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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 52

Gunshots at a Party

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 16, 2010 02:49 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 52


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Text: Volume 5 is on sale now!!

Kanou: Damn it, what's going on?
Kanou: What are the terrorists after?
Text: The terrorists draw ever closer to the hall containing the leaders of Japan and America!!
Title: File 52 Gunshots at a Party
Kanou: Are they really just trying to assassinate President Adams?

SFX: Bang bang bang


Sakaki: We've spotted the American troops battling the terrorists! We'll join in and stop them here!
Sakaki: We're entering the battle at coordinates 7-1!

Inaba: "Falcon".
Inaba: The commander of the American military defenses has something he wants me to tell you.
Box: "Third-i" Karuizawa Base
SFX: Type type type
Fujimaru: What is it?


Inaba: He wants your help guarding the president.
Inaba: So he got me to ask you.

Shioda: ...I-I'm shocked. After they did nothing but look down on us...
Inaba: They have to.

Inaba: They have had their "eyes and ears" taken from them.
Inaba: And even their "mouth", their ability to give orders, has been thrown into disorder by that voice synthesis system.
Inaba: Until that enemy hacker is stopped, no number of troops or number of guns is going to be of any use.

Fujimaru: Tell him I'll go at it with everything I have.
Inaba: Will do.

SFX: Type
Fujimaru: And I already have something I want you to tell the American troops.


Fujimaru: I'm not detecting any body heat likely to be terrorists in the area of the hotel except for the 5 currently in combat with "Third-i".

Shioda: But that hacker could have falsified the data leaving a trap for you...
Fujimaru: No, the one thing I know for sure is that I've recaptured the thermography.
Fujimaru: Please believe me.

Inaba: Okay.
Inaba: American Military HQ?
Inaba: The hacker on our side says he thinks the 5 terrorists in combat are the only ones for now.

Fujimaru: I'm expanding the coordinates.
Fujimaru: 3 of the 5 terrorists have split off from the group in the 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 10 o'clock directions.
Inaba: Got it.
Inaba: I'll inform Team Sakaki and the American leader of their movements.
Inaba: 3 of the 5 terrorists have...


SFX: Grab
Nik: Thanks.

SFX: Excited chatter
Text: Ha ha ha...
Nik: How's the battle going, Gide?
Gide: Sir,
Gide: the Americans have killed 2 of us.


Gide: But the "Third-i" troops that came later are proving surprisingly difficult. One more has fallen against them.
SFX: Machine gun fire

Nik: I don't want excuses.
Nik: Do something about it.
Gide: Yes, sir.

SFX: Smile

SFX: Excited chatter


Nik: Ikuma...Why is he here...?
Nik: Did he join "Third-i"?


Nik: I see...So Ikuma's with them.
Nik: Heh heh heh...

Nik: This is Nikolai.
Nik: Hansel, you give the orders to the outside group for now, okay?
Hansel: What is it, Nik? Did something-
SFX: Click
SFX: Step

SFX: Step

SFX: Step


Nik: Long time no see, Ikuma.
SFX: Step

Kanou: ...Nik.


Kanou: I didn't want to see you here.
Kanou: So it really is you, Nik!!

SFX: Smile
Nik: Nor I you, Ikuma.

Man: Three members of Charlie 1 are dead.
Man: But Willie and Kent are holding ground.
SFX: Chatter
Box: American Military Headquarters in the hotel
Man2: One of the terrorists has been killed by "Third-i"!
Foster: If that hacker from "Third-i" gave us accurate information, that leaves only 4 terrorists.


Man2: Okay, let's send half of the men guarding the president in the party hall to help take out the terrorists.
Man: Eh...?
Man: But then we'd be shorthanded in the party hall...

Foster: Taking out the enemy takes priority.
Foster: This party is very important politically.
Foster: Our duty is to take care of this so it seems like nothing at all happened.

Radio: Roger that.
Radio: To everyone in Category Alpha...
Radio: Teams 1 through 4 are to head to coordinates 7-1 immediately. You will meet up with "Third-i" and Charlie 1 and take out the last 4 terrorists.
Inaba: Tch.
Radio: Roger that.
Radio: Roger.
Radio: We'll head out immediately.
Radio: Yes, sir.

Inaba: Half of the American troops guarding the party hall have left.
Inaba: They're going in as backup.
Box: "Third-i" Karuizawa Base
Fujimaru: Eh?
Fujimaru: But then the party hall won't be properly guarded...


Inaba: They've decided that they can ensure the safety of the president by taking out those terrorists.

Fujimaru: That's crazy!
Fujimaru: Nothing says that those 5 terrorists are all there is!

Shioda: Even if there are more, half of the guards did stay...
Fujimaru: That may be true, but I have a feeling this won't be that easy.

Fujimaru: Can't you order them back, Inaba-san?
Inaba: I can try.

SFX: Heartbeat


Fujimaru: There has to be something more...
Fujimaru: What are you planning, "Peter Pan"!?


SFX: Open
SFX: Commotion

SFX: Commotion...
SFX: Slam
Kanou: Since you're here and the president is still alive, I'm guessing your goal isn't his assassination, Nik.

SFX: Step
Nik: No comment.
Nik: Now why don't we step outside for a moment?
Nik: I can see that you're still as brave as always.
Nik: But I'm sure you know...
Nik: not to attempt any kind of futile resistance.

Kanou: Is that a palm pistol he has hidden in his right pocket? Knowing Nik, he could shoot me right between the eyes at any time, so I just have to go along with what he says.


Kanou: But how did he get it in here?

Kanou: It's too big to sneak past the metal detector.

SFX: Step


SFX: Blowing wind
Nik: I haven't seen you since the Russian border conflict, Ikuma.
Kanou: Yeah, this is really bringing back memories.
Kanou: I was brought in by Sasha while training for the JSDF Special Forces. When the guerrillas suddenly attacked, I had no choice but to informally join in.

Nik: You were an excellent soldier.
Nik: When we were completely cut off with no hope left, you showed more skill than any of my troops.


Kanou: I doubt you brought me out here just to talk about old times.

Kanou: What are you after, Nikolai Glazunov?

SFX: Blowing wind

Nik: No, I didn't.


Nik: Stay out here with me...
Nik: and you get to keep your life.
Nik: You saved my life once.
Nik: I brought you out here to return the favor.

Kanou: What...?

Nik: Dream Team,
Nik: begin.
Dream Team: Yes, sir.


Kanou: Dream Team...!?
Kanou: Nik, what are you...!?
Nik: It begins.

Inside: Kyaaah!
Inside: Gyaaah!
SFX: Bang bang
SFX: Machine gun fire


Nik: The festival for the eve of Bloody Monday begins!!
Text: Is "Bloody Monday", the tragedy indelibly stained in their memories, being repeated!?
Bottom: To be continued in Combined Issue 4 and 5.

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2010
\o/ XD
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