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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Gamble Fish 60

The Seven Rabbits

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 2, 2011 02:50 | Go to Gamble Fish

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For OMFGG only

Chapter 60


Title: Fight 60 The Seven Rabbits


Tomu: This is a map of Shishidou Forest which will be the game field.
839 Label: Mt. Akatsu
721 Label: Mt. Tosaka
Below 721 label: Pomegranate Rock
512 label: Mt. Takamori
783 label: Mt. Yokoi
488 label: Mt. Yoshida
382 label: Mt. Yuo
271 label: Mt. Fukami
Label Below buildings: Shishidou Academy
Left of Shishidou: D Zone
Below Shishidou: Kohara River

Tomu: This private property stretches for about 50 km in all directions around the Academy and is mostly untouched forest.
Tomu: The average elevation is 500 m, the snow can get as much as 1 meter deep, and the temperature is around 2 or 3 degrees celsius.


Tomu: Wherever the goal point is, it's going to be a harsh mountain trail full of ups and downs.
Tomu: It'll actually only be a few kilometers, but, depending on the weather, there's a real danger of getting stranded.

Tomu: Have any of you had experience climbing a mountain in winter?
SFX: Shake shake shake
Yuka: Of course we haven't. We're only in middle school.

Natsumi: Emily said she wasn't going to choose her group from here.
Natsumi: Maybe she's going to call in the mountain climbing team from her school in America.
Mizuhara: No!! Maybe it's the survival game club!
Mizuhara: Survival games were invented in America after all!


Tomu: Let's go over the rules again.
Tomu: The game is "Victory Flag".
Tomu: It's a type of survival game played with two groups of 7.

Tomu: We're the rabbit team which starts first and wins if we raise our flag at the goal point.
Tomu: All 7 rabbits have a flag, so anyone can raise it on their own.

Tomu: Emily will be on the hunter team and they start their pursuit 30 minutes later!!
Tomu: If they capture every rabbit or get all 7 flags, they win. There is no time limit.


Natsumi: A thirty minute difference...
Natsumi: If they're experienced, that's not much of a difference...

Yuka: In other words, if everyone goes for the shortest path, it'll be hard to get away.
Yuka: And if the enemy goes that way, they can lie in wait at the goal.

Mizuhara: But we win if just one person survives and raises the flag, right!?
Mizuhara: So the other 6 just have to act as bait!

Tomu: Emily will be expecting that.
Tomu: Outsmarting the enemy and buying time...
Tomu: is going to be the key to this one.


Tomu: But whatever I do, finding 7 team members comes first.
Yuka & Natsumi: Ooh, ooh, ooh!!!

Natsumi: I'll do it!! I don't like the cold, but I'll do it for you!!
Yuka: Leave it to me!! My time has finally come!!
SFX: Sneak...
Mizuhara: Well, I'll be going...

Yuka: Wait, mushroom!!! Are you trying to run!?
Natsumi: And you call yourself a man!? Aren't you senpai's friend!?
Mizuhara: You can count me out when it comes to the cold and exhausting work!!


Tomu: Stop that. You shouldn't force him.
Tomu: And it's too dangerous to have someone with no physical strength like him on a snowy mountain.
SFX: Hoo...

Tomu: I'll have him get us our equipment.
Tomu: We need gear for the cold, GPS's, cell phones, food, and everything else we could need on a snowy mountain.
Mizuhara: I-I can do that!!

Yuka: But what about the other 4?
Natsumi: Do you have anyone in mind, Tomu-senpai?

Tomu: I actually already have 2 more members.
Mizuhara: Eh?

SFX: Grab!!


Mizuhara: Y-Yoizame Yoshio and Hiruko Nana!!!?
Yoizame: Destrooooooy!!! Long time no see, fucking mushroom!!!
Nana: Don't refer to me without -san, you stupid virgin!!!


Natsumi: Wh-what's going ooooonnnnn!!?
Yuka: Why are people from the Abidani Seminar out!?

Yoizame: Unfortunately, we were kicked out by Abidani-sensei.
Mizuhara: Eh?

Nana: Ha!! Basically, we were expelled from Shishidou Academy.

Yoizame: He said losers who couldn't defeat Shirasagi weren't worthy of being his students.
SFX: Gnash...
Yoizame: I was abandoned by him.
Nana: I couldn't be happier.
Nana: Getting expelled gave me my freedom the same way graduating would have!!


Yuka: Shirasagi!! Why are they on your team!?
Tomu: Hanasaki Mayo introduced them.

