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Gamble Fish 58

An End and a Beginning

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 9, 2011 02:01 | Go to Gamble Fish

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Chapter 58


Title: Fight 58 An End and a Beginning


Tomu: Emily...
Tomu: Have you lied to me about anything?
Emily: Eh...?
Tomu: If there is anything you're hiding from me, I'd like for you to come clean with me.

Emily: Why would I lie to you, darling!?
Emily: I'm not hiding anything from you!


Emily: What is it? Are you mad about something, darling?
Emily: Is it because I came here so late at night?

Tomu: ...She isn't showing any signs of lying.

Tomu: I need to settle this now.
Tomu: Emily, you said you came here because you had heard about me from Abidani, right?

Emily: Yes!!
Emily: Uncle had said that an interesting student had transferred to his school...
Tomu: And you came all the way from America to see me?


Emily: Yes!! I heard you were an extreme gambler who would accept any challenge with nothing but your intellect and guts!!
Emily: And that you had a devilish aura that could capture the heart of even your opponents who prided themselves in being undefeated.
Emily: After hearing that, I just had to come check you out.

Emily: And I'm well aware of my habit of falling in love at first sight!!
Emily: But you're special!!
Emily: You're not like all those other guys who soon turned out to be just bluffing and everything about them was just for show!!


Emily: But with you, the more I get to know you, the more I'm charmed by the burning soul I can see deep in your cool eyes.
Emily: This is true love!!

Emily: This isn't just the whim of a rich girl, darling.

Tomu: Heh. So a celeb like you has fallen for a mere gambler. It sounds like a dream.
Emily: Darling!!
Emily: So you accept my feelings!?

SFX: Touch
Tomu: I hope what I have here is what's actually just a dream, Emily.


Emily: Wh-what is this...!?
Tomu: I was shown this by someone.
Tomu: And I was told that you were just pretending to be an amateur for that tennis match.

Emily: I-I don't know what this is!!!
Emily: Why does this show me winning a tennis tournament!!?


Tomu: I'm not criticizing you. One must always go all-out during when gambling.
Tomu: Cheating your opponent is the true nature of a gamble. I cheat all the time.

Tomu: But if you're going to do it, make sure you cover all your bases.
Tomu: Did you really think no one would find this small foreign site?

Emily: I...
Emily: I really don't know anything about this!!!

Emily: Oh, I know!! It was Mika Shishidou that showed you that site, wasn't it!?
Tomu: ...It was.
Emily: Then that settles it!! She put up a fake site in an attempt to dishonor me!!


Tomu: So you say it's a lie by Mika-san. That's possible.
Emily: That has to be it!!
Emily: Why would I trick you, darling!?

Emily: Please believe me!! I'm on your side.
Emily: Even if Uncle Abidani is your enemy, I don't care!!
Emily: If you wanted me to...
Emily: I would make a request as a representative of the Dawn family that the Shishidou family returns the "Twin Herons"!!

Tomu: ...Who told you about the "Twin Herons"?

Text: Ah...


Tomu: It was Abidani, wasn't it!?
Tomu: Why did you pretend not to know about that up until now!?

Emily: I-it's true that I heard about it from him...
Emily: but I kept quiet about it because I didn't want to meddle in your affairs!!
Tomu: Get out!!

Tomu: Whatever you say, you're still on his side.
Tomu: It's entirely possible that your entire attempt to force me to marry you is all to gather information.

Emily: What...!? You think I'm a spy for Uncle Abidani!?
Emily: You don't trust me anymore, darling!?


Tomu: Heh. I never trusted you or had any interest in you.
Tomu: You're just the rich and powerful daughter of the Dawn family.
Tomu: I thought I could use you somehow so I acted nice to you.

Tomu: But if Abidani already has you, you're too dangerous to use.
Tomu: If you really want me to trust you, cut all ties with him and ask me again.

SFX: Grab


SFX: Chk

Emily: ...You motherfucker.

Emily: Now that I know who you really are, I wish I had just pulled the trigger the day I met you!!!
Tomu: ...Emily.

Emily: ...You're the same!!!
SFX: Clench...


Emily: You're the same as all the other guys!!
Emily: You're all beasts who swarm up wanting the wealth and power of my family!!
SFX: Chk...
Emily: All I wanted was someone who loved me!!!

SFX: Wham!!

Tomu: Gh...!!
SFX: Collapse
Emily: This is the end, Tom Shirasagi.


Emily: The end of my love...
Emily: and of your life!!!
SFX: Roar

SFX: Dash!!

Mizuhara: T-
Mizuhara: Tomu!!

Mizuhara: Are you all right!!?
Tomu: ...I'm fine, Mizuhara.


Mizuhara: I was eavesdropping at the door.
Mizuhara: How could you say that? What if she was telling the truth!?
Tomu: Oh...she's innocent.
Tomu: Those tears were real.

Mizuhara: So Mika-san really did make that site!?

Tomu: No...
Tomu: I already know who's behind all this.

Tomu: Abidani!!!!


Mizuhara: What!? He set a trap like that for the girl he treats like his own daughter!?
Tomu: That's the kind of man he is.
Tomu: He was waiting for a chance to set all this in motion and take advantage of Emily's feelings for me.

Tomu: If only I had realized what he was planning sooner.
Tomu: I should have just bluntly refused her advances before she got serious.

Mizuhara: Oh...
Mizuhara: Is that why you said all those horrible things to her!?

Tomu: Yes. But it was probably already too late.
Tomu: She was being completely controlled by Abidani.


SFX: Shatter

Butler: Lady Emily!! Please stop!!
SFX: Bang bang
Butler: That Grecian sculpture was worth 1.5 million dollars....Wah wah!!
Butler: Ah, that was a half million dollar Yi Dynasty Korean Celadon!!

Emily: I won't forgive you, Tom Shirasagi.
SFX: Tremble tremble


Emily: You trampled on my maiden heart...
Emily: and made a fool of the Dawn family, gambler!!!

SFX: Thunk!!
Abidani: Calm down, Emily-chan!!


Abidani: I warned you about this.
Abidani: I warned you that Shirasagi Tomu was a true demon!!


Emily: I can't stand it, uncle!!
Emily: I really loved him!!
SFX: Cling to!!
Abidani: I know, I know. It must have been hard.
Abidani: And I feel partially responsible for having told you about him.

Emily: I want to kill him!!
Emily: I want to erase this academy with a missile!!
Abidani: Oh, come now. Killing him would be nowhere near enough.

Abidani: Quiz time, Emily-chan.
Abidani: What would be the absolute worst thing for Shirasagi to experience?

Emily: A gamble...A gamble fight!?
Emily: Making him lose and destroying his pride as a gambler and the hope for the Shirasagi family!!!

Abidani: Correct!!!
SFX: Smile...


Emily: Ok!!! Let's do this, uncle!!!!
Emily: Let's use the full force of the Dawn family to destroy Tom Shirasagi!!!!

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