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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Gamble Fish 57

The Pride of the Rose

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 28, 2010 19:03 | Go to Gamble Fish

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Chapter 57


Title: Fight 57 The Pride of the Rose


Emily: Hi, fellow classmates!!
Emily: Good morning!!!

Class: Emily!! How are your injuries!?
SFX: Excited chatter
Emily: No problem!! I just scraped my nose and cheek.
Class: We heard you were hospitalized so we were worried.
Emily: Sorry about that. My butler Joshua overreacted and made me get a detailed examination.


Tomu: Emily.

Tomu: I'm glad you're out of the hospital.
Emily: Darling!!!

Emily: I missed you!!! Are these flowers for me!?
Tomu: Yes. They're to show my respect for the fight you put up in that tennis match.
Emily: Thank you so much!!!


Crowd: Hehh...Shirasagi just gave Emily a bouquet.
Crowd: He seemed so cold towards her before. I wonder what changed his mind.
Crowd: Well, he probably couldn't help it after seeing her play like that.
Crowd: It must have really moved him as a gambler who lives for a good match.

Crowd: That was a first time tennis player taking on the Japanese Jr. Champ!!
Crowd: And if it wasn't for that accident at the end, who knows who would've won.

Crowd: Yeah, Mika-san was the one that had her dignity crushed there.
Crowd: Opinions of Emily shot way up even among us guys because of that!!
Crowd: It was like watching the birth of a new "Rose of Shishidou".


Mika: A new rose, you say?
Crowd: wah wah!!
Crowd: Mika-san!!
SFX: Shock!!

Mika: Emily Dawn...
Mika: Laugh while you can!!


Mizuhara: Hey, Tomu...
Tomu: Hm?
Mizuhara: You haven't actually fallen for Emily, have you?

Tomu: It's true that her fight moved me...
Tomu: but she's no more than a friend.
Mizuhara: Really? I mean, if you got engaged to her, you'd be set for life.
Mizuhara: And then I'd be friends with a guy married to the daughter of a wealthy family.

Tomu: I'm more worried about Abidani.
Tomu: He introduced Emily to me, but he hasn't done anything yet? Why?


Mizuhara: I bet Emily coming to Japan caught Abidani by surprise, too.
Mizuhara: Not even he would use the girl he pampers like his own daughter, right?

Mizuhara: And foreigners can be really assertive, can't they? Maybe she'll sneak in to attack you tonight.
SFX: Wobble wobble
SFX: Snort snort
Mizuhara: There'll be a knock at the door and you'll open it to find Emily in some sexy outfit and...
Tomu: Ha ha ha. Enough with the messed up fantasies, Mizuhara.

SFX: Knock knock

SFX: Open...
Mizuhara: C-could it really be...?
Tomu: Emily?


Mika: ...Sorry, but I'm not Emily.
Mizuhara: Mika-san!?

Tomu: ...Oh?
Tomu: What do you want at a time like this?

Mika: Excuse me...
Mika: but could you put on a shirt?
Tomu: Oh...sorry about that.


Mika: Mushroom-san, could you leave for a second?
Mizuhara: Eh? But I was about to go to bed...

Mika: Go out and disperse some spores or something.
SFX: Slam

Mika: There's actually something I want to tell you as soon as possible.
Tomu: Is there? Well, take a seat.

Mika: What do you think...
Mika: of Emily?
SFX: Creak...

Tomu: You're asking me that too? She's just a friend.
Mika: Is she really?
Mika: I feel something more than that between the two of you.


Mika: Does the gambler who is unafraid of death have a soft spot for blue eyes?
Mika: Or are you giving in to the fortune and power of the Dawn family?

Tomu: What are you trying to say, Mika-san?
Mika: I'm asking you what's so great about that Yankee!!

Mika: The Shishidou family has as much history and status as the Dawn family!!
SFX: Forceful action
Mika: And my beauty, intelligence, and proportions are at least as good as Emily's!!
Mika: So why is it always her!?

