's right, Kanou.
Kanou: Yajima...

Yajima: It's true I saw their faces.
Yajima: They had to have had some reason to let me live.
Yajima: I have no idea what though.

Kanou: ...Fine. We'll restrain you for the time being.
Kanou: You can go to a hospital in Karuizawa for your injuries and we'll lock you in your room and post a guard.
Yajima: Please do.

Hibiki: I'm sorry, manager.
Yajima: It's nothing.
Yajima: But Hibiki-chan...


Yajima: I'm surprised to learn you're actually part of this world.

Yajima: And from the looks of things you seem to be on our side.
Hibiki: ...Yes, I am.

Yajima: I see....
Yajima: Well...I'll have you fill me in after all this is over.
Yajima: Okay, let's go, Kanou, Minami.

Police: This is Special Team A of the Karuizawa Police in charge of guarding the president.
Police: We've arrived at a spot where a group of people thought to be terrorists have been killed.
Police: We need to deal with the bodies right away.
Kanou: Who killed them?
Yajima: I think they were mercenaries. I saw what they looked like.
Yajima: I can use the "Third-i" CG Montage System to show you.


Kanou: We'll get a computer in your hospital room right away.

SFX in side of bubble: Whisper
Hibiki: Are you mad, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru: Of course not.
Fujimaru: You only said that to protect me and this country.
Fujimaru: I believe you.

SFX: Grab
Hibiki: ...Good.


Hibiki: I think Manager Yajima is a good person. My year of working at that cafe may have been part of my mission...
Hibiki: but I had a lot of good times there.

Fujimaru: Yeah...

Hibiki: That's why it was hard.
Hibiki: I didn't want to say those things.
Hibiki: It's the first time I've felt that way.

SFX: Grab
Fujimaru: Hibiki...

Fujimaru: I understand. And so does Yajima-san.
SFX: Smile

Hibiki: Fujimaru...
SFX: Blush...


SFX: Whooosh

Adams: This high-speed train is actually quite comfortable, isn't it?

SFX: Click
Adams: It doesn't shake like Europe's TGV.


Woman: We'll be arriving in Karuizawa soon, Mr. President.

SFX: Whooosh
Adams: It's so peaceful.
Adams: You wouldn't think this was a country that had gone to being a Rank A conflicted area due to a nuclear terrorist attack.

Ryan: Don't let your guard down, Mr. President.
Ryan: Not all of the terrorists have been captured yet.

Adams: I have the world's greatest secret service with me, Mr. Ryan.

Ryan: Yes, but...
Adams: As the President of the United States, I must remain calm and composed at all times.


Adams: I am the "King" of the world after all.

Ryan: Indeed you are, Mr. President.

Reception: Welcome to the Queen Hotel of Karuizawa.
Nik: That is not necessary. I can speak Japanese.


Reception: Oh, yes. Excuse me. Then I'll get you checked in.
SFX: Jangle

SFX: Smile
Nik: Thank you.

Nik: I just finished checking in at the Queen Hotel, Hansel.
SFX: Step
Hansel: Ok.
Hansel: By the way, what did you do with the captured "Third-i" member?

Nik: We let him go alive.
Nik: There are two reasons. The first is as camouflage.
Nik: The second is...well, let's just say I left behind a "bomb".

Hansel: I see.
Hansel: You really are reliable, Nikolai.


Nik: I have to show my best work when I'm on a sixty million dollar job.


Man: Here you go.

"Hibiki": Thank you.

Man: I need to see your passport.
SFX: Step forward


SFX: Slide

Man: Eh...?
Man: Huh? Didn't you just...
SFX: Turn

"Hibiki": We're twins.

Man: Oh, I see. Sorry about that.
Man: Here you go. Go on through.

"Hibiki": Thank you.


SFX: Step...

SFX: Step


Text: Two Hibikis just entered Japan!? The highest level of danger approaches!!
SFX: Step
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 49

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