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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 56

The Fear That is Thrust before Them

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 24, 2011 20:17 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 56


Fujimaru: Can you hear me!?
Fujimaru: They're after the nuclear missile firing switch that the American president is said to carry when he visits a conflicted area.
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Text: The enemy's goal is greater than they had imagined...
Bottom right: Volume 6 is on sale now!!
Title: File 56 The Fear That is Thrust before Them

SFX: Chk

Fujimaru: They're after Pandora's Box!!


Fujimaru: If they get it, they will have control of the world until America can prevent the missiles from firing!
Fujimaru: That's what they're after!!

Minami: D-damn it...!

Makimura: Wh-what are you doing, Minami-san!?
SFX: Grab
Minami: I'm setting this dress on fire!!
Minami: I'm a living biological weapon. I can slow down the spread of the infection if I burn myself to death!!


Makimura: It's been more than 5 minutes since you showed your symptoms!
Makimura: Your death would accomplish nothing!!

Minami: Kh...!

Minami: ...You're right. There are more important things I need to be thinking about.
Minami: We need to take out those 5 mercenaries...No, we need a way to protect Pandora's Box!!
Makimura: R-right.

Minami: I can't believe I'm going to retire like this...
Minami: The younger members protecting the outside will be laughing at me over this!

Makimura: B-but how are they fine with that deadly virus all over the place?
Minami: You idiot. They've clearly taken the vaccine.


Minami: A vaccine that prevents Bloody-X from getting to the point of showing symptoms with a success rate of 100% was developed.
Minami: I took it last time, but it looks like its effects have long since worn off.

Makimura: I see...
Makimura: So they're planning on using that vaccine as bait to get Pandora's Box from the president!
Minami: No, the vaccine takes at least a few weeks to take effect.
Minami: They most likely have the antiviral!

Makimura: The antiviral?

Minami: Yes. It can save someone who hasn't shown symptoms yet with a pretty high success rate.
Minami: They must have decided a gun wasn't enough of a threat for the president and went with the fear of a merciless virus.
SFX: Splatter
Minami: Cough
Makimura: Minami-san!!


Minami: I'm still fine...somehow...

Minami: Wait. I see... Could it be that...?

SFX: Clench

Fujimaru: Please! If you don't stop them, the world will be theirs!!

SFX: Wind blowing
Kanou: M-my, god...


Kanou: I have to at least take out Nik. He's the most dangerous one!

Nik: Oh?
Nik: I still see life in your eyes. You never disappoint, Ikuma.
Nik: If a man like you were to live as a mercenary, you could amass quite a fortune.
Nik: But since you insist on being a dog of the state, all you get is a dog's death.

SFX: Smirk

Fujimaru: Shut up!!
SFX: Bang


SFX: Whoosh
Nik: It's no use.
Nik: You should know that.

Fujimaru: Nik...
Fujimaru: I WILL kill you here!!
SFX: Bang bang bang

Nik: You think you can kill me when you can barely stand?
SFX: Run run

SFX: Slam
Kanou: Ghhaah!!


SFX: Grab

Nik: Farewell, Ikuma.
Nik: You had true skill.
SFX: Wind blowing
Nik: Take pride in that as I send you to hell.

Kanou: Shit!!

SFX: Bang


Kanou: Eh?

SFX: Jump back

Nik: Tch. So Gide's team is already gone.
Nik: Perhaps I should have spent a bit more on my sacrificial troops.

SFX: Various gunfire


SFX: Dash

SFX: Slam

Guy: Kh.
Guy: He went in the party hall with the hostages!!
Sakaki: Kanou!!! Are you all right!?

Kanou: S-Sakaki's team!?
Kanou: Stay back! I've been infected by Bloody-X!
Sakaki: We know. And don't worry about us.
Sakaki: The climate here in Karuizawa tonight has lowered the virus's activity so you won't infect someone outdoors unless you come into direct contact with them.


Sakaki: That's what Kirishima told us.
Kanou: I-I see...

Sakaki: Kanou...I'm sorry.

Kanou: It can't be helped.
Kanou: It comes with the job.

Kanou: The man who just ran off was the leader of the mercenaries hired by the terrorists.
Kanou: He's a monstrous warrior named Nikolai Glazunov.
SFX: Cough cough
Sakaki: Don't speak. You need to rest.

Kanou: No, let me do my job to the very end.
Kanou: That will be the proof that I lived.

Sakaki: ...Understood.
Guy: Kanou-san...

Kanou: Minami is inside the party hall.
Kanou: She must be showing symptoms too and the hall must be contaminated with the virus.


Sakaki: Yes, we heard. The protective suits will be here soon.
Sakaki: We won't approach carelessly.

Kanou: Now that we know they're after Pandora's Box, we have to stop them no matter what.
Kanou: Cough
Sakaki: What does the target look like and where is it!?
Sakaki: Did the president go out to the party with it on him?

Kanou: I don't know...
Kanou: And the terrorists most likely chose this method because no one knows.


SFX: Step step step

SFX: Step
Nik: Mr. President.
Nik: I hope my men have not treated you rudely.
Adams: I'm tired of hearing about this virus.
Adams: What do you want?

Nik: I was thinking...
Nik: I would take Pandora's Box.

Adams: And what is that?


Nik: You can't lie to us. And the virus isn't going to wait.
Nik: If you take it in the next 10 minutes...

Nik: this antiviral has an almost 100% chance of saving you.
Nik: But after 30 minutes, the odds drop to 80%. In 60 minutes, it's 50%. And in 100 minutes, 15%.

Nik: After 2 hours, it's pretty much guaranteed that you will show symptoms.
SFX: Pull out...
Nik: You will get a fever of over 40 degrees and blood will come out of every hole in your body.
Nik: Every mucous membrane in your body will rupture. Your blood vessels will rupture. You'll suffer in agony and die as you turn into a mass of blood.


Nik: President Adams.
Nik: Where is Pandora's Box?


Hansel: Will the president speak?

Peter: I doubt he will at first.
Peter: If he didn't have enough guts to resist at first, he wouldn't have fought in that fierce presidential election.
Hansel: So...

Peter: Because I anticipated that, I'm analyzing the images from the hotel's security cameras.
Peter: I WILL find it.

Peter: The president will be useful once again when I do.
SFX: Type


SFX: Type type type

Fujimaru: Damn it! I WILL find Pandora's Box!!
Fujimaru: Peter Pan must be trying to find it using the security cameras, too. I have to stop him and find it first!

Shioda: Falcon!
Shioda: The Pentagon has contacted Third-i!
Fujimaru: What is it, Shioda-san!? I'm busy, so just tell me!


Shioda: The orders from Pandora's Box...
Shioda: can't be easily controlled from within the Pentagon.

Inaba: So if an order to fire a nuclear missile is sent, they can't stop it?
Shioda: Correct.
Shioda: The safety feature for that was "Dupe", but he was taken out by someone.

Fujimaru: ...Kh.

Fujimaru: Can't they stop the missiles from launching by physically removing the control unit from them?
Shioda: It will take 10 hours to make only 10% of them unable to fire. And for all of them...
Shioda: it will take more than 4 whole days.


Inaba: The first demand they will probably give is to stop all work towards making the missiles unable to fire.
Inaba: And most likely the enemy hacker will easily be able to tell if work continues.

Shioda: And their next demand will be something unimaginable.

Shioda: And...
Shioda: Every country in the world will have to obey no matter what it means they must sacrifice.


Shioda: It will be an "Imperial Command".
Fujimaru: Those bastards! I won't let them do this!!
Text: This planet has fallen into enemy hands...!?
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 9.

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2011
Thanks js~!!
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