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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 58

Treachery from Within

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 6, 2011 19:34 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 58


Title: File 58 Treachery from Within
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Left: Volume 6 is on sale now!!
Peter: What was that email about, Hansel?
Text: Fujimaru's actions are being passed on to the enemy...!!
Hansel: It was from Gretel.
Hansel: We were about to make a grave mistake, Peter Pan.
Peter: Oh?

Hansel: It seems the box the president handed to that secret service man was a bluff.
Hansel: Pandora's Box is elsewhere.


Peter: I see.
Peter: If "Third-i" has realized that, they must also have realized that we're after Pandora's Box.

Hansel: Of course they have.
Hansel: You need to hurry up, Peter Pan.
Peter: Patience, Hansel.

Peter: They're panicking. They won't be able to get Pandora's Box so easily.
Peter: I've taken measures against 2 or 3 different outcomes.

Hansel: I trust you.
Hansel: But there was one other new piece of information.
SFX: Lean over
Peter: New information?


Hansel: The special aide known as "Dupe" who held the device to stop Pandora's Box...
Hansel: was killed in an explosion at the airport.

Peter: What?

Hansel: That wasn't one of the measures you took, was it?
Peter: Of course not.
Peter: I didn't even know this "Dupe" existed.
Hansel: Yeah, I suppose not. The very existence of Pandora's Box is one of the most secret of secret pieces of information the Pentagon has.
Hansel: It would be hard for any hacker, no matter how skilled, to learn of that safety device.

Hansel: He was probably blown up by a national-level agent.
Peter: ...But Third-i knew about it.
Peter: That's how Gretel was able to tell you, right?

Hansel: Well, Third-i is a Japanese agency...
Peter: No.


Peter: Third-i doesn't have the ability to gather that kind of information.
Peter: Falcon must have gotten it for them.
SFX: Grit
Peter: I really can't take him lightly.

Hansel: Maybe we should get rid of Falcon.
Hansel: But I'm more interested in whoever it was that took out this "Dupe".

Hansel: Apparently, there is an agent from some country working with Falcon.
Hansel: If so, I'm guessing...

Hansel: Arthur betrayed the Shooter of the Magic Bullet...
Hansel: just like you betrayed him.


Peter: We can't know that yet.

Peter: But I'm curious as to how much "that person" who came up with this Bloody Monday plan knows...

Peter: If that person knows about all of this and is intending on merely using you and me...I'd have to put a stop to it.

Hansel: Well, for now we need to find Pandora's Box.


Hansel: So concentrate on locating it.
Hansel: If you don't, everything falls apart.
Peter: I know that.

Peter: Don't worry, Hansel...

SFX: Type type type


Nik: It's been 10 minutes, Mr. President.

Nik: But don't worry. If you take the antiviral now, you have a 90% chance of surviving.
Nik: Look, I have it right here.

Nik: You just have to take this.
Nik: So where is Pandora's Box?


Adams: The President of the United States does not sell out the world in exchange for his own life.

Adams: And I don't even know if that antiviral is real...

Nik: Oh, it's real.
Nik: We took this drug before coming here and, as you can see, we're perfectly fine.
Nik: What more proof do you need?


Kujou: Mr. President.
Man: We told you to remain silent. DO you want us to kill you first?

Kujou: Oh, so you're going to kill me?
Kujou: Fine.

Kujou: I would rather die than work with you and have that nuclear missile firing device fall into the hands of terrorists!

Kujou: And I know President Adams of the United States of America who I am proud to say is our ally feels the same!!


Otoya: That's grandfather for you.
Otoya: Now that weak president can't back down.

Nik: ...Tch.


Nik: Heh, fine. Peter Pan will find Pandora's Box before long anyway.
Nik: It'll happen the same even if you remain silent.
Nik: You're still going to be of some use to us, Mr. President.

Otoya: What does he mean by that?

Makimura: Minami-san!!
Makimura: Minami-san!!!
SFX: Shouting
Someone: Kyaaaahhh!!!


Nik: It seems the first of the infected...
Nik: has died.


Makimura: Minami-san...No...Noooo!

Nik: Bring the body here.
SFX: Step forward
Man: Will do.


Man: You. Bring the body over here.
SFX: Point
Makimura: What are you going to do!?
Man: Just bring it over. If you don't, I'll just kill you now.

SFX: Drag drag
SFX: Limp

Nik: Here is the first victim of Bloody-X.
SFX: Thud


Nik: Mr. President,
Nik: get a nice good look.


Inaba: What is he doing?
Shioda: I have no idea. He's doing it all in some high-level programming language...

Text: Tch
Inaba: Hah? How the hell did you get scouted for a Third-i analysis job?

SFX: Twitch

Fujimaru: ...Okay, I did it!
Inaba: You know where Pandora's Box is!?


Shioda: H-how did you find it?

Fujimaru: I did a search for electromagnetic signals.
Fujimaru: Pandora's Box most likely sends its commands via an American military satellite...
Fujimaru: so it has to send out an instantaneous signal powerful enough to reach the satellite. I thought I could find its location because of that.
Fujimaru: And I was right.

Fujimaru: I found a powerful pulse that transmits once every 5 minutes.
Fujimaru: I used the thermography the American military set up in the party hall to find where it was being transmitted from.
Fujimaru: And look.


Fujimaru: This is the location of Pandora's Box!!

Inaba: Shioda! Contact Third-i HQ now!
Shioda: R-right away!


Hansel: Another email from Gretel.
Hansel: Falcon caught our prey for us.

Peter: I see.
Peter: So where is it?

Hansel: Can you hear me, Nikolai?
Hansel: We know where Pandora's Box is.
Nik: Oh?


Nik: Roger that.
SFX: Smile
Text: Everything is in the enemy's hands...!?

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 11.

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