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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gamble Fish 54

Emily Dawn

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 30, 2010 02:06 | Go to Gamble Fish

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Chapter 54


Title: Fight 54 Emily Dawn



Students: Today's the day when that transfer student is supposed to get here!!
Students: It was on the news and all the talk shows yesterday!!
SFX: Chatter chatter chatter
Students: It was on TV!? I guess she really is a super celeb overseas.

Students: Hm?
SFX: Bah bah bah bah...
Students: What?

Students: What that noise!?
SFX: Bah bah bah bah
Students: Hey!! Look out the window!!


SFX: Bah bah bah bah


SFX: Appear!!

SFX: Chatter chatter chatter
Students: Th-that's Emily Dawn!!!
Students: She's using a military helicopter as a limousine!!?
Students: That's the daughter of the world's biggest munitions company for you!!


Oizumi: Welcome, Miss Dawn!!
Oizumi: I am Oizumi, the vice principal of Shishidou Academy!!
Satou: I am Satou; I will be your teacher.

Emily: Nice to meet you. By the way, where's the usual ceremony?
Oizumi: The usual...?

Emily: Where's the brass fanfare to welcome me? Where's the red carpet?
Emily: Why isn't the mayor here? Why isn't the prime minister here to greet me!?


Satou: Eh...?
SFX: Shock...
Oizumi: Oh, well...

Emily: Ha!! Just kidding. It's just a joke!!
SFX: Hee hee
Emily: I'm here privately this time!! I've already notified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs telling them I didn't need a ceremony.

Joshua: I am Joshua, her butler. Is Emily-sama's room ready?
Satou: Y-yes!! For security reasons, she has been specially given a guest room!

Emily: Thank you!! By the way, I've brought my cook, my hair dresser, my counselor, my yoga instructor, and so forth...
SFX: Large group
Emily: Make sure they get the finest rooms.


Satou: Y-you even have an exclusive cook? This is just a middle school, you know...
Emily: Anyway, this should cover my costs for the first week.
SFX: Write
Emily: If it isn't enough, just tell me.

Oizumi: Uuh!!
Satou: A check for a hundred thousand dollars...
Joshua: Okay!! Carry her luggage inside!

Mizuhara: Wow...a sofa and a bed with a canopy.
Mizuhara: Oil paintings and a real dog, too!!


Mizuhara: It really looks like she's quite the high-class lady.
Tomu: Heh. Even at a gathering place for the elite like Shishidou, her self indulgence goes a step beyond.

Mizuhara: That's to be expected!! The Dawn family manages the world's largest munitions company.
Mizuhara: Their ancestors made spears in Rome, so their history and traditions are different!!

Mizuhara: From guns to even missiles and satellite weaponry, apparently most of the proprietary weaponry of the American military is from the Dawn Company.
Mizuhara: It's said that if you stacked up the dollar bills of the huge fortune they've built up it would reach the moon.


Mizuhara: They have a huge influence with the Pentagon and in the political world!!
Mizuhara: It's even said that the Dawn family could change who the next president would be with a single breath.

Tomu: So she's a true celebrity...
Tomu: But why is she coming here?

Mizuhara: Who knows. Maybe it's just the whim of a wealthy girl.
Mizuhara: This is the leading elite school in Japan after all.
Mizuhara: And it wouldn't be surprising if there was some connection between two rich families like the Shishidou family and the Dawn family.


Abidani: Good morning, Shirasagi!!

SFX: Yelling
Crowd: Waaaah!! It's Abidani!!!
Crowd: Abi just showed up again!!!


Abidani: Heh heh heh...
Abidani: Such a lovely morning, isn't it?
Tomu: Yeah...
Tomu: It was until you showed up.
SFX: Dramatic...


Abidani: Heh. Talk to me like that while you can.
Abidani: I happen to be in a very good mood this morning.

Abidani: Silence!! As you surely know, an important transfer student is arriving in your class today!!
Abidani: And I have been given the duty of being her manager!!

