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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Needless 89

Eve Story 16

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 22, 2011 17:32 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 89


Text: There's something odd about Blade's body after the surgery...!?
Title: #89 Eve Story 16
Credit: Imai Kami


Gido: I have the results of the examination.
Gido: Your Zero power is normal.

Blade: So I really haven't lost Zero.

Gido: ...You sound like you knew.

Blade: That bandage man let me use his power.
Blade: It was just a part of it...
Blade: but I was able to learn it.

Gido: I see...


Gido: This is most likely a side effect of removing a portion of your brain.
Gido: I suppose we could call it "Power Amnesia".
Gido: Your Zero power has weakened.

Blade: ...Is it fixable?

Gido: I don't know. There are examples of the remaining portions of a brain substituting for lost brain functionality.
Gido: But it's possible that you will forget powers you learn from now on as well.

Blade: I see...

Gido: I'm sorry...
Gido: that it turned out like this.

Blade: No, this just means I have to learn everything from the beginning.
Blade: It's enough that Eve is alive.


Cruz: I see...

Cruz: Father lost his Stigmata...
Cruz: because he gave Eve-san Doppelganger.

Cruz: Is this what you wanted to know?
Saten: I wanted to confirm it.
Saten: I knew it from the beginning.

Saten: I needed to confirm whether Blade was truly a failed experiment or not.
Cruz: So you could use him for Arclight's body?
Saten: That's a company secret.


Cruz: I see. Father was hiding this in the future...
Cruz: because he thought Eve-san might be targeted...
Cruz: if they knew she held a part of him!

Cruz: And he can't learn Doppelganger...
Cruz: because he no longer has the part of his brain that controls it!!

Cruz: What's going to happen to us now?
Cruz: Can we return to our world?

Saten: Who knows...

Saten: More importantly, what's with those clothes?
Saten: D-don't say that!! These were the only clothes they could give me!!


SFX: Beep beep beep

Gido: I can't believe it's adapted this far.
Gido: It's almost like it was inevitable it would turn out like this...

Blade: Well?
Blade: Is she okay?
Gido: Yes, everything's normal.


Eve: Thