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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 53

The Moment the World Changes

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 25, 2010 22:01 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Merry Christmas, everyone.
As a present, you get a translation you would have gotten regardless.

Chapter 53


Kanou: Nik, what are you...!?

Nik: It begins.

Inside: Kyaaah!
Inside: Gyaaah!
SFX: Bang bang
SFX: Machine gun fire
Nik: The festival for the eve of Bloody Monday begins!!
Text: They thought the enemy hadn't reached the party hall yet. So what's going on inside!?
Bottom left: Volume 5 is on sale now!!
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 53 The Moment the World Changes


Kanou: Kh...!
SFX: Forceful action

Nik: Don't move.

Nik: I can see the movements of your muscles.
Nik: You know my skill. You should know that I will shoot you down if you move even slightly.
Nik: I owe you a debt so I don't want to kill you, but you also know that I always put my job first.


Kanou: ...What's going on in there?
Kanou: What was the point of the team of mercenaries attacking from outside?

Nik: They were sacrifices.
Kanou: What?

Nik: They are all skilled warriors, but put together they're only worth about 3 million dollars.
Nik: That wasn't enough for this mission.

Kanou: You mean your main force is...?

Nik: I sent a 5-member "Dream Team" worth 30 million dollars...
Nik: into the party hall.


Nik: Every single one of them is a courageous and mighty warrior.
Nik: I just have to tell them the target and they will come up with the absolute best plan including how to get into the party hall all on their own.
Nik: So I don't even know what's going on in there.
Nik: I just know that they WILL carry out their objective.

Kanou: You bastard...!
Kanou: Minami, Makimura...Please do something!

Kanou: What is your objective, Nik!? Assassinating the president?
Kanou: If so, I don't see how any reward would be worth it. They would hunt you down no matter where you ran off to.
Nik: Heh heh heh.
Nik: I wouldn't have accepted an uninteresting job like that.

Kanou: What?


Nik: A man with a brilliant idea is at the center of it all.

Kanou: You mean "Peter Pan"? Or that man who came from the French Foreign Legion?

Nik: If you're not aware of anything more than that, you can't stop this plan.
SFX: Wind blowing
Nik: You can't stop "Bloody Monday".


Kanou: "Bloody Monday"!?

Fujimaru: Kanou-san, can you hear me?

Fujimaru: If you can, click your back teeth twice.
SFX: Click click

Fujimaru: I'm watching you through the surveillance cameras.
Fujimaru: The party hall has been taken over by the terrorists, but surprisingly there have been no deaths.


Fujimaru: The president's secret service fired some shots, but the terrorists took them down unarmed.
Fujimaru: Minami-san and Makimura-san are hiding among the hostages waiting for a chance to strike back!

Kanou: Holy shit. So that's what his "Dream Team" can do.

SFX: Kshhhh
Fujimaru: Ah.
Fujimaru: Damn it! "Peter Pan" cut the feed from the cameras in the party hall.
Fujimaru: I'm trying to get it back!

Fujimaru: I'd like to know what's going on with you too, so please find a way to let me know!!


Kanou: I at least know that Nik isn't trying to assassinate the president.
Kanou: And that he had some "sacrificial troops" he used to draw the majority of the armed troops out of the party hall so it could be controlled without the need for weapons!

Kanou: Wait. That means...

SFX: Slide

SFX: Chk...


Kanou: Hands above your head, Nik.
SFX: Chk

Nik: Oh?

SFX: Raise...
Nik: So you figured it out, Ikuma.
Nik: Did you get some information from the communication device in your ear?

Kanou: I was careless.
Kanou: Not even you could get a gun through the guards' thorough inspection and the metal detector.


Nik: In a crowded party hall, a gun isn't an absolute weapon.
Nik: The odds of a stray bullet hitting the president aren't zero.
Nik: I guessed that my team could easily take control unarmed if given the chance.
Kanou: Damn you...

Nik: It's too late.
Nik: They already have control.

Kanou: That was a nice excuse saying you took me out here to save my life and repay your debt.
Kanou: But you were really just afraid of my hand-to-hand combat skills, weren't you?

Nik: Not even a Russian Spetsnaz can defeat you in hand-to-hand combat, much less when you have a weapon.


Nik: I decided it was possible you could be a risk and used mental tricks to get you outside.

Kanou: Damn it.
SFX: Forceful action
Nik: I wouldn't do that.

Nik: My "Dream Team" has the guns they took from the guards now.
Nik: You're nothing special when it comes to a battle where both sides have weapons.
Nik: If this came down to a gunfight, there would be sacrifices.
Nik: And the president could be one of them.

Kanou: What are you after, Nik!? I know it isn't the assassination of the president already!
Kanou: What do you mean by "Bloody Monday"?


Nik: You'll know soon enough.
Nik: You'll be witness to the moment the world changes.

Nik: Now then...
Nik: I think the fireworks to mark the beginning will be going off soon.
SFX: Wind blowing
Kanou: Fireworks to mark the beginning?

SFX: Wobble

Kanou: Why do I feel so dizzy...? Uuh...
SFX: Bring up hand
Kanou: I feel like I'm going to puke...What's going-?



Nik: It seems to have begun.

Kanou: Th-this is...?
Kanou: Y-you're kidding...

SFX: Beep beep beep

Box: "Thid-i" Karuizawa Base
SFX: Bee-
SFX: Click
Inaba: Yes, this is Inaba...


Inaba: ...Eh?
Inaba: U-understood. I'll put him on.

SFX: Type type

Inaba: "Falcon", it's Kirishima-san from HQ.
Fujimaru: What is it? I'm tied up trying to get the surveillance camera footage of the party hall back from "Peter Pan".

Inaba: Just talk to him!!
Fujimaru: ? O-okay...

Fujimaru: This is Fujimaru.

Fujimaru: ...Eh!?


Kirishima: We had put Yajima-san in isolation and now he's dizzy, has a high fever, and a bloody nose.
Box: "Third-i" Headquarters

Kirishima: According to a medical specialist, it's most likely-
Fujimaru: B-but that means...!


Makimura: I'm sorry, Minami-san. I had a gun, but I couldn't do anything...
Minami; I had one, too. We just couldn't shoot in this situation.
Minami: If we fired here, it could hit a guest or even a Japanese or American government official. We had no choice, Makimura.


Minami: We would have had our priorities backwards if we...
Minami Uuh...

Makimura: What's wrong, Minami-sa-?

Minami: Dizziness, a bloody nose, and a high fever...? C-could this be...?

Makimura: Oh, a nosebleed. Here, I'll-

Minami: Don't touch me, Makimura!
Makimura: Eh?

Minami: I know these symptoms well.
SFX: Drip drip


Minami: This is the killer virus "Bloody-X".

Makimura: ...Wha-!?

Minami: I-I see. So this is why they let Yajima-san live.
Minami: Shit. At this rate everyone will...
Minami: No, it's already too late. God damn it!


SFX: Wind blowing

SFX: Pant
SFX: Pant

Nik: Checkmate,
Nik: Ikuma.
Text: Everything was playing right in to the enemy's hands!?
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 6.

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#1. by Mr. Death ()
Posted on Dec 26, 2010
Awesome chapter....
#2. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2010
Merry Christmas to you too js06 and thanks. :D
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