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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Gamble Fish 56

The Name of the Rose is...?

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 20, 2010 01:04 | Go to Gamble Fish

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For OMFGG only

Chapter 56


Crowd: Th-this has gotten serious.
Crowd: And it was only supposed to be a fun party...
SFX: Chatter chatter
Crowd: Who would have thought Emily and Mika-san would get into a fight!!
Title: Fight 56 The Name of the Rose is...?

Mizuhara: S-shouldn't you stop them, Tomu?
Mizuhara: This is going to be a problem no matter who wins.
Tomu: All we can do is to watch and see what happens.
Tomu: They're both stubborn, so they won't back down.


Emily: Hey, Mika Shishidou.
Emily: If I win, I'm not going to let you speak back to me again.
SFX: Walk walk
Mika: If you lose...
Mika: you're going to pack your bags and leave this academy.

Emily: Ok!! So what'll it be? Judo? Karate? Or maybe Sumo!?
Emily: I'm up for anything!!

Mika: Heh. You're up for anything?
Mika: You're going to regret saying that, Emily.

SFX: Creak...

Emily: This is...


Emily: a tennis court.

Mika: Someone get rackets and a ball for us. Oh and some juice too.
Guy: O-okay!!
Tomu: ...Wait, Mika-san!!


Tomu: You're Japan's Jr. Champ in women's tennis, right?
Tomu: This isn't a fair fight.

SFX: Tighten
Mika: Ho ho...And?
Mika: She's the one that said she was fine with anything.

Crowd: M-Mika-san's serious about this.
SFX: Chatter chatter
Crowd: She chose the sport she's the best at!!
Crowd: I heard that Emily's good at sports, but even so...

Tomu: But...
Emily: It's fine, darling!! But thanks for being worried about me.
SFX: Squeeze
Emily: Now let's get this game over with so we can get back to the party.


Mika: You two!! Stop flirting on this sacred court!!
Mika: Shirasagi Tomu!! You'll be the referee!

SFX: Spin spin
Mika: Now for the service toss*.

Emily: What's that? Some kind of eastern good luck charm?

Crowd: Eh!?
Crowd: Ah...

Mika: Oh ho ho ho!! You don't even know about the toss!?
Mika: Anyone who's played tennis would know about that rule. I guess you really are an amateur!!

Margin: *Toss...The means by which who serves first is determined. It is determined by whether the top or bottom of the racket is facing up after it is spun.


Crowd: This is over before it's even begun...
Crowd: There's no way an amateur can handle this!!
Crowd: She won't even last 10 minutes against Mika-san.

Tomu: Are you really going to take on the Jr. Champ?
Emily: Of course!!
SFX: Swing swing
Emily: This kind of handicap is perfect!!

Emily: I'm just like you, darling.
Emily: I can't get excited when it isn't a truly extreme game.

Tomu: ...I understand.
Tomu: Good luck.


Tomu: Okay, Game 1 Start!!
Tomu: Emily Dawn serves!!

Emily: Ready...

Mika: I won't hold back!! I can't embarrass myself in front of Shirasagi Tomu!!

SFX: Jump!!
Emily: Go!!!



SFX: Thwack

SFX: Shock

Tomu: F-
Tomu: Fault...

Emily: Ahn!!
SFX: Land
Emily: It went a bit too far.


Crowd: Wh-what was with that serve!!?
SFX: Swing swing
Crowd: It was like she shot a bazooka from the sky!!?
Emily: Okay!! Here goes...

Mika: Th-that was just a fluke!!
Mika: It just looked that fast because it's night time...

SFX: Whoosh!!

Tomu: Double Fault 0-15!!!
SFX: Clang...


Crowd: I-I couldn't see the ball!!
Crowd: The ball isn't going in the right place, but that's not the power of a Jr. player!!
Text: Ohh!!

Emily: Wow, it's hard making sure you don't hit it too hard.
Emily: Okay, how about this?
SFX: Thwack!!

Mika: Kh!! Don't mock me!!!
SFX: Dash!!

Mika: Gorgeous Lightning!!!!


Crowd: There it is!!! That's the unstoppable back cross that Mika-san used to dominate the Jrs!!
Text: Ohhhh!
Crowd: Not even a pro can catch up to it...

SFX: Whack...
SFX: Jump!!!
Emily: Teh!!
Mika: Wha-!!?

SFX: Hit
Tomu: Net!! 0-30

Emily: Oh, shit!!!
Emily: I thought I had that one!!
SFX: Tremble tremble


Mika: What's going on!? Her form and grip are all wrong...
Mika: She's clearly an amateur!!

Mika: So why can she hit the ball like that!?
Mika: Why can she keep up with my speed!?

Tomu: Her physical abilities are well above normal!!
Tomu: She has that explosive power and excellent instincts.

Tomu: And most of all...
Tomu: she has a spirit that burns for a fight!!!


Tomu: She was born with that fighting spirit just like she was born with her pride as the daughter of the family that rules the world.
Tomu: That's the source of her power!!

Crowd: Wh-what an amazing rally!!
Text: Ohhhh!
Crowd: They're fighting it out at each of their baselines!!
Crowd: But Emily's movements are getting better and better!!

Mika: You...
SFX: Hit!!
Mika: stubborn yankee!!!


Crowd: That was a deep slice!!
Crowd: She's going up to the net!!
SFX: Run run
Crowd: Mika-san's getting really serious now!!

SFX: Whack

SFX: Thwack!!

Emily: Kh!!
SFX: Bounce

SFX: Fly high

SFX: Energy!!


SFX: Wham

Tomu: It's over...

SFX: Turn


SFX: Run run!!

SFX: Slam!!


SFX: Clang

SFX: Bounce!!
Crowd: I-it went in!!
Crowd: It was just barely on the line!!


Tomu: Emily!!
SFX: Grab

Mizuhara: Tomu!! Is she okay!?
SFX: Pant pant
Mika: Gh...
Tomu: Yeah, she probably just has a light concussion.

Mika: Shirasagi Tomu, could you tell her...
Mika: that I'll be ready to continue this at any time!!?

Mika: Out of the way!!!
SFX: Walk off!!
Crowd: Wah wah!!


Tomu: ...Nice fight, Emily.
Tomu: No matter how Abidani plans on using you...

Tomu: I'll always be proud that you held such good will towards me.
SFX: Walk off...

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