Tomu: I told her about the game, and she suggested they go since she couldn't as she's still in the hospital.
Tomu: Both of them are cunning and strong, so they'll be reliable allies.

Yoizame: Shirasagi!! Just so you know, we aren't working for you!!
Nana: That's right!!

Yoizame: I just want to defeat Abidani-sensei's precious Emily Dawn!!
Yoizame: Then he'll rethink kicking me out!!!


Yuka: Hiruko!! Why are you doing this?
Nana: Heh. I couldn't say no to a request from Mayo, my best friend in the seminar, could I?

Nana: And sorry about giving you that laxative!!
Nana: It's all water - as well as some other things - under the bridge, right!?
SFX: Smack
Yuka: Wah!!

Mizuhara: This makes 5. How are you going to find the other 2?

Tomu: I'm about to go negotiate with another.
Tomu: Someone with a burning spirit of rivalry towards Emily Dawn would be perfect for the team. Heh heh heh...


Mika: I'm not going to...
Mika: play tag on a snowy mountain!!

Tomu: It's not tag; it's a survival game.
Tomu: It's an extreme sport that tests your intelligence, strength, endurance, and concentration.
Mika: I'm not interested.
Mika: And why do I need to help you, anyway?


Tomu: This all started with your tennis match with Emily, right?
Tomu: This is all because you used that fake site of yours as an excuse to get revenge for having lost to an amatuer.

Mika: I did not make a fake site!!
Mika: And that match was cut off midway!! I did not lose!!
Tomu: That's not the way other people see it.

Tomu: Having that much trouble against an amateur was the same thing as losing.
Tomu: And even if that fake site was a trap laid by Abidani, it doesn't change the fact that you upset Emily.


Tomu: This is your chance to show once and for all who's the real queen of Japan and America.
Mika: Oh ho ho ho!!
Mika: You can't talk me into this, Shirasagi Tomu!!

Mika: And if you're coming to me for help, you must really be at a loss on how to win this one.
Mika: This should be interesting to see. Heh heh...

Tomu: You're right. I'm quite worried about this one.
Mika: Eh?

Tomu: Emily is my strongest opponent yet. And I'm willing to do and spend whatever it takes for this.
Tomu: It's a million dollars if I lose. I'll have to sell my body to her to pay for it.


Tomu: Of course, I'm a gambler. If I lose, I'll take it like a man and leave this academy to go be Emily's slave.
SFX: Grab...
Tomu: And my only regret will be...

Tomu: that I...
Tomu: wasn't able to steal your heart, Mika.

SFX: Clatter...


Mika: D-don't lie!!
Mika: You don't care about me. You're only after money!!
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat
Tomu: You're mistaken.
Tomu: In a way, love is the ultimate gamble.

Tomu: If I can't get you to understand, I suppose it can't be helped.
SFX: Open
Tomu: If I make it back alive, I'll ask you on a date again.

Mika: H-hmph!! He can't trick me with such obvious lies!!
Mika: A villain like that could never steal my heart.

Mika: ...If he loses, he'll be Emily's slave?
SFX: Gulp...
Mika: Her slave...!!?


Emily: Ha ha haaaaa!!! Tom Shirasagi is mine, Rose of Shishidou!!!!
Emily: He's mine to use until he dies!!!

SFX: Open
Mika: Wait!!!
Tomu: Just one left...


Gokijima: Hey, driver!!
Gokijima: I said to hurry to Shishidou Academy.
SFX: Rrrrrr...
Gokijima: So floor it!!

Gokijima: Buh hee hee. I can smell it. It reeks.
Driver: Oh. Sorry, sir. I had gyosha for lunch today and...

Gokijima: Idiot!! It reeks of cash!!
Gokijima: This is a job for the master of underground games, Gokijima-sama!!


Emily: Hello, daddy.
Emily: It's me, Emily.
Emily: How are things going with that request of mine?

Emily: Ok!? Thanks, daddy. I love you!!
Emily: Yes, of course I'll win the game!!

SFX: Thock!!
Emily: Hee hee. Tom Shirasagi.
Emily: I'll show you just how hopeless and foolish it is to make an enemy of me!!


Abidani: Heh heh heh... It's tomorrow.
Abidani: I can't stop laughing at how perfectly this plan worked!!
Abidani: Emily Dawn, the daughter of the family that rules the world.

Abidani: What will happen once you pull out all the stops?
Abidani: You're going to find out first hand, gambler!!!
SFX: Lick...
Box: Gamble Fish Volume 7 / Fin

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