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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Gamble Fish 61

The Pursuit Begins

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 16, 2011 01:37 | Go to Gamble Fish

-> RTS Page for Gamble Fish 61

For OMFGG only

Chapter 61


Tomu: We start in 30 minutes!!
Tomu: Everyone perform your final equipment checks!!
Title: Fight 61 The Pursuit Begins

Gokijima: That snow that was fallin' ended last night...
Gokijima: This'll be a piece o' cake!!

Mika: Let's just get this over with. UV rays aren't good for your skin!!

Tomu: Okay, let's go!!
Tomu: It's time for our million dollar game of tag!!!


Title: Fight 61 The Pursuit Begins


Crowd: Ohh!! It's Shirasagi's rabbits!!
SFX: Step step
Crowd: The rumor was true! It's those 7 with Mushroom Mizuhara on the side!!
Crowd: He has former members of the Abidani Seminar and that cheating hustler? What's going on!?

Tomu: Are Emily's hunters not here yet?
Mizuhara: Ah!!


SFX: Step


Tomu: Good morning, Emily.
Tomu: Your entrance was as gallant as ever.

Emily: Heh. What's with that red and pink bright primary colored mountain climbing gear?
Emily: Did you mistake this for a hiking trip?

Mika: These aren't primary colors!! The boys have crimson red and the girls have frolic pink!!
Mika: They were custom-made by French designers that work for the Shishidou family.
Mika: Is this excellent taste showing brightly in the snowy mountain too much for a crude yankee to understand?

Emily: Ha!! I can't believe the running rabbits would wear outfits that stand out.
Emily: It just makes it easier to find you.
Emily: Okay, I'll announce where the goal is now!!


Emily: About 4 km northwest of the academy is Mt. Chouzu. And on its south side is a 20 meter rock mountain called "Pomegranate Rock".
[TN: I romanized Mt. Chouzu as Mt. Tosaka last chapter, but this one actually gave me furigana.]
Emily: The top of that rock is the goal point where you need to raise your flag!!

Yuka: Mt. Chouzu and Pomegranate Rock...
Natsumi: There they are!! They're on the map.

Tomu: 4 km...And it'll be uphill the whole way.
Tomu: We should expect it to take 2...no, 3 hours.

Emily: A flag for each of you has been prepared.


Emily: They don't have tracking devices or anything on them, so don't worry.
Emily: Each flag has a member's name and a 5-digit ID number written on it.
Emily: A duplicate will be hidden here at the headquarters!!

Emily: When a hunter captures a rabbit, he reports the flag's number to HQ.
Emily: If the name and number matches, the rabbit will officially be considered captured.

Emily: Each team will leave a representative at the HQ as a referee. I'm leaving my butler, Joshua.
Mizuhara: I-I'll be ours!!


Emily: Each of you must carry your own flag!! Giving it to someone else or hiding it will disqualify you.
Emily: That's it!! Any questions?

Yoizame: Yeah!! A rabbit can put up some resistance against a hunter, right!?
SFX: Chk!!

Yoizame: I won't go quietly...
Yoizame: You might want to have a doctor...or a body bag ready.

Emily: Do as you wish.
Text: Heh.
Emily: But no one on my team will let some chicken who's nothing but talk do anything to them.

Yoizame: Interesting!! I think I'll cut you first, bitch!!
Tomu: Stop, Yoizame!! This is a game, not a war.


Tomu: Emily, I take it you aren't willing to listen to me.
Tomu: I'd prefer to keep you as a friend.

Emily: Spilled milk can't be put back in the bottle.
Emily: We were fated to battle like this from the beginning.

Tomu: Understood.
SFX: Turn
Tomu: I pray that we both do well.

Tomu: It's a minute to 9!!

SFX: Lower

Tomu: GPS's on!!
Tomu: Goggles on!!


Tomu: Let's start Victory Flag!!!

SFX: Step step step


Mizuhara: Go for it, guys!!
Mizuhara: The trick to this is how much distance you can get in the half an hour before the hunters start!!

SFX: Whiiiir

Emily: This is Emily!! Can you hear me, Uncle Abidani?
Emily: How's the picture and sound?

Abidani: It's coming in nice and clear to the parlor, my cute Emily-chan.
Abidani: It looks like I can enjoy today in comfort.
Emily: Leave it to me!! Although it might be all over in an hour. Heh heh heh...


Abidani: Don't underestimate Shirasagi, Emily-chan!!
Abidani: You can't let your guard down until he's completely dead. Anyway, where are the other hunters?

Emily: Don't worry. They're ready to go.
Emily: And it's almost time.

Mizuhara: Ready to go? Where?
SFX: Look around

Emily: 0930!! It's been 30 minutes!!
Emily: Hunters, begin pursuit!!!


SFX: Step step

Crowd: Wait a second! Emily went off on her own?
SFX: Chatter
Mizuhara: Where are the other hunters? They couldn't be late, could they?

Joshua: Heh heh. The other hunters have already begun the pursuit, mushroom boy.
Mizuhara: Eh?


Yuka: Wait!!

Yuka: Do you hear that!?
SFX: Bah bah bah bah bah
Natsumi: What is it? Thunder?

Nana: I don't see anything.
Yoizame: No!! It's coming this way!!


SFX: Bah bah bah bah bah


Natsumi: A-a military helicopter!!?
Mika: It's coming back around!!
SFX: Bah bah bah bah
Tomu: Everyone, run!!

SFX: Bah bah bah
Hunter: Hunter 1, Hunter 1!! This is Hunter 2!! I've spotted the targets!!

Hunter: All 7 of them are fleeing to the north!!
SFX: Bah bah bah bah
Hunter: They're red and pink outfits make them look like 7 roses growing from the snow! Ha ha ha!!


Emily: Hunter 1 to Hunter 2!! Rappel down at a position 200 yards in front of the rabbits!!
SFX: Run run
Emily: I will come from behind for them!!
Hunter: Roger!!

Mika: I-I never thought they would come after us in helicopters!
Natsumi: I-isn't this taking it too far!?

Tomu: Split up!!!

SFX: Tighten!!

SFX: Slide


SFX: Bah bah bah bah
SFX: Sliiiiide

Tomu: Are those real soldiers!!?

Emily: Heh heh. Those aren't any old American soldiers, Tom Shirasagi!! They're the US Army's Special Operations Force or SOF!!!


Emily: AKA the Green Berets!!!

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