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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 62

A Shadow Moving in Secret

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 20, 2011 19:23 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 62


Fujimaru: I repeat: All Third-i members should head to the coordinates I am sending to your handheld devices.
Fujimaru: The terrorists and President Adams should be there.
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Upper text: Volume 6 is on sale now!!
Left text: Falcon's wings have been plucked off in exchange for his friend's life!!
Title: File 62 A Shadow Moving in Secret

Minami: Kanou-san?


Kanou: This is, Kanou and Minami.
Kanou: We're headed there now.
Kanou: Everyone is to obey Falcon's instructions!

Nik: I have succeeded in controlling the Third-i hacker.
Nik: I am going to meet up with Alissa and the president.
Nik: Hurry up and determine the location of Pandora's Box.
Hansel: Roger that.
SFX: Step

Hansel: Have you still not found it, Peter Pan?
Peter: No, it's odd.
Hansel: What is?


Peter: Pandora's Box is a device to send the order to fire a missile by contacting a military satellite.
Peter: It must be at least a certain size in order to send out a signal powerful enough to reach the satellite.
Peter: But when I use the cameras around the facility to search for it, I can't find anything like that during the time the president was here.

Hansel: Maybe they left it somewhere far away.
Peter: No, it would be no use in an emergency then.

Peter: He must have been carrying it on him and then hid it in the party hall once he sensed the danger of the terrorist attack.

Hansel: Well, find it quickly.
Hansel: If it's still in there, Gretel can still collect it.


Peter: ...Wait.
SFX: Realization

Peter: I see...Dammit.
Hansel: Ah?

Peter: Look. I was checking all of the people the president came into contact with.
SFX: Type type
Peter: Looking at them in order, the last person he was in direct contact with...

Peter: was Prime Minister Kujou.


Peter: He took Pandora's Box.
Peter: Look.

Peter: The president passed something about the size of a large notepad to him.

Hansel: Is that Pandora's Box?
Peter: Yes.

Peter: That stand he made about sacrificing himself for President Adams was an act to draw attention away from the possibility that he might be holding the key!


Hansel: Gretel! Can you approach Prime Minister Kujou?
Hansel: The information that you might be a spy probably hasn't reached him yet.
Shioda: This is Gretel. I'll try.

Hansel: Approach him and tell him you'll take Pandora's Box for him.
SFX: Step
Shioda: Understood.

Peter: Kujou's smart. Even if he still sees Gretel as just a Third-i member, I don't think he'll hand it over.

Hansel: Of course.
Hansel: I'm going, too.
SFX: Energetic action
Hansel: They don't know what I look like yet, so Gretel and I can work together to gain Kujou's trust!


Peter: Hansel!

Peter: What is it, Peter Pan?

Peter: Let's...
Peter: become the kings of the world together.

Hansel: ...Sure thing.

SFX: Close


SFX: Drag drag
Alissa: Pant pant pant...

Alissa: Th-this is Alissa. I'm at my limit, Nikolai.
Alissa: I need to hide and stop the bleeding.
SFX: Pant pant
Nik: Understood. Give me your coordinates.

Alissa: There.
Nik: Got 'em. I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Alissa: What about Third-i and the Americans? If they're using dogs...
SFX: Drag drag
Nik: No need to worry. I used the Third-i hacker to give them false information.
Nik: The enemy is headed in the opposite direction.


Alissa: G-good...What about the other 4?
SFX: Pant
Nik: They're dead.

Nik: They were heroes with a long history, but it appears this battlefield was a little different.

Alissa: Yes, but in the forest, the battlefield is the same.
Alissa: Once I get the ten million dollars, I think I'll go live in Andalusia. It's the perfect time to quit my job as a mercenary and agent.
Nik: Yes. I suppose I'll give you the other four's share as a retirement present.

Nik: In exchange, make sure you hand over President Adams.
Alissa: ...Aye, sir.

SFX: Rustle rustle


Nik: Ah, it's over there.
Nik: And this is just about 3 kilometers.

Nik: Sorry, boy.

Nik: I see no reason to save you.
Nik: And in that case, I'll kill you just to be sure.

SFX: Reach...


Kanou: So you're just the pawn of filthy terrorists now, Nik?

SFX: Chk...


Kanou: ...Ikuma, how are you still alive?
Kanou: I just have a certain kind of luck.

Nik: How were you able to track me? You should have been headed in the opposite direction.

Kanou: That was a bluff.
Kanou: Falcon informed us of your true location over a hidden line.

Kanou: The grandson of our Prime Minister had a transmitter Falcon had given him and he stuck it on you when he saw an opening.

SFX: Flick

SFX: Stick


Nik: A transmitter?
SFX: Crush

Nik: You mean...
Nik: something this small is a transmitter...?

Kanou: That kind of technology has come a long way...
Kanou: while you've been away from all that.

SFX: Smile
Nik: So you're saying the hacker betrayed me? Then his friend's life is over.


Kanou: I don't think so.

Nik: What?

Kanou: The Prime Minister's grandson has already been saved.


Kanou: You used GPS to travel through the dark forest, right?
Kanou: Falcon hacked into the satellite sending out that location information and altered the locations a bit.

Kanou: You already passed the 3 kilometer detonation limit of that remote 200 meters ago.

Nik: So my mistake was to rely on this thing.
Nik: I used to be able to tell the distance without mistaking even 10 meters.

Kanou: It's over, Nik.


SFX: Smirk

Nik: Sorry, but it looks like the time has come.
SFX: Toss

Kanou: Okay, don't let your guard down and restrain him.
Sakaki: Yes, sir.

SFX: Dash


Nik: Alissa! Point your gun at the president! Use him as a hostage to-
SFX: Energetic action

Kanou: Nik! You just don't know when to give up!
SFX: Grab


Nik: Heh heh heh...Looks like we were too late, Ikuma.
Kanou: ...What?

SFX: Dramatic



Text: Who!? When!? Someone has stolen the keys to a nuclear strike!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 16

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