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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 63

A Dangerous Gamble

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 21, 2011 17:55 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 63


Text: What happened!?
Left: Volume 7 will be released on Thursday March 17th!!
Title: File 63 A Dangerous Gamble

Kanou: Restrain that man!
Sakaki: Yes, sir.
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Minami: That woman is the terrorist who was in the party hall.
Minami: I'm sure of it.

Nik: Technically, she's a mercenary hired by the terrorist group.
Nik: She wasn't a woman who would be easily killed even if she was injured.

Nik: She was a skilled veteran warrior.

Nik: His eyes and hands have been taken.
Nik: To "open" Pandora's Box, you need a password and the current president's eye, fingerprint, and voice.


Kanou: And that's what's been taken.
Kanou: Minami, inform the American government of the president's death right away.
Kanou: They may be able to invalidate Pandora's Box.

Nik: No, if they could do that, it would be useless.
Nik: The only person other than the president who can stop it is Dupe.
Nik: And he's already dead.

Kanou: And did...
Kanou: one of your people do that, too!?

Nik: ...No.
Nik: Sorry...
Nik: but I'd like to know about that, too.

Kanou: ...Dammit!
SFX: Punch

Minami: ...What do we do?


Kanou: Forget contacting them.
Kanou: Let's cover up the president's death for a bit.

Minami: Are you serious?
Kanou: I am.
Kanou: If we haven't secured Pandora's Box first, America might very well attack us over the president's assassination.

Minami: What do you mean?

Kanou: I'm saying the American military stationed in Japan could very well send some strategic bombers to Karuizawa.


Minami: A-a nuclear strike!?

Kanou: That's the only way to ensure the destruction of Pandora's Box as long as we don't know who has it.

Kanou: They'll fight fire with fire. If the entire world is under nuclear threat, it would be better to end it with only a few hundred thousand dead.
Kanou: America has started wars for smaller reasons and this country has been nuked twice already.

Nik: How wise of you.
Text: Heh heh.


Kanou: ...Dammit. Disguise President Adams's body and take it out of here.
Kanou: For now, we'll hide him in with the injured in a Third-i emergency medical vehicle.
Sakaki: Yes, sir.
Kanou: Make sure no one else finds out about this.
Kanou: Don't even let anyone else in Third-i know about it other than people I deem need to know!
Sakaki: Yes, sir.

Kanou: We WILL make sure a third atomic bomb isn't dropped on this country!!

All: ...Yes, sir!


Fujimaru: ...Seriously, Kanou-san?
Kanou: Yes, we need to find Pandora's Box as quickly as possible.

Fujimaru: U-understood. I'll do everything I can!
SFX: Click
Otoya: Do you have any ideas?

Fujimaru: I do actually.
SFX: Smile


SFX: Prick

Kujou: Will there be enough antiviral?
SFX: Step up
Man: Yes, Prime Minister Kujou.
Man: The JSDF took a large amount from Third-i storage and flew it over and dropped it down by parachute.
Kujou: I see.

Kujou: Including me, the members of the cabinet during the virus terrorist incident 2 years ago already received the vaccine.
Kujou: If that's why Minami-kun and Kanou-kun of Third-i are fine, then it should stop my symptoms too.
Man: We believe that to be the case, yes.


Kujou: Then I want to return to my duties. The top priority is rescuing the president.
Kujou: To do that we...
Shioda: Prime Minister Kujou!

Kujou: Who are you?

Shioda: I am Shioda of Third-i.
SFX: Pull out
Shioda: He is Second Lieutenant Jones from the US Marine Corps's Brave Team.


Hansel: I am Second Lieutenant Alex Jones of the Marine Corps.

Shioda: It is an honor to meet you.
SFX: Hold out

Kujou: ...Sorry, but it is possible I was infected by the virus.
Kujou: As I'm sure you know.

Shioda: Oh, yes. Excuse me.

Hansel: Gretel, you idiot.

Shioda: Not good. I let the sense of security due to being vaccinated get the better of me...


Shioda: We have something to discuss with you.
Shioda: Would be okay if we moved elsewhere? It's a rather sensitive topic.
Kujou: Everyone in this room is an important member of the government.
Kujou: We can talk here. I don't mind.

Shioda: ...Damn.
Shioda: Well, then...
SFX: Cough

Shioda: We would like for you to hand the object you received from the president in the party hall over to Second Lieutenant Jones.

SFX: Smile

Kujou: ...What are you talking about?


Hansel: Prime Minister.
Hansel: Third-i may not have been informed yet, but we have already rescued President Adams.
Hansel: I am here on orders from the president.

Kujou: Then have him come here himself.
Kujou: Is that all you wanted to talk about?

Shioda: P-prime minister.
Shioda: The president is injured, so...
Kujou: Then I will head there with my SPs.

Kujou: Even if the president did leave something with me, it would be a secret between the two of us and I wouldn't be able to hand it over to Third-i or the American military.

Shioda: U-understood.
Shioda: Then gather your SPs and...


Hansel: Tch.

SFX: Gunfire

Person: Kyaaaaah! What!!?
SFX: Shock

Shioda: Hey, what're you-!?


Hansel: We don't have time, Gretel.

Shioda: T-true enough.

Shioda: Prime Minister, hand over Pandora's Box.
SFX: Chk.

Kujou: ...I can't do that.

SFX: Pat pat pat
Shioda: It isn't here?


Hansel: It should be.
Shioda: What do we do? Third-i will be here soon after hearing that gunfire.
Hansel: Let's take him to the hideout.

Shioda: Okay.
Shioda: Come.
Shioda: If you don't, I'll kill you and carry your body there.

SFX: Click...

SFX: Close...


SFX: Ksshh
Kanou: Is everyone okay?

SFX: Stand up
SFX: Slow movement...

SFX: Rustle
SFX: Drop

Makimura: This is Makimura, Kanou-san.
Makimura: It just doesn't feel like I'm alive.
Makimura: Even with carbon armor covering even our heads, it just doesn't feel right to turn your back on armed terrorists.
Kanou: It was an emergency. We had no choice.


Kanou: Listen up, everyone. The operation to exterminate the terrorists is beginning now.
Kanou: Prime Minister Kujou chose to be the bait for this himself.
Kanou: We can't fail.
Kanou: Do you understand?

Makimura: Yes.

Makimura: Who's tailing the terrorists?
Makimura: Is it Third-i or the JSDF?

Kanou: Neither.
Makimura: Eh?

Kanou: But don't worry.

Kanou: No one is more suitable for this than "her".
Kanou: Not even among us.


Text: Hibiki begins a deadly chase!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 17.

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