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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 51

America's Pride

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 14, 2010 20:53 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 51


SFX: Crickets chirping

American: Yawn. I'm bored.
American: I think I'll take a nap. Ha ha ha.

SFX: Splat

American: What?
SFX: Wet...
American: Something's on my face...


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Left: Volume 5 is on sale now!!
Text: The violence has begun!!
Title: File 51 America's Pride

American: Sh-shit!
SFX: Pull out


SFX: Grab
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Splatter

Woman: The 5 American troops have been exterminated.
Gide: Okay, there are 5 more at coordinates 17-8.
Gide: Have it done in 5 minutes.

Woman: Roger.


Peter: Okay.
Peter: That's 15 down.

Hansel: I get the Thermography, but how are dealing with their periodic reports?
Hansel: American troops report in once every 3 minutes when guarding an important person, right?
Peter: I'd already been intercepting those reports and recording them.
Peter: I used those voices to create artificial ones.
SFX: Type type

"Charlie 3": Charlie 3 here. Nothing to report.
SFX: Kshh
SFX: Kshh...
HQ: HQ here. Understood, Charlie 3.
Hansel: ...I see.
Hansel: We really are in the age where the winner of the electronic war wins overall.


Peter: Exactly.
Peter: In certain situations, this single notebook can be as powerful as a battleship.

Peter: The 5 at coordinates 17-8 are down.
Peter: That just leaves 10.
Hansel: So in another 10 minutes, the guards the American military is so proud of will all have been eliminated.
Peter: And then the hotel with the American president and the Japanese prime minister will be wide open.
Gide: There are 5 more at coordinates 12-5.
Gide: Have it done in 5 minutes.
Woman: Roger


SFX: Enter
Box: "Third-i" Karuizawa Base

Shioda: Who are you!?
Shioda: That door was locked? How did you get in?
Shioda: You're not allowed in here!

Fujimaru: I'm "Falcon".
Fujimaru: And she's Mizusawa Hibiki.
Hibiki: I'm the former agent.
Shioda: You are!?

Shioda: I'm Shioda.
Shioda: I was told to assist you...
Inaba: We heard about you two. My name is Inaba Kyouka.
Inaba: I'm in charge of maintaining the line of command.
Fujimaru: I'll be taking over.
SFX: Clatter...


Shioda: I can't see any changes on the American detection equipment.
Shioda: Has the terrorist attack really begun?
Fujimaru: It seems the American equipment is completely under control of the enemy hacker.

Shioda: But what about the periodic reports?

"John": Charlie 2 here. Nothing to report.
HQ: HQ here. Are you bored, Little John?

"John": I wish I had some bourbon.
HQ: Ha ha ha. Roger that. We'll go get some after this is over.
Shioda: ...See? Nothing's changed.


SFX: Type type type
Fujimaru: Did you notice the delay between HQ's question and his response?
Fujimaru: That's most likely an artificial voice created from sampling the real voices.

"Shioda": This is Shio-Shio-Shio-Shioda. Nothing to report. Shio-Shio-Shio.
Fujimaru: As you can see...

Hibiki: Phh.
Text: Hee hee
Fujimaru: it's a viable method.

Shioda: Wha-...!?
Fujimaru: The "Charlie 2" on the thermography here is of course already dead.
Fujimaru: This is most likely a recorded dummy image.


Fujimaru: Please contact the American troops out there over the radio now!
Fujimaru: If you don't, they'll all be killed!

Shioda: O-okay!
Shioda: This is "Third-i".
Shioda: I have an emergency message for the American team guarding the area around the hotel!

Fujimaru: Damn it. Where are the terrorists!?
Fujimaru: I'm going to recapture the thermography system and find them.

Shioda: I-it's no good! I contacted the American troops, but they said they won't act unless their HQ tells them to...
Inaba: This is no time for that!

Fujimaru: Okay, I recovered part of the system! I've got the thermography image!

SFX: Shock


Fujimaru: ...Oh, no.
Inaba: Eh?

