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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 57

Hansel and Gretel

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 30, 2011 01:38 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 57


Top: Volume 6 is on sale now!!
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Nik: Without the antiviral...
Text: Fear controls people!!
Nik: this is your fate after 2 hours,
Nik: President Adams.

Nik: Where is Pandora's Box?

Adams: A-about the antiviral...
Title: File 57 Hansel and Gretel


Kujou: Mr. President!

SFX: Realization

SFX: Step forward

SFX: Punch

Otoya: Grandfather!


Kujou: Otoya, don't move.

SFX: Chk...
Otoya: ...Right.

Adams: I am the President of the Unite States.

Adams: I won't do something that will bring danger to my country or the world at large even if it costs me my life!!!

Nik: ...What admirable dedication, Mr. President.


SFX: Type

Peter: I WILL get Pandora's Box...
Peter: before Falcon does.

Kirishima: We must secure it before they do!
Kirishima: If the terrorists gain free control of the remote switch to all of America's nuclear missiles...


Kirishima: no one will be able to go against their demands!

Kirishima: Kanou-san, can you hear me!? Minami, can you still move!?

Tsukamoto: That's pretty harsh, Kirishima-san.
Tsukamoto: Not even a dying comrade gets a break.

Sawakita: Tsukamoto! You have no idea how Kirishima-san feels about this, do you? The lives of his comrades who fought to protect this country along with him are coming to an end.
Sawakita: Even I am a bit...
Tsukamoto: S-sorry, Sawakita-san...


Kanou: Kanou...here.
Kanou: Somehow, I'm still alive.
Kanou: Give me my orders.

Kanou: I'll do anything I can...

Kirishima: Thank you very much...
Kirishima: Until the virus-resistant suits arrive, you're the only one that can enter that party hall.

Kanou: So what do you want me to do? Tell me already.
Kanou: I don't know when I'm gonna pass out.
Kanou: Once I start bleeding from the brain, it's all over.


Kirishima: We need to take into account the worst case option of blowing up Pandora's Box along with the entire party hall.

Kanou: Are you serious? You'd sacrifice the heads of both Japan and America?

Kirishima: I would take the responsibility for it.
Kirishima: Of course, blame would spread beyond me, but...

Kanou: But it's still better than letting the terrorists control the world, huh?
Kirishima: If only the president died, America would never understand, but if the head of Japan dies along with him, they would say they both died protecting their homeland from the terrorists.

Kirishima: The alliance between our countries would not completely fall apart that way.


Kanou: You're a smart man. You almost terrify me.

Kirishima: I don't enjoy that kind of praise, Kanou-san.

Minami: Kirishima-san? This is Minami.
Kirishima: Oh, you're still okay?
Kirishima: Well, can you still move?
Minami: Yes, somehow or other.

Minami: There's actually something I'd like to discuss.
Minami: Can we talk on a secret line?

Kirishima: Understood. Reconnect in 1 minute.
Kirishima: I'll be gone for 4 minutes.
Kirishima: You're in charge until then, Sawakita.
Sawakita: Yes, sir.


SFX: Step step

Fujimaru: I won't let them have Pandora's Box!
Fujimaru: I WILL find it first!


Inaba: ...Shioda, what is he doing?
Shioda: I think he's hacked into the hotel's security server...
Shioda: and is investigating the security camera footage.

Fujimaru: Okay! I've got the footage from when President Adams arrived!


Inaba: The president, the secret service with him, and his aide are shown.
Inaba: I don't see anything that could be Pandora's Box.

Shioda: I guess the secret service brought it somewhere later.
Shioda: Or maybe it was handed over beforehand to the American military on security duty.

SFX: Click
Fujimaru: ...Wait.

Fujimaru: Could...
Fujimaru: it be that...!?


Fujimaru: Pandora's Box is in the president's suitcase!?

Shioda: Eh?
Fujimaru: The president is carrying his own suitcase instead of leaving it to a hotel employee like someone of his status usually does.


Fujimaru: Could that be because there's something he can't hand over to anyone else inside?

Shioda: I-I see...
Inaba: So at that time it was taken to the president's suite. Where is it now?

Fujimaru: I don't know.
Fujimaru: But I have to hurry up and find out. There are traces here showing that Peter Pan, the enemy hacker...
Fujimaru: has figured this much out!


Inaba: Where's the footage from when the president had changed into his tuxedo and was heading to the party hall!?
Fujimaru: I'm looking for it now!
Fujimaru: Okay, got it!


Fujimaru: ...Is that small box Pandora's Box!?
Fujimaru: It's hidden underneath a large secret service man's coat!
Inaba: Okay! I'll contact Third-i HQ and try to come up with a plan to secure it...

Hibiki: Wait.

Fujimaru: What is it, Hibiki?
Hibiki: Can I see that footage again?

Fujimaru: Yes, of course.

SFX: Click


Hibiki: Stop!

SFX: Click

Hibiki: Slowly go back one frame at a time.
Fujimaru: Okay...


Hibiki: Here.
SFX: Point
Hibiki: The president turned his gaze towards the camera for a split second.

Hibiki: He knew the security camera was there.
Hibiki: Would he really hand over something so important right in front of a camera when he knew terrorists could be around?
Fujimaru: Good point.
Fujimaru: So that box was a bluff?
Hibiki: I think so.

Inaba: Shioda! Contact HQ!
Inaba: That sounds like something the President of the United States would do.
Inaba: So where is the real Pandora's Box?


Fujimaru: I don't know.
Fujimaru: I'm skipping ahead to when he enters the party hall.
SFX: Click

Fujimaru: Here it is.
Fujimaru: They're inspecting him with a metal detector and dogs.

Fujimaru: If there's a hint, it has to be here...

Fujimaru: Nothing. I'll watch it again.
Hibiki: Keep at it, Fujimaru!
Inaba: Hoo...

Shioda: We don't need to be so rushed.
Shioda: If the enemy is looking for Pandora's Box in the same way Falcon is, they should think it was the box handed to that secret service man.
Inaba: ...You're right.


Inaba: I'm going to the bathroom.
Inaba: The sewage is being completely sterilized, right?
Shioda: Of course.
Shioda: Whether it's number 1 or number 2, you needn't worry.

Inaba: Hah? You have no delicacy!

Peter: What was that email about, Hansel?
Hansel: It was from Gretel.
Hansel: We were about to make a grave mistake, Peter Pan.
Peter: Oh?


Hansel: It seems the box the president handed to that secret service man was a bluff.
Hansel: Pandora's Box is elsewhere.

Text: Gretel, who has a connection with the enemy, is one of them...!?
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 10.

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