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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 61

A Bird in a Cage

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 14, 2011 19:27 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 61


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Hansel: Gretel, we have a problem.
Hansel: It's highly likely that Third-i knows you're a spy. Come up with an escape plan immediately!

Shioda: Roger that. I'll get moving right away.
Text: The spy is here!!
Title: File 61 A Bird in a Cage

Inaba: ...Dammit. If those kids are infected, they'll be spreading the virus around!
SFX: Tch tch tch

Shioda: It's fine, Inaba.
Inaba: Hah!?


Shioda: If they were going to show symptoms, they probably would have done so by now.
Inaba: Don't be so careless!
Inaba: And Falcon is gone now, so you need to take over the analysis work! Ahh, this pisses me off!

Shioda: About that. Most of the terrorists have been killed and the president was taken away, so I don't think we really need to stay here.
Shioda: We should meet up with the American military and Third-i HQ in order to concentrate on searching the forest.

Inaba: That's true.
Inaba: That's a pretty calm decision for you.
Shioda: Ha ha. How mean.

SFX: Open
Shioda: Well, I'm going to head over to the American control room to talk with them.

SFX: Close

Text: Volume 6 is on sale now!!


SFX: Open eyes
Shioda: This is Gretel.

Shioda: I'll be there soon.
SFX: Step

Nik: I had a feeling you weren't just a rich kid...


Nik: But...
SFX: Grip
Nik: I never would have thought you had a direct connection with Third-i's hacker.

Nik: Our spy told us that...
Nik: as soon as I announced I was going to kill you, the hacker panicked and ran off.

Otoya: There's a spy near Fujimaru!?

Nik: It seems the skilled hacker who is interfering with our plan has a special relationship with you.

Nik: Now...
Nik: Stand up, boy.


Nik: I am going to use you as a hostage to ensure my escape.

Otoya: If you're trying to beg for your life, it's no use.
Otoya: Both he and I do not want to become someone that gets in the other's way.
SFX: Glare...
Otoya: Trying to use me is useless.

Nik: You're so young and you already have the same spirit as your grandfather.
Nik: However...

SFX: Bang bang


SFX: Bang

Otoya: ...Kh.


SFX: Collapse

Nik: Once you know what it feels like to lose a friend...
Nik: your feelings will change.


Fujimaru: Gunshots? O-Otoya...please respond!
Fujimaru: Otoya, if you can hear me, tap your teeth twice!
Fujimaru: Otoya...Otoya!

Hibiki: Fujimaru...

Nik: Hello, hacker-kun.
Fujimaru: Wh-who're you!?

Nik: I am Nikolai Glazunov. How does it feel to lose a friend?
Fujimaru: Y-you bastard!!


Nik: Just calm down.
Nik: We're in an unused room on the east end of the 2nd floor of the hotel annex.
Nik: I'm sure you can use the security cameras to get footage of me and your friend.

Fujimaru: O-Otoya...

Nik: He's still alive.
Nik: Kanou's gun had a handy type of bullet in it.
Nik: He won't be waking up for a little bit, though.


Nik: Now then...
Nik: I have a request for you.

Fujimaru: A request!?
Fujimaru: Fuck that! I'm not doing anything a terrorist tells me to!
Nik: Don't be mistaken.

Nik: I am no more than a mercenary hired by the terrorists you're fighting against.
Nik: I don't care about Pandora's Box anymore.
Nik: Now that I have lost most of my men, I just want to abandon the plan and escape.

Hibiki: He's lying.
Hibiki: Don't trust him.

Nik: How about it?
Nik: You can continue tracking the president and Pandora's Box for all I care.


Nik: Just let me escape.
Nik: If you help me escape using your astounding hacking skills, I will promise you that your friend will survive.

Nik: If you refuse...
SFX: Chk...
Nik: he really will die.

Fujimaru: S-stop!!

Hibiki: Fujimaru, don't listen to him. He's a pro.
Hibiki: If you let him control you, Kujou Otoya will be killed, too.

Fujimaru: B-but if I don't, Otoya will-
Nik: Make your decision quickly.


Nik: If you don't say yes before I count to 5, I'll pull the trigger.
Nik: ...1...2...3...4...

SFX: Grip

Fujimaru: Fine! My answer is yes!
Fujimaru: But can you really ensure Otoya's safety!?


Nik: Of course.
SFX: Rummage

Nik: This is a small bomb used for booby traps that detects human movement.
Nik: It can be detonated via remote control as well.
Fujimaru: What are you going to do with that?

Nik: I'm going to leave it next to your friend.
SFX: Place

Fujimaru: Wha-?
Nik: The second someone opens the door attempting to save him, it will detonate. The same goes for if he wakes up and moves.

Nik: And if I am captured or shot, it will be detonated via this remote control.
Fujimaru: H-how is that supposed to ensure his safety!?


Nik: Oh, it does.
Nik: This is a "humane weapon" that prevents injuries to non-combatants.
Nik: When the possessor of the remote control makes it more than 5 kilometers away, the detonator automatically deactivates.
Nik: It's model number is HAB-D-W20078-X. I'm sure you can find all the information on it you need.

Fujimaru: It's from the Hailington & Bergh Company.
Nik: Heh heh heh. You are most wonderful.
Nik: It makes me want to hire you.

Nik: Do you understand? If I manage to get away before your friend wakes up, it won't detonate.
Nik: That's the deal.

Fujimaru: What do you want?
Fujimaru: Tell me what you want me to do!

Hibiki: Fujimaru...


Nik: Good boy.
Nik: First...
Nik: you will betray Third-i.

Fujimaru: Wh-what...?

Nik: You can do it, right, hacker-kun?


Fujimaru: ...This is Falcon.

Fujimaru: I'm transmitting this to both Third-i HQ and the Third-i members spread about around the hotel.
Inaba: Falcon?

Kirishima: ...Fujimaru-kun?
Fujimaru: I have detected a hidden enemy transmission line. I have gotten the coordinates of President Adams and the two terrorists who are on the run.
Fujimaru: One is escaping through an underground passageway on the north side of the hotel and heading north-north-east.

Fujimaru: I'll send you the precise location data right away.


Kanou: Fujimaru...?

Nik: Excellent, hacker-kun.


SFX: Smirk

Nik: I am now going to close the door, activate the detonator, and then leave.

SFX: Squeeze
SFX: Beep

Hansel: Nice work, Nik.
SFX: Step
Nik: Ah, Hansel.


Nik: As I'm sure you heard, I have succeeded in controlling the Third-i hacker.
Nik: I am going to meet up with Alissa and the president.
Nik: Hurry up and determine the location of Pandora's Box.

Hansel: Roger that.
Text: A trapped falcon!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 15

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