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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 50

A Silent Beginning

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 13, 2010 22:30 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 50


Title: File 50 A Silent Beginning
Kanou: The party starts in 3 minutes...Something is going to happen...!!
Text: They are awaiting the terrorists!!

Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Minami: Minami here.
Minami: We've entered the party hall.
Fujimaru: Roger that.
Fujimaru: The party starts in 2 minutes...

Men: 2 more minutes.
Men: Perform one last weapons check.
Men: ...Yes, sir.
SFX: Chk...


Men: 1 more minute.
Men: Turn on your radios!
Men: Yes, sir!
Text: Volume 5 is on sale now!!

Aide: Prime Minister Kujou!
Aide: Your grandson is here.


Kujou: Oh, you're finally here.
Kujou: You're late, Otoya.

Otoya: I think I got here pretty quickly given how suddenly you called me out here.
Otoya: ...It's been a while, grandfather.
Aide: Excuse me.

Kujou: This is my grandson, Mr. President.
Otoya: Nice to meet you, President Adams.
Adams: Oh!

Adams: What a smart looking grandson.
SFX: Smile
Adams: It seems you were blessed with an excellent successor, Mr. Kujou!


Otoya: No.
Otoya: I...

SFX: Grab

Kujou: You're tie is a bit twisted.
SFX: Pull
Otoya: Thank you...very much.

Otoya: Grandfather...
Otoya: Are we okay here?
Otoya: The "danger" is still...

Kujou: ...Watch closely, Otoya.
SFX: Pat


Kujou: For me...
Kujou: No...

Kujou: For the country, this is an important turning point.

Man: ...15 seconds...10

Man: 9

Man: 8...7
Man: 6

Man: 5

Man: 4...3

Man: 2

Man: 1


Adams: Good evening,
Adams: people of Japan!
SFX: Cheer
Kujou: Thank you all for coming here tonight.
Kujou: Now let's enjoy this celebration of the friendship between Japan and America.


SFX: Cheer...

Hibiki: What is it, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru: It's begun.

Hibiki: The terrorists?
SFX: Chk...
Fujimaru: Exactly.


Hibiki: But I can only see allies on the American military spy satellite and thermography.

Fujimaru: Peter Pan hacked in and is filtering out the movements of the mercenaries.
Fujimaru: That of course means he can see the location of the Americans so their prided detection system is doing nothing but reveal their own position to the terrorists.

Hibiki: Sigh...What idiots.
Small text in Hibiki's bubble: It's the arrogance of a powerful country...
SFX: Sigh...
Fujimaru: Well, I was assuming this would happen.

Fujimaru: I chose this spot so I could pick up the signal from the terrorists' radios.
Hibiki: I see.
Hibiki: Mercenaries who even fight in wars would use transceivers instead of cell phones.


Fujimaru: That was my thought.
Fujimaru: And I was right.
SFX: Type type

Fujimaru: Okay, I've intercepted it.
Fujimaru: And I've unscrambled it.
SFX: Type

Fujimaru: It's in English.
Fujimaru: I can't read it, so I'll send it to "Third-i" HQ.
SFX: Type type

Fujimaru: And at the same time use this transmitter...
SFX: Place

Fujimaru: to send out fake signals to throw a little disorder into their plan.
SFX: Type type type type


SFX: Press

Radio: Stop!
Radio: Wait just a moment!

Man: Stop.
Man: We were just ordered to wait.
SFX: Motion

Fujimaru: There we go.
Fujimaru: I'll just keep telling them to wait with a synthetic voice.
Fujimaru: That should hold them up for a minute or two giving the skilled operator at "Third-i" HQ...
Fujimaru: time to triangulate their location based on the data from the receivers I had placed at a 500 meter radius from here.


Kirishima: We have the data from "Falcon". Figure out where they are!
Tsukamoto: I'm already on it!
Small text in Tsukamoto's bubble: Just shut up!
Box: "Third-i" Tokyo Headquarters
SFX: Type type type

Tsukamoto: Found it!
Tsukamoto: I'm sending it to the Karuizawa Base...done!

Shioda: We have some data from "Third-i" HQ.
Shioda: It's the location of the terrorists! Wow, it took less than a minute...
Box: "Third-i" Karuizawa Base
Inaba: Just send it over to the Americans.


