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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 60

The Necessary Body

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 27, 2011 01:25 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 60


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Left: Volume 6 is on sale now!!
Fujimaru: Y-yes...!
Fujimaru: Minami-san, can you hear me?
Text: What was his plan that outwitted the enemy!?
Minami: This is Minami.
Fujimaru: I took out 4 terrorists and Kanou-san is fine, too.
Title: File 60 The Necessary Body

Shioda: What's going on!?
Inaba: So Minami-san wasn't dead!?

Fujimaru: The progression of symptoms stopped before the bleeding spread to her brain.
Fujimaru: It's probably due to the vaccine she took 2 years ago.


Shioda: I thought the effects of the vaccine had worn off...
Fujimaru: When she started bleeding, Minami-san thought so, too.

SFX: Pant pant

Minami: There's something odd about these symptoms.
Minami: With Morimi, the bleeding spread all over her body once the first mucous membranes began bleeding...

Fujimaru: I see. Could it be that...?
SFX: Clench...


Fujimaru: Minami-san knew Yajima-san's former fiancee, Morimi Satsuki-san, well so she watched the recorded footage of her last moments again and again so as to never forget.

Fujimaru: Because of this she noticed the difference and thought that it could mean that the vaccine was still in effect. She informed Kirishima-san and me about it in a hidden transmission.

Fujimaru: When she had confirmed that she was recovering, she pretended to die in order to get in close to the terrorists and get in a surprise attack.

Inaba: Wh-what? If she had failed, the Prime Minister and the President could have been killed.
Fujimaru: It was risky, but it would have been an even greater disaster had she done nothing.


Fujimaru: Anyway, on Kanou-san's advice, we had Nikolai Glazunov move to another room.
Fujimaru: I controlled the power source in order to brighten the lights up to their limit and then cause a blackout.
Fujimaru: There was no way they could have avoided a sudden attack from someone they thought was just a corpse.
Fujimaru: And the attack was a complete succ-

Kanou: I wouldn't say that, Fujimaru.

Kanou: Prime Minister Kujou's fine...


Kanou: but I'm sorry.
Kanou: We didn't manage to kill one of the terrorists...
Kanou: and President Adams was taken away.

Fujimaru: Wha-!?


Adams: Pant pant
Adams: Pant

Alissa: Keep running, Mr. President! Faster!
SFX: Run run
Adams: I-I can't! I can't go on!


Alissa: Oh?
Alissa: If you can't keep running, you're going straight to hell here.

Alissa: Although the virus will take you out soon enough anyway.
Alissa: Heh heh heh...

Adams: W-wait. We can work something out.
Alissa: Hah?


Adams: I couldn't negotiate before with so many people around, but I can do it now.
Adams: Please give me the antiviral.
Adams: If you do, I can guarantee your safety.

Alissa: Do you understand your position here?

Alissa: I'm sure that boy is currently telling us the location of your trump card, Pandora's Box.
Alissa: Once he does, we don't need you anymore.
Adams: P-Prime Minister Kujou's grandson!?

Alissa: Although we still need your body.


Alissa: We've done our research. To activate Pandora's Box we need the president's voice, fingerprint, and iris.
Alissa: In other words, we just need your eye.

Alissa: Those speeches you're so proud of gave us your voice.
Alissa: As long as we have a sample of your voice, our hacker can make you say whatever we want.
Alissa: And of course that hacker already has the password needed to unlock it.


Alissa: You have no ground left to stand on.
Alissa: Mr. President! I'm saying that I'm going to kill you before the virus's symptoms destroy your fingerprint and your eyeball! Bloody-X's progress stops when you die!
SFX: Push push
Adams: E-ee! Wait, you're wrong!!

Alissa: About what!?

Adams: About Prime Minister Kujou's grandson!
Adams: He doesn't have Pandora's Box! That information was a bluff!

SFX: Twitch
Alissa: What?


Adams: It's true. You fell into the Third-i hacker's trap.
Adams: Ha ha ha. Do you understand?
Adams: I'm the only one that knows where Pandora's Box is. If I die...

Alissa: ...I see.

Adams: S-so let's make a deal...

SFX: Smash

SFX: Collapse
Alissa: ...Fucker.


SFX: Snap

SFX: Insert

SFX: Spit

Alissa: This is Alissa.
Alissa: Can you hear me, Nikolai?
Nik: This is Nikolai.
Alissa: There was some trouble and I had to escape from the party hall.

Nik: Trouble?
Alissa: It seems we fell into Third-i's trap.
Alissa: The president told me that...
Alissa: the boy doesn't know anything about Pandora's Box.

Nik: Oh?


Nik: Then I suppose I don't need him anymore.
Nik: Really now...

Nik: I have made quite a fool of myself.


Fujimaru: Not good!
Fujimaru: They found out that Otoya doesn't know anything about Pandora's Box!
SFX: Clatter
Inaba: Eh?

Kirishima: What do you mean, Fujimaru-kun? How...?

Fujimaru: I think the president told them! Damn it!
SFX: Dash
Fujimaru: Come with me, Hibiki!! We're going to save Otoya!
Hibiki: Okay!

Inaba: Wait, Falcon! If you leave you could spread Bloody-X around!
SFX: Slam


Fujimaru: What can we do? Please, Otoya, don't die!

SFX: Bang

SFX: Bang bang


Fujimaru: Gunshots?
Fujimaru: O-Otoya, please respond! Otoya, if you can hear me click your teeth twice!

Fujimaru: Otoya...

Fujimaru: Otoyaaaaaaa!!!

Hibiki: ...Fujimaru...


Peter: ...Ha.
Peter: And you call that a dream team?

Peter: All but one member of Nikolai's dream team was killed.
Peter: They used a hidden Third-i line to form a plan.
Hansel: ...What about Pandora's Box?

Peter: We don't have it yet.
Peter: But President Adams knows where it is and the last member of the team has captured him.


Peter: Well, this really isn't a problem. In fact, it means we won't have to waste as much money.
Peter: Most of the fee was to be paid afterwards.

Hansel: Well, yes, but...
Peter: Our objective is Pandora's Box.

Peter: Whatever problems pop up, we can find a way around them and still achieve our goal.
Peter: It's that right, Hansel?

Hansel: ...Yes, Peter Pan.
Hansel: You're right.

Peter: But the dream team was caught in Third-i's trap...
Peter: and yet we weren't informed. That means...


Hansel: Yes.
Hansel: That isn't good.

SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Vvvvvvv

Gretel: Yes?
Hansel: Gretel, we have a problem.
Hansel: It's highly likely that Third-i knows you're a spy.
Hansel: Come up with an escape plan immediately!

Gretel: Roger that.


Shioda: I'll get moving right away.
Text: The identity of the spy who led Fujimaru's father to his death is Shioda!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 14.

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