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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 244

The Six Million Dollar Man (1)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 21, 2011 20:04 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 244


Hyoubu: I don't like to find fault with people's tastes, but...
Magi: How can you find Kiritsubo moe?
Momiji: Instead of complaining...
Momiji: how about you try and supply me with that kind of moe!?

Momiji: You need to eat rice!!
Momiji: Swallow it down without chewing!!
SFX: Gulp gulp
Momiji: You should always ask for thirds and fourths!!

Yo: ...Aren't you going to eat, Momiji-nee?
SFX: Chomp!
Momiji: No.
Momiji: I'm on a diet.

Momiji: I don't want to get all fat and ugly.
Yo: I don't like this scary side of her!!

Yuuri: Here.
Yuuri: I'll wash off the shampoo, Nai.
SFX: Spray
Nai: Nyaah nyaah

Text: When you wash a cat...
Nai: Nyaah.
Text: you'll be surprised at the figure underneath the fur.

Aoi: It was so cold on that mission today.
Kaoru: Let's take a hot shower!

Aoi: What?
SFX: Spray...
SFX: Stare...
Kaoru: N-nothing.
Kaoru: I was just a little shocked at the thickness of the bulletproof pads on our uniforms.

Margin: Volume 25 will be released on 2/18!! The limited edition with a school calendar comes out at the same time!!

Bottom: You can see the first episode of the anime for free!


Top: Starting 2/1, a full color Supplement will be available for a limited time on Club Sunday!! A chosen piece will be in color on!!
Text: He's the No. 1 ideal supervisor!! What is Minamoto's new mission!?
Title: 244th sense. The Six Million Dollar Man (1)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


SFX: Rooooaaaarrr
Sakaki: Hyahaaaahhhh!!


Margin: Previously: "The Children" are 3 Level 7 espers who go on missions for the special agency B.A.B.E.L. What will they have to deal with next!?

SFX: Creak creak
SFX: Creak

Sakaki: Damn, this thing's fast!
SFX: Tremble tremble tremble
Sakaki: We'll be at Comerica's Bolling Air Force Base in 15 minutes!!

Minamoto: The plane isn't sounding too good...
SFX: Creak creak
Minamoto: Aren't you going too fast!?

Sakaki: Don't worry!
Sakaki: I'm a Psychometer...
Sakaki: so any machine is like an extension of my body!!


Sakaki: When flying a high-speed aircraft...
Sakaki: you have to worry about the performance of the engine and the strength of the fuselage!
Sakaki: But I can safely bring that performance out past the safe limit and to the true limit!

Sakaki: I really can't believe they let me fly this thing...
Sakaki: Khh! I love it!
Minamoto: He's hopeless.
Minamoto: He's completely focused on this toy the Comerican military lent him.

Minamoto: This mission is directly from the Comerican president.
Minamoto: And it's urgent enough that we need to travel in this.
Minamoto: What could it be...!?

SFX: Roooaarr!!


Box: A few hours previously - B.A.B.E.L. Research Facility

On building: Medical Research Building
Minamoto: Okay, go!
Minamoto: Aoi!

Aoi: Roger that!!


SFX: Hyupah

SFX: Roooar

SFX: Open!!
SFX: Disperse


SFX: Static...
Aoi: Chaff...!!

Aoi: So they're trying to interfere with my teleportation using spatial noise!!
Aoi: Nice try!!

SFX: Close
Aoi: All noise has a bit of a deviation!!

SFX: Vyuh

Aoi: I just aim for that deviation...
SFX: Hyuh


Aoi: Psychic...
SFX: Hyuh pah pah pah
Aoi: Spatial Corridor Breach!

Naomi: Wow...!!
Naomi: I can't believe there's a teleporter who can actually teleport through that...!!


Aoi: Okay.
Aoi: You're up, Shiho!
SFX: Pah
SFX: Touch
Shiho: Good work, Aoi-chan.

Shiho: No then...
Shiho: It's my turn!


Shiho: Psychic...
SFX: Doh gyah gyah
Shiho: Override!!

SFX: Kyuhn!!


Akira: ...Wow!!
Hatsune: Nee-san's so cool!
Sakaki: I-I could do that!

Shiho: You're next, Kaoru-chan!

SFX: Gyuh zah zah zah

Kaoru: Psychiiiiic...


Kaoru: Exploding Vaporization!!


SFX: Boom

Tanizaki: Wh-where did that huge blast come from!?
Minamoto: She used the environment around her.
Minamoto: She created a dust explosion to add to what she could do with her powers alone.


Minamoto: She gathered up the scattered chaff creating a dome-shaped field...
Minamoto: and set fire to the dried leaves smashed by the backfire of the helicopter.
Minamoto: Then she just had to release her Psychokinesis on top of the power of the explosion.

Keiko: A-amazing!
SFX: Gulp
Tanizaki: Was that your idea, Minamoto-kun?
Minamoto: Yes.
Minamoto: I thought she might have to use her powers like that when dealing with a large-scale natural disaster.

Minamoto: They're powers are dangerous...
Minamoto: but I believe that they can use them properly now.

Chief: Don't worry!!
Chief: We believe in those girls, too!
Chief: We won't let that power be used for evil!

Chief: So keep raising them the way you are!!
Text: Wah ha ha ha ha
Kashiwagi: Chief!!


Kashiwagi: You have a direct call from the President of the United States of Comerica.
Kashiwagi: He wants to know if we'll lend him the supervisor of the Children...

Chief: Eh?

Minamoto: Yes?
Minamoto: Eh?
Minamoto: Me..!?

Aoi: What could it be?
Aoi: He seems confused.
Kaoru: He's acting oddly.
Kaoru: Did something happen?

SFX: Stare...


Kaoru: I remembered it again!!
Kaoru: I need to grow up properly first!!
SFX: Shake shake shake
Kaoru: Maybe I should go home for a while so I'm not around Minamoto all the time!
Shiho: She's acting weird, too.
Aoi: Did something happen?

SFX: Beep
Minamoto: Listen up, you three!
Minamoto: Your training for today is over!

Minamoto: I have to go overseas on urgent business.
Minamoto: I may not be back for a while, so be good!

Kaoru: Eh?


SFX: Brake...
Mary: Here they are!

Mary: I haven't seen them in forever!
Ken: We can leave it to him, right!?
Grisham: I'm sure...
Grisham: Minamoto can do this.
Text: Another Level 7!?
Box: To be continued in Issue 9.

Grisham: I'm sure he can save...
Grisham: our country's "Level 7".

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