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Gamble Fish 59

Victory Flag

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 18, 2011 16:48 | Go to Gamble Fish

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Chapter 59


Butler: I'm sorry, but Miss Emily refuses to see the likes of you.
Butler: You are a virulent influenza.

Tomu: At least let me give her the notes for the past week.
Butler: No, that won't be necessary.
Mizuhara: Wh-what about some flowers to help with her cold...?
Title: Fight 59 Victory Flag

Butler: I was told to take nothing from swindlers.


Tomu: Emily...
Title: Fight 59 Victory Flag

Students: Did you hear why Emily isn't coming to classes!?
Students: She doesn't actually have a cold. It's Shirasagi's fault!!


Students: I heard he forced Emily to come to his room late at night and did all sorts of things to her!!
Students: All sorts of things?
Students: Well, it caused enough of a shock that she isn't leaving her bed, so it had to have been sexual things.
SFX: Chatter

SFX: Chatter
Students: I can't believe Shirasagi-kun is actually an animal like that!!
Students: And I was a fan of his! What a shock!!
Students: I guess he wasn't an extreme gambler. He was a sex-treme gambler.

Yuka: Hey, you!! Quit spreading false rumors!!
Natsumi: Yeah!! Tomu-senpai would never do something like that!!


Students: Oh, it's the top two of the Shirasagi Elite Guards, Tsukiyono & Kimura!!
Students: Are you two really so infatuated with Shirasagi that you can't see him for who he really is?
Students: People saw Emily run crying from his room!!

Yuka: Shut up, shut up!! Do you want me to turn you into a dove with my magic!?
SFX: Flap flap flap
Dove: Krpoh Krpoh
Students: Wah wah!!!
Natsumi: Take this!! Special Na-chan Hold!!
SFX: Squeeze!!
Students: Wah! I'm so happ-I mean, it hurts!!

Tomu: Stop it, you two.
Yuka: Shirasagi!!
Natsumi: Tomu-senpai. But...!!

Tomu: I know what really happened.
Tomu: And that's enough.


Yuka: So Emily wasn't working for Abidani?
Tomu: Right.
Tomu: She was only being used by him. She didn't have any evil intent herself.

Yuka: But what about that site Shishidou Mika showed you?
Yuka: She claimed to be an amateur at tennis, but had actually won a competition in America, right!?


Tomu: By morning, the site was gone.
Tomu: I have no proof, but Abidani had to have been behind it.
Tomu: He set a trap knowing exactly how Mika-san and I would act.

Tomu: I asked the United States Tennis Association, but I don't think they understood I was asking about a charity tournament.
Tomu: If I did some serious research, I'm sure I could prove it was a fake, but that doesn't matter now.

Tomu: The problem was that I allowed Emily to approach me.
Tomu: Even though I knew Abidani could be using her to set up a trap.
Tomu: I couldn't reject her pure feelings and created an opening he could use.


Yuka: Shirasagi...You didn't really have feelings for Emily, did you?
Tomu: No.
Tomu: She is a charming girl, but I have no romantic feelings for her.

Tomu: And that's exactly why I should have acted more coldly towards her.
Tomu: I had no feelings for her, but I nicely acted as if I did...
Tomu: My hypocrisy only injured her further.

Natsumi: No, you're not at fault here, senpai!!
Natsumi: She's the one that fell for you!!
SFX: Rumble rumble
Yuka: Exactly!! If you resent the person just because your feelings don't reach them, it isn't true love!!!


SFX: Crash

Crowd: Kyaaah!!!
Yuka: A-a tank!!!?
Mizuhara: A tank just came through the waaaaalllll!!!?


Emily: Heh heh heh...
SFX: Open!!

Emily: It's too late to repent!!
Emily: Darling...No, Tom Shirasagi!!!


Crowd: I-it's Emily!!
Crowd: Emily was riding in the tank!!
Crowd: She's come to declare war on Shirasagi!!!

Tomu: ...Emily.

Tomu: Calm down and listen to me.
Tomu: This was all a trap set by your uncle.


SFX: Bang!!

Emily: Shut up!!!
Emily: I'm not going to listen to a gambler with a silver tongue.

Emily: Uncle Abidani opened my eyes.
Emily: I've now realized your true nature as an inhuman beast.

Tomu: ...So you really aren't going to listen.
Tomu: Well? Are you going to run me over with that tank?

SFX: Clang


Emily: We'll settle this with a game.
Emily: That is the most ideal method of revenge for me.

Mizuhara: A game!!?
Mizuhara: So you're the next challenger!!?

Emily: You're aiming for ten billion yen...
Emily: and the next bet will be for 19.2 million, right?


Emily: I have no problem with betting ten billion yen at once...
Emily: but unfortunately you don't have that kind of value.
Emily: You're only worth about a million dollars.

Crowd: A million dollars!!? That's a hundred million yen!!?
SFX: Shock
Crowd: Shirasagi can't match that!

Tomu: You're on!!
Tomu: And if I lose, my body will make up for the rest of the money.


Mizuhara: That's crazy!! You still don't know what the game is!!
Tomu: It's always that way.
Natsumi: But this is way more money than the dice games...

Tomu: Emily, I apologize for hurting you.
Tomu: If it will help you get over it, then do whatever you like.

Tomu: But once the game begins, I do not intend to lose.
SFX: Focus...
Tomu: I'll take you on with all my ability.

Emily: Hmm. As soon as you hear about a challenge, you get a different look in your eyes.
Emily: I'll explain the game to you now!!
Emily: The name of the game is...


Emily: "Victory Flag"!!!!

Tomu: Victory Flag?
Emily: Simply put, it's a type of survival game.


Emily: Each team is made up of 7 people. One team is the "hunters" and the other team is the "rabbits".
Emily: The two teams start at different times and the rabbits flee so that the hunters do not catch them. If the rabbits can raise a flag in a specified place, they win.

Emily: But if all of the rabbits are captured before that, the hunters win.
Emily: The field will be the entire mountainous region behind Shishidou Academy!!

Emily: My team will be the hunters.
Emily: There are no fouls or restrictions on usable equipment!! Whatever methods we use, the other side can't complain.

Tomu: When will it begin?
Emily: I'll give you 10 days!! Gather your members and equipment in that time!!


Mizuhara: B-but it'll be midwinter in 10 days!! What if we get stranded!?
Yuka: It's been snowing non-stop, so the mountains will have almost a meter of snow...
Natsumi: I don't like the cold...

Emily: I've already made my request for my team members. Of course, they aren't students at this school!!
Emily: They're strong, brave men who laugh in the face of snowy mountains.

Emily: Whatever kind of cunning tricks you use, I WILL capture you!!
SFX: Clench
Emily: You'll regret having made an enemy of me!!

Tomu: Heh heh...The look in your eyes changes too when it comes to a challenge.
Tomu: It seems we really are similar in a way.
SFX: Stand


Tomu: When our prey of a game is before our eyes, we must bare our fangs.
Tomu: We are both carnivores starving for a challenge!!

Emily: Bullshit!! We are in no way equal!
Emily: You're nothing more than a hyena gambler that searches for carrion. I'll rip you to shreds!!!

Crowd: A million dollar gamble fight has been decided on!!
Text: Ohhhh!
Crowd: He's going up against the "perfect celeb" Emily Dawn!!!


Crowd: The name of the game is "Victory Flag"!!!
Crowd: It's a snowy mountain battle royale!!!

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