Inaba: This is Inaba of "Third-i".
Inaba: Get me that Green Beret...Get me Captain Foster!
Aide: Yes.
SFX: Forceful action

Foster: This is Foster.
Inaba: This is Inaba of "Third-i". The terrorists have begun to move.

Inaba: We're sending their transmissions and locations to your defense system, so send your men there and take them out.
Foster: I saw the data.

Foster: What basis is there to believe it?
Foster: Where did this data come from?
SFX: Hoo
Foster: There's no proof that those transmissions are from the terrorists.


Inaba: This is no time for that!
Inaba: Terrorists are trying to get to the president!
SFX: Pissed!
Foster: We haven't seen any movement with our defense systems.
Foster: There's nothing on the satellite or on the thermography.
Inaba: That's because the enemy hacker has...

Foster: These are state-of-the-art systems.
Foster: Our country is on the leading edge with this tech. Our information security is perfect.
Foster: I'm sure you all just made a mistake.

SFX: Gnash

Inaba: Fuck you!

SFX: Slam

Foster: Damn Jap woman...
Text: Ha ha ha ha...


Inaba: He's an idiot.
SFX: Cheers
Kanou: You got that right.
Inaba: I can't stand people that are nothing but pride like that!!
Kanou: Inaba? Calm down...

Fujimaru: Their country is on the leading edge? Hah?
Fujimaru: The ones on the leading edge in this world are us hackers!
SFX: Clench

Kanou: Looks we have no choice but to make a move on our own.
Kanou: Sakaki's armed team is already rushing to where they're hiding, but they may not make it in time.
Kanou: We may even have to make a stand here in the party hall.

Text: Ha ha ha...

Kanou: Damn it. What are they after anyway?
Kanou: Are they trying to assassinate the president? Or are they after something else?


Nik: This is Nikolai.
Man: Sir,
Man: the radios are behaving oddly.
Nik: According to the client, it's due to an enemy hacker.

Nik: Go in as planned.
Nik: Turn off your radios and begin.

Nik: The locations of the American troops waiting in ambush have been sent to your portable terminals.
Nik: There are 20 in all.
Nik: Take care of them first.

Man: Yes, sir.
SFX: Step


Fujimaru: Damn. They've turned off their radios. They must have figured out what was going on. Now we can't track their movements.
Fujimaru: I can't believe that stupid American captain!
SFX: Stand up
Hibiki: Let's go, Fujimaru.
Hibiki: It's dangerous here.

Fujimaru: Okay!
SFX: Grab

Fujimaru: We'll relocate to the "Third-i" Karuizawa Base!!
Hibiki: Okay.
SFX: Forceful action

Fujimaru: I have a bad feeling about this.
Fujimaru: What are you planning, "Peter Pan"!?


Fujimaru: Otoya!

Fujimaru: The terrorists have begun to move. I don't know what could happen, so be on your guard!
Otoya: I will...

Fujimaru: Damn it! What do we do? Is there no way to track their movements?
Fujimaru: Think, "Falcon"!!


Peter: I'm reading the body heat of 5 people that are probably American troops at coordinates 23-12.
SFX: Type type
SFX: Type type type
Peter: I'm recording that data and locking the thermography data for a 30 meter radius around that area.
Peter: Now the enemy won't be able to see your movements.

Nik: Understood.

Text: Ha ha ha...
Nik: Is that you Gide? It's Nikolai.
Nik: There are 5 American troops at coordinates 23-12. Take them out first.
SFX: Cheering
Man: Oh! Japanese kimonos! They're so lovely!
Nik: Make it silent; use your knife.
Man: Mind if I get my picture taken with you?
Man: Ah ha ha ha!


SFX: Smile...

SFX: Hoo...
Americans: God,
Americans: I'm bored.

Americans: I know.
Americans: I thought we were finally going to see some action, but I guess it is just Japan after all. My skill is going to waste here.
Americans: Ha ha. Like you have any skill.

Americans: Oh, yeah? How many guerrillas do you think I killed in the Middle East?
Americans: Well, some of them were civilians though. Ah hah hah.
Americans: Ugh, I don't care.
Americans: If you're going to talk, can't you at least tell a good joke or something?
Americans: Ha ha ha!


Text: A cruel beginning!!
Bottom: We'll be taking a break next issue. Look forward to our return in Issue 1!

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