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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gamble Fish 62

Green Beret

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 6, 2011 19:41 | Go to Gamble Fish

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For OMFGG only

Chapter 62


Hunter: Hunter 2 to Hunter 1!!
SFX: Bah bah bah bah
Hunter: The hunters have finished their descent and are spreading around the area.
Hunter: They will incapacitate the rabbits once they find them!!
Title: Fight 62 Green Beret

Emily: This is Hunter 1!! Capturing Tom Shirasagi takes top priority!!
Emily: Don't hold back!! Show them the true ability of the most elite troops in the world, the Green Berets!


SFX: Run run run
Title: Fight 62 Green Beret

Gokijima: H-here they come!!
SFX: Step step step
Natsumi: What!!?
Natsumi: How is using a helicopter fair!?

Tomu: Don't stick together!! Split up!!
Tomu: Find a place to hide!!

Abidani: Hyah ha ha ha ha!! Well done, Emily-chan!
Abidani: Bringing in real special forces against middle schoolers!!


Abidani: The US Army's Special Operations Force or SOF AKA the Green Berets!
Abidani: This is the sole team that resides in Japan to secretly take part in anti-terrorists operations. They're pros among pros!!
Abidani: They're the perfect hunting dogs to find those rabbits. Heh heh heh...

Abidani: With the power of the Dawn family that leads the world's military industry...
Abidani: controlling the Secretary of Defense and the American troops in Japan is a piece of cake.

Abidani: Of course, Shirasagi has surely thought of various situations and made preparations for them...
SFX: Splash splash
Abidani: but will his tricks work on elite special forces? Heh heh heh...


Gokijima: You've gotta be kiddin' me... No one said anythin' about professional soldiers...
Natsumi: Don't follow me!! A fatass like you just makes me stand out more!!

Hunter: Freeze!!
SFX: Appear
Natsumi: Kyah!!!

Hunter: Hunter 1, Hunter 1!!

Hunter: Natsumi, Gokijima,
Hunter: and Mika Tsukiyono have been restrained.


Hunter: Yoizame and Hiruko have also been incapacitated!!
Hunter: I am currently searching for their flag IDs.

Tomu: No...There's fresh snow everywhere...
SFX: Run run
Tomu: They'll find me by my footprints wherever I hide...

Tomu: Uuh!!
SFX: Appear!!

Hunter: Freeze!!
SFX: Appear
SFX: Chk


SFX: Grip
SFX: Grip
Tomu: Uuh...

Emily: 0950...So it only took 20 minutes.
Emily: This was easier than taking out real rabbits.
SFX: Step out

Emily: Even if you were up against special forces, I thought you would let me enjoy this more.
Emily: But it seems I overestimated your ability.

Tomu: W-wait! You've got it all wrong!!
Emily: Please listen to me!!!


Emily: This is the end!!!
SFX: Crack!!


SFX: Collapse

Emily: Wha-!!?

Emily: Th-this man...
Emily: isn't Tom Shirasagi!!!


Emily: Don't tell me the other rabbits...
Emily: were dummies too!

Hunter: I checked for the ID numbers...
Hunter: but none of them had flags.

Emily: Get up!! Explain what's going on!!
SFX: Grab!!
Fake Tomu: Ee...!


Fake Tomu: P-please forgive me... We were hired by Shirasagi for 300 thousand yen.
Fake Tomu: We were told to act as decoys in a survival game against Americans.

Emily: Where did you switch out!? There were only footprints for 7 people!
Fake Tomu: R-right after the starting point.

Fake Tomu: There was a snow drift at the slope right after the guardrail, right?
Fake Tomu: On Shirasagi's orders, we dug snow caves there and spent the night there.


Fake Tomu: The two teams were dressed the same and we switched out right after it all started.
Fake Tomu: We wore bright primary colored outfits so the dummies would stand out more and make you let your guard down.
Fake Tomu: You wouldn't be able to tell we weren't them from a distance.

Fake Tomu: After 30 minutes, the hunters would disappear into the forest after us.
Fake Tomu: Then the real team would go off somewhere else once everyone was gone.

Emily: Where did they go!?
SFX: Chk
Fake Tomu: Ee!!!
Fake Tomu: I-I don't know!! He didn't tell us that much!


Emily: Hunter 2!! Find a landing point.
Emily: Bring all of the dummies on board!! Take anyone injured to the hospital!!
SFX: Bah bah bah bah
Hunter: Roger!!

Hunter: What do we do now? Continue on to the goal?
Emily: No, we need to reorganize.
Emily: Let's head back to the Academy HQ!!

Emily: Heh heh. I'm relieved, Tom Shirasagi.
Emily: It looks like you're enough of an opponent to get my heart burning after all!


Emily: So these are the snow caves. They're pretty well made.
Hunter: The footprints are heading in a different direction than the dummies'!!

Emily: They abandoned the primary colored clothing and the bags. I guess they didn't need them anymore.
Emily: Let's assume they've changed into camouflage appropriate for snowy mountains.

Emily: They must have realized that we have a helicopter.
Emily: If they hide when they hear it, they'll be hard to spot from the air.

Hunter: There are 7 sets of footprints.
Hunter: Can't we find them by following them?


Emily: No, the footprints could be another trap. Those 7 aren't necessarily the only dummies.
Emily: I don't doubt the tracking ability of the Green Berets, but figuring out what Shirasagi is after comes first!!

Hunter: I have the satellite images.
Emily: From what time?
Hunter: 0850. Ten minutes before the rabbits started.

Emily: Don't you have any from after the start? When will the next satellite pass by!?
Hunter: 2 hours from now.

Emily: That's not soon enough.
Emily: Hunter 2!! Report your condition.


SFX: Bah bah bah
Hunter: This is Hunter 2!!
Hunter: I am currently searching for the enemy along the shortest path from the academy to Pomegranate Rock!!

Hunter: I don't see anyone in the area!! There are no footprints and no signs on the infrared images!!
Hunter: I would say that the rabbits have not come through this way!!

Emily: Hunter 2, return to the Academy HQ!! Regroup with the main force.
Hunter: Roger!!

Emily: Show me that satellite image again!!
Emily: Assuming these footprints are real, where are they headed?


Hunter: ESE.
Hunter: The opposite direction of the goal point.
Emily: What's there?
Hunter: Nothing. It just heads towards a river and a cliff further on.

Emily: Wait!! Zoom in here!!

Emily: There!! Zoom in more!!

SFX: Appear!!

Emily: ...A boat!?


Tomu: Okay, we need to hurry!!

Tomu: Stay in the back so as not to get your bags wet!!
Tomu: Watch your footing!

Yuka: We did it!!
Natsumi: They must be catching the fakes and then getting disappointed right about now.


Tomu: The dummy plan was suggested by our resident magician, Tsukiyono.
Tomu: Pomegranate Rock was one of the points I predicted could be the goal!! This game is ours now that we have the boat.

Tomu: If we go upstream here, we can get to the base of Mt. Chouzu.
Tomu: The boat will take half an hour and climbing the slope will take an hour.
Tomu: They're wandering around near the academy now, so we have a chance!!

Gokijima: But a helicopter's faster 'an a boat!!
Gokijima: If they chase us along the riverside, we're in trouble.
SFX: Slide out...

Mika: And this water is 2 degrees Celsius.
Mika: If we capsize, we're all dead!!

Yoizame: Heh. What if there's a waterfall?


Tomu: We'll cross those bridges when we come to them!!
SFX: Drrr!!
Tomu: Also, I have a trump card that I haven't told you all about yet.

Tomu: Let's go!!
SFX: Rooooooar
Tomu: We're sailing off towards victory!!!

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