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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 49

Party Preparations

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 12, 2010 01:44 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 49


Title: File 49 Party Preparations
Foster: So how were you thinking we could work together, Former Second Lieutenant Kanou?
Kanou: Well, Captain Foster...
Kanou: As we told you before, we would like to have an armed "Third-i" team spread out around the Queen Hotel to beef up the security.
Text: The elite of Japan and America are gathering to guard the president...
SFX: Whisper whisper whisper
Bottom left of panel: Volume 5 is on sale now!!

SFX: Wave
Foster: That won't be necessary.
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Foster: We appreciate the thought, but we already called in a platoon of 12 of our Green Berets from Okinawa on the request of the president's aide 3 days ago.
Foster: Add the secret service and the regular army members we have here, and that's almost 100 men.
Foster: Even if the terrorists surrounded the hotel, we could easily take them out so long as there aren't over 1000 of them.

Kanou: But...
Kanou: According to information from Russia...

Foster: You mean that former Spetsnaz named Glazunov?
SFX: Smile smile
Foster: What can some failed mercenary who's long since retired from the special forces do?


SFX: Hoo

Kanou: Understood, Captain Foster. We'll just take care of the security within the building then.
Kanou: Excuse us.
SFX: Turn
Foster: We have 20 secret service members in the building.
Foster: How about you all just enjoy the party and have a few drinks?

Kanou: No, thanks.
Kanou: I doubt the drinks would taste very good to me right now.

Minami: What's with him!? He creeped me out!
SFX: Step step
Kanou: He's underestimating them.


Kanou: He doesn't think that a terrorist attack could amount to much in a country softened by peace like Japan.
SFX: Pissed
SFX: Step
Minami: Do they know the terrorists have a powerful hacker?

Kanou: Yes.
SFX: Step
Kanou: Apparently Kirishima emphasized that point, but they just laughed it off saying that a computer was just a toy that couldn't stand up to a pistol, much less a machine gun.

Minami: You're kidding! Their hacking skills seem more formidable than a battleship at times.
SFX: Step
Minami: What do we do?

Kanou: There's only one thing we can do.
SFX: Beep
Kanou: We do this our way.


Kanou: We protect the president and stop them our way!!

Kanou: Makimura, is it all set up?
Makimura: Yes.

Makimura: And Kanou-san, Minami-san, we have two additional members from HQ sent here to the Karuizawa Base for support.
Makimura: They'll introduce themselves.


Inaba: I was recently added to the "Third-i" Terrorism Counter-Measures Team. My name is Inaba Kyouka.
Inaba: I will be helping with keeping the line of command intact with those in the field and be in charge of keeping in contact with HQ.
Shioda: My name is Shioda Makoto.
Shioda: I am in charge of IT support.

Kanou: Welcome, you two.
SFX: Nonchalant
Inaba: Thank you.
Inaba: We're not quite used to this work, but we'll do our best!

Shioda: Um...
Kanou: What is it, Shioda?

Shioda: As far as I can tell, I'm the only person in charge of information processing...

Kanou: You're just here as backup.
Kanou: We have a monster here who's as good as 1000 men when it comes to that world.


Text: Say Ahh!

Hibiki: Hey, Fujimaru.
Hibiki: Should we really be flirting right now?
Text: I may like it, but...

Fujimaru: It's fine, Hibiki.
Fujimaru: It actually helps me blend in.
Fujimaru: I'd stand out if I were at a place like this alone typing on a computer... (;^_^A


Fujimaru: And you saw that skilled terrorist who was from the French Foreign Legion.
Fujimaru: If he shows up, you'll notice.

Hibiki: I see...
Hibiki: But why here?

Fujimaru: I went all around the hotel...
Fujimaru: and this was the best place.
SFX: Smile

Hibiki: Oh...?

Fujimaru: Now then...
Fujimaru: Time to finish up.
Hibiki: Finish up what?

SFX: Type type
Fujimaru: The fortified system...
Fujimaru: for this resort hotel.


SFX: Appear on screen

Inaba: Wh-what's this!? Hacking?


SFX: Appear

SFX: Appear

Minami: Fujimaru!?
Minami: What have you started, "Falcon"!?

Fujimaru: I hacked into and took control of an American military spy satellite without them noticing.
Fujimaru: It's quite precise, so I can even tell what's going on in the forest.


Fujimaru: I can even check the thermography they're using from here.
SFX: Appear appear

Men: Alpha Team in charge of guarding the north side of the hotel, here. Nothing to report.
Men: This is the secret service inside the building. Nothing to report.
Fujimaru: I've even intercepted the transmissions from the American military and the secret service guarding the president and sit it to all be automatically sent here.

Fujimaru: I've even gotten the locations of everyone inside the building so we can monitor it.
SFX: Appear

Inaba: You got the American military's secret information that easily? I can't believe it!

Kanou & Minami: ...Ph.


Text: Gyah hyah hyah
Kanou: They've had everything taken from them with the "toy" they said was less useful than a single pistol!
Kanou: I want to see that pompous ass of a captain's face when he finds out about this!
Minami: I know! They sure underestimated us!

Inaba: But...
Inaba: The enemy could have taken all this information too, right?
Kanou: ! Inaba...

Inaba: They have a hacker on the level of "Falcon", right? That "Peter Pan".


Inaba: Then there's a real risk of that happening.
Kanou: That's true...

Fujimaru: Right. We should assume they have.
Fujimaru: I was shocked at how weak the American military's security was for data regarding this hotel.

Kanou: Okay.
Kanou: Minami, Makimura, and I will go to the party at 6 and watch over the president.
Minami: Got it.


Man: ...Nikolai.

Man: We have the location of the American military.
Nik: I see.

Nik: Begin in 10 minutes when the party starts.
Nik: Split into 4 teams and stay hidden as you take out the 20 members of the American defense teams Charlie 1-4 within 15 minutes. Then enter the building through Gate 7 and Terrace Window 15.


Nik: Make this an exciting party.
Man: Yes, sir!

Kusunoki: Kanou-san.
SFX: Step
Kanou: Yes?


Kusunoki: I brought some extra guns and cartridges!
Kanou: Oh, you didn't have to come all the way here!
Kanou: Thanks, Kusunoki!

Kanou: But you just wanted to see a certain someone, didn't you? But I doubt even good clothes'll help her.
Text: Heh heh heh heh
Kusunoki: No, I just...
Minami: Sorry for keeping you.

Minami: Oh, Kusunoki?
Minami: You came all the way here?
Minami: Thanks!

SFX: Whistle
Kanou: Now that's a disguise, Minami!
Text: Damn, it's hard to walk in this.
Minami: Shut up, Kanou-san.


SFX: Stare...

Minami: Don't stare like that, Kusunoki!
Minami: You should know this kind of outfit doesn't suit me!

Kusunoki: N-no!!!

Kusunoki: Um...
Kusunoki: I-it...
Kusunoki: Looks...really good on you, Minami-san.

Minami: ...Ah?

Minami: Th...
Minami: Thank you...


Kusunoki: Good luck.
Kusunoki: And be careful!
SFX: Hand over...
Minami: ...Yeah.
Minami: You, too.

SFX: Dramatic
Minami: Why do I have to wear this outfit!?
Minami: I won't be able to move properly if I need to.
Kanou: It's just that kind of party.

Kanou: Now, let's get in there!
SFX: Dramatic


Minami: Minami here. We've entered the party hall.
Fujimaru: Roger that.

Fujimaru: The party starts in 2 minutes...


SFX: Heartbeat
Text: Will it be cheers resounding through the party hall 2 minutes from now? Or screams?
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 51

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