Tomu: ...I'm shocked.
Tomu: I thought for sure you hated me.
Mika: D-don't be mistaken!
Mika: I'm only asking because I don't understand!!


Tomu: The two of you aren't comparable.
Tomu: You and Emily do seem similar, but you're just too different.
Mika: Eh?

Tomu: In that battle of willpower that started at the party...
Tomu: you chose tennis, the sport you're the best at, did you not?

Mika: Of course I did.
Mika: A lion goes all out even when capturing a mere rabbit!!
[TN: The "shishi" in "Shishidou" means "lion".]

Tomu: And I won't say there's anything wrong with that. But what if the situation were reversed?
Tomu: What if Emily chose a competition where she had an absolute advantage like English spelling? Would you have accepted that?


Mika: Um...well...
Tomu: Anyone would hesitate to do so.
Tomu: Going into a competition where your opponent has the advantage is dangerous.

Tomu: But she picked up her racket without hesitation.
Tomu: I know what it feels like to have the courage to accept a challenge without fearing the risks.

Tomu: There's a type of person whose fighting instincts are aroused by a difficult battle.
Tomu: She and I may both be that type of person.


Mika: Heh. Yes, she may very well be a lot like you.
Mika: She's just like you in how her expression doesn't falter even slightly while she deceives someone.

Tomu: ...What?
Mika: Let me borrow this computer for a second.

SFX: Slide...

Mika: Look at this.

Mika: It's a site I found by searching for "Emily Dawn" and "Tennis".


Mika: That was a sponsored tennis tournament held in New Jersey last year.
Mika: It was a tournament for charity and not an official tour, but there were first-rate players playing in it.
Mika: And the one who brushed them all aside and won...

Mika: was Emily Dawn!!


Tomu: This is...?
Mika: It's the truth of course.
Mika: Her being an amateur was a complete lie!!

Mika: Even if she was a all-around sports genius, I thought it was odd...
Mika: that she could manage to rally with me so soon after first picking up a racket.

Tomu: ...But that was for charity.
Tomu: They probably weren't playing seriously.

Mika: True enough.
Mika: But even so I highly doubt a beginner who didn't even know about the "Toss" would be able to win.


Mika: I'm sure she calculated what would make her most popular.
Mika: And what she came up with was the fantastic story of an amateur defeating the Jr. Champ by pure will-power.

Mika: I don't know why she's trying to con you...
Text: Ho ho ho...
Mika: but now that I've shown you who she truly is right in the nick of time, you should be incredibly thankful!!

Tomu: ...So you went out of your way to come late at night to tell me this?
Mika: What's wrong with that?
Mika: I thought I should open your eyes sooner rather than later.

Tomu: Because you were afraid Emily would steal me away?


Mika: Don't be so conceited, Shirasagi Tomu!!
Mika: I just wanted to let you know who the true Rose of Shishidou was!

SFX: Knock knock

Tomu: Mizuhara? You can come in now.
Tomu: Sorry. It must be cold out there.

SFX: Open...


Emily: Hi, darling!
Emily: Sheriff Emily is here on her nightly patrol.
Emily: I might just have to arrest a naughty gambler. Hee hee hee...


Emily: Mika Shishidou!?

Emily: Freeze!!!
Emily: Why are you in my darling's room!!?
SFX: Forceful action
Mika: Kyah!!
Tomu: This is a misunderstanding!!
Tomu: Put down your gun, Emily!

Mika: Hmph!!
SFX: Open
Mika: I'm done here, so two take your time!!

Mika: Ho ho...

SFX: Close


Emily: What's going on!? Explain this to me, darling!!
SFX: Chk...
Tomu: ...You're the one that needs to explain something.

Tomu: This is a good opportunity.
SFX: Close
Tomu: Maybe I can get a straight answer out of you.

Tomu: Emily Dawn.
Tomu: What is your true objective here!?

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