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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Gamble Fish 55

The Rose of Shishidou

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 12, 2010 21:52 | Go to Gamble Fish

-> RTS Page for Gamble Fish 55

For OMFGG only

Chapter 55


Crowd: Look, it's Emily and Shirasagi.
Crowd: He's giving her personal kanji lessons after school.
Crowd: I didn't expect this at all.
Crowd: I was sure that she was an assassin from America when I heard she was related to Abidani.
Title: Fight 55 Rose of Shishidou

Crowd: I heard Emily's grades are almost perfect except for in Japanese.
Crowd: And she's supposed to be great at sports.
Crowd: So not only does she have both beauty and intelligence, but she's the daughter of the Dawn Company, too.
Crowd: She's perfect.


Title: Fight 55 The Rose of Shishidou

Crowd: Well, Shirasagi seems to be enjoying it.


Yuka: Ngh...That yankee girl is sticking too close to Shirasagi!!
Natsumi: It's not fair that she gets that kind of attention just because she's rich!!
Mizuhara: Heh heh heh. Maybe Tomu's into foreign girls.

Yuka: Ah!! Damn it. Now she's holding his hand!!
Natsumi: Why is she looking at him like that!!?
Mizuhara: Maybe this lesson isn't really about kanji.

Yuka: No! I can't take it anymore!!
SFX: Bang
Natsumi: Give it a rest, Emily Dawn!!!


Emily: Hi! Friends of yours, darling?
Yuka: Quiet, yankee girl!!
Natsumi: Don't call Tomu-senpai darling!!

Tomu: What has you so upset, Tsukiyono, Na-chan?
Tomu: She may be Abidani's relative, but she isn't here to challenge me.
Tomu: I can teach her to read and write kanji, can't I?

Emily: It's fine, darling. They should be mad.
Emily: I've been hogging the school hero after all.


Yuka: We told you to stop calling him that!!
Natsumi: And senpai has a huge goal of gathering ten billion yen here!!
Natsumi: He doesn't have time to see to the needs of some foreign transfer student!

Emily: Ha ha...Ten billion yen is a mere pittance for the Dawn family.
Emily: How about I give you a state-of-the-art stealth fighter as a gift, darling?

Mizuhara: A-a stealth fighter for a gift? But those cost twenty billion yen each!!
SFX: Gulp...
Tomu: Emily, I already refused that offer.
Tomu: I can't go into the details, but I'm not just after money.


Emily: I know, darling!! Your gambler's blood is yearning for a challenge, right!?
Emily: That hot blood of yours makes you so cool!!

Emily: By the way, how about you all attend the party this weekend!?
Natsumi: P-party!?

Emily: The party to announce our engagement!!
Emily: I want you all to bless our eternal love!!

Natsumi: E-e-e-engagemeeeent!!?
Emily: Well, I have to go see to the preparations for the party!!
Emily: Look forward to it, okay? Hee hee hee.


Yuka: That engagement thing isn't true, is it!!?
Tomu: Of course not.
Tomu: Emily's just saying that.

Tomu: So just think of it as her welcoming party and enjoy yourselves.
Tomu: Let's all have fun this weekend.

Yuka: Okay!!! In that case, I'll need to get some clothes!!!
SFX: Run run run!!
Natsumi: I'll show that yankee girl the true beauty of a Yamato Nadeshiko!!

Mizuhara: Should you really be being so nice to Emily?
Mizuhara: She is Abidani's relative after all.
Tomu: I know, Mizuhara. And I don't intend to let my guard down.

Tomu: Even if Emily herself isn't out to get me, she has Abidani behind her.
Tomu: He called her here from America, so he must be planning something.


Crowd: Oh, wow!!!
SFX: Cheer
SFX: Chatter
Crowd: The cafeteria looks just like a club.


Man: Welcome, students of Shishidou Academy!!
Man: Feel free to just cut loose and have fun tonight!!

Crowd: Wah!! That's the techno unit "Outer World", isn't it!?
SFX: Cheer
Crowd: Wow!! It's like we're in a New York club!!!

Yuka: Uuh...We don't really fit in, do we?
Natsumi: I thought for sure it would be an ostentatious dinner party, so I dressed up...
Mizuhara: This really is quite a casual party...


Crowd: There she is!! It's Emily!
Crowd: And she's being escorted by her "darling".
Crowd: They make a good couple.

Emily: Good evening!! Thank you all for coming to my engagement p-
Tomu: Emily!!
SFX: Cough
Emily: Oh, I my welcoming party!!


Emily: Make sure to have fun, everyone!!
Emily: Cheers!!
Crowd: Cheers!!

Crowd: Y'know, Emily's surprisingly nice.
Crowd: Her sense of how to spend money is different...
Crowd: but she's still fun to be around and has good taste!!
Crowd: And she's cute!!

Emily: Darling, are you having fun!?
Tomu: Yeah.
Emily: Ah hah. Good!!


Tomu: I was right. I can't sense any ill will coming from Emily.
Tomu: But Abidani wouldn't introduce her to me without an ulterior motive.

Tomu: I want to honestly accept her good will...
Tomu: but I can't let myself as long as he's pulling the strings.

Emily: Hoo!! My throat's so dry after dancing so much, darling.
Tomu: ...Here.

SFX: Touch...


Emily: Darling...
Tomu: Emily...

Natsumi: Ahh!!? I don't like the looks of the mood between those two!!
SFX: Reach out!!
Yuka: Noo!!! Wait a se-

SFX: Flash!!
Mika: Stop right there!!!!


Crowd: Ahh!? Mika-san!!!
Crowd: It's Mika-san!!!


Tomu: Oh, I haven't seen you in a while, Mika-san.
Tomu: You're as beautiful as ever.
Mika: Enough with the flattery!!
Mika: I came over here because of all the noise. What's with this vulgar party!?

Mika: This is a sacred building of learning, not a disco!! You can't have this kind of wild party here.
Mika: Break this up now!!!

Tomu: Don't be like that. How about you dance, too?
Mizuhara: This has got to be just a pretext.
Mizuhara: She's just mad that she wasn't invited.
SFX: Whisper whisper

Mika: Quiet, you poisonous mushroom!!!
SFX: Mad!!
SFX: Shock!!
Mizuhara: Kyah!!


Emily: Hi!! You're Mika Shishidou?
Emily: So you're the granddaughter of the headmaster who is known as the Rose of Shishidou, right?
Mika: Emily Dawn...

Emily: I'm sorry I forgot to invite you to the party.
Emily: But this is the engagement party for my darling and me!!
Emily: Won't you celebrate this holy night of ours!?

Mika: Engagement!!?
Mika: Darling!?
Mika: Sexual night!!?
[TN: She misinterpreted the word for holy pronounced "sei" for the word for sexual also pronounced "sei".]


Tomu: You misunderstand, Mika-san.
Mika: Qu-quiet, you dirty gambler!!!
Mika: This party is over now!!!

Emily: I don't think so!!
Emily: According to the Dawn family precepts, I don't follow the orders of others.
Emily: The only exception is when I deem that person to have more power than me.

Mika: Ho ho ho...Emily Dawn.
Mika: You seem to be saying I am inferior to you.
Emily: Ha ha!!! I'm just telling it like it is.


Mika: Then how about we determine...
Mika: who is more powerful than who right here!?
SFX: Glare!!

Emily: Ok!! You're on!!
Emily: But it's harakiri for the loser, Rose of Shishidou!!!

Mizuhara: Uuhh!!! A battle between the rich girls of Japan and America is starting!!!
SFX: Chatter
Mizuhara: Their pride won't let them back down!! This is bad!!


SFX: Rumble

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