Abidani: Anyone who acts rudely towards her will be sent to the reflection room.
Abidani: Make sure you keep that in mind!!


Mizuhara: Ha ha ha. Her manager!?
SFX: Whisper whisper
Mizuhara: It seems even Abidani is weak when it comes to the rich!!

Abidani: Let me introduce you to...
SFX: Smile...
Abidani: Emily Dawn, my lovely daughter!!

Tomu: Daughter!!

SFX: Step


Emily: Wow!! I've missed you Uncle Avi!
Emily: Ha ha ha ha!!! You sure have grown, Emily!!!


Mizuhara: Wh-what's going on!!?
Mizuhara: Emily is Abidani's daughter!!?

Emily: Heh heh heh. Hi, my fellow classmates!!
Emily: He may call me his daughter, but Uncle Avi and I aren't actually blood related.
Emily: My cousin married his cousin, so we actually are related.
Emily: He's looked after me like his own daughter since I was a baby!!

Emily: He invited me to come here to study abroad!!
SFX: Chatter chatter...
Abidani: Heh heh. Emily has always been interested in my home country of Japan.


Abidani: Oh, and she loves games!!
SFX: Smile...
Abidani: When I told her there was a unique gambler here, she just had to meet him. Heh heh heh...

Tomu: I see. So that's it!!
Tomu: You and the Dawn family had a hidden connection.

Class: Does that mean his next opponent will be Emily!?
SFX: Chatter
Class: That would be an amazing game!!


Emily: What!!? Me be his opponent!!?
Emily: You're all jumping to the wrong conclusion!!

SFX: Step step

Mizuhara: Wah wah!!
Mizuhara: She's coming over here, Tomu!!

SFX: Step step


SFX: Pull out!!

Mizuhara: Wah wah!!! A-a pistol!!
Crowd: I-is that real!!?


Emily: Some nobody doesn't just challenge the Dawn family to a game.
Emily: If I say a black cat is white, then it's white.

Emily: And no matter what result the game had in the end, if I said I won, I would have won.

Emily: I could get rid of you just by pulling this trigger.
Emily: The Japanese police don't have the power to arrest me.
Emily: And the media wouldn't be allowed to report on it.

Mizuhara: T-Tomu!!

Tomu: Heh...

Tomu: Quite beating around the bush, Emily Dawn.
Tomu: How about you quit blathering on and make your bet?


Tomu: Shoot.
Tomu: I bet that gun will misfire!!


Crowd: Wha-!!!?

SFX: Heartbeat...

SFX: Heartbeat...

Emily: Heh heh heh...You're even better than Uncle Avi said,
SFX: Lift gun...
Emily: Tom Shirasagi, Kamikaze Gambler of Japan.


Emily: Your burning eyes are colored by the glow of courage, intelligence, and terrifying luck.
Emily: You're hundreds of times more sexy and extreme than I imagined.

Tomu: ...What are you talking about?
Tomu: Didn't Abidani call you here to battle me?

Emily: No. I've heard about your confrontations with Uncle Avi...
Emily: but that has nothing to do with me.


Emily: I'm just looking for a prince suitable for me.
Emily: I don't care about outward appearances or social standing. I'm looking for the ultimate man who is truly strong and beautiful!!

Emily: And you are that prince, Tom Shirasagi!!
Emily: Let me call you my darling.
SFX: Kiss


Abidani: Mh...I knew Emily had a habit of falling in love at first sight...
Abidani: but I didn't see this coming.
Abidani: I guess I just have to call a truce for now, Shirasagi!!

Abidani: Make sure you take care of Emily!!
SFX: Step step
Abidani: I'm not sure what I'll do if you make my beloved daughter cry!!

Tomu: Abidani...
Emily: Nice to meet you, darling!!!

Abidani: Heh heh...
SFX: Step step

Abidani: Ha ha ha ha!!!

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