Shioda: Weren't there originally 20 American troops split into 4 teams?
Inaba: There's only 1 team left!?

Fujimaru: And the enemy is closing in on the last 5!
Fujimaru: Shit!


SFX: Kshh
Shioda: This is "Third-i"! American "Charlie 1", respond! The terrorists are closing in on you! Be on your guard!
Charlie 1: This is Charlie 1. HQ hasn't said anything about that.

Shioda: Wah.
SFX: Grab

Inaba: Fuck you!
Inaba: Just prepare for battle! Do you want to die!?
Charlie 1: R-roger...

Inaba: "Third-i" armed team! Hurry to coordinates 7-1.
SFX: Kshh
Team: Roger!


Fujimaru: Please make it in time...

Peter: Hmph.
Peter: "Falcon" managed to recover the thermography.
Nik: That's fine.

Nik: We no longer need stealth.
Nik: Force your way in.


Americans: Hey, what do we do? HQ hasn't contacted us, but...
Americans: We should be on the lookout just to be safe.
Americans: Are you serious, Smith? Our country's defense systems are perfect...
Americans: and they haven't detected anything.

Americans: Ha ha. We can just ignore them.
Americans: But they weren't acting like it was nothing...

Americans: Get down, John!

Americans: Eh?


SFX: Bang

Americans: W-we're under attack!
SFX: Machine gun fire

SFX: Bang bang bang

Sakaki: That's gunfire! Hurry!
SFX: Running
Team Sakaki: Yes, sir.
Team Sakaki: This is Team Sakaki! The final battle has begun! We're rushing there now!
Team Sakaki: Contact the American HQ!
SFX: Kshh
Shioda: This is the "Third-i" Karuizawa Base! Roger that!


SFX: Chatter chatter
Man: Captain Foster! 5 terrorists just appeared...
Man: on the thermography!
Foster: What's going on!?
SFX: Commotion

Man: Charlie 1 is currently in combat with them!
Man: And there are 8 more men headed that way! Their identifier says "i03". They're from "Third-i"!
Foster: Tell them to hurry up! What about the other teams!? Where are they!?

Man: Th-they're all silent! According to the thermography, their body temperatures are falling...
Man: They're most likely all dead...

Foster: Wh-what...?

SFX: Gnash...


Foster: ...Jackson. Lock down the party hall.
Foster: But if the guests notice, it will cause a panic.
Foster: Secretly put every guard we have at the windows and entrances. No matter how many enemies there are, defend the president with your lives.
Jackson: Yes, sir.

Man: It was most likely a hacker. A ridiculously skilled hacker took over the system.
Man2: So our defense systems were of no use at all?
Man2: Are you saying we should just accept that "Third-i" was right?

Foster: ..."Third-i" has a powerful hacker too, right?
Man2: Yes, sir.

Foster: Request their cooperation.
Man2: Eh?

Foster: I'm telling you to ask the "Third-i" hacker for help!
Man2: Y-yes, sir!


Kanou: Did you here that, Minami, Makimura?
SFX: Cheering
Minami: Yes.
Text: Ha ha ha...
Makimura: They're not ending the party?


Kanou: If they cause an uproar over this, there will be a panic.
Kanou: It would just play right into the enemy's hands.
Kanou: We just have to continue guarding the president and Prime Minister Kujou as the party continues.
Kanou: That's all we can do!

Minami & Makimura: ...Got it!

SFX: Stare...


Kanou: Damn it, what's going on?
Kanou: What are the terrorists after?
Kanou: Are they really just trying to assassinate President Adams?

SFX: Click
Box: "Third-i" Karuizawa Base
Inaba: Okay.


Inaba: The Americans have opened their defense systems to us and requested our cooperation.
Shioda: G-good. Now we have the location of all the defenses and the ability to give them orders.

Inaba: Can you do this, "Falcon"?

Fujimaru: I will do it.
Fujimaru: I have no other choice!
Text: The preparations are complete!! Both sides are fighting at 100% now!!
Bottom: To be continued in Combined Issue 2 and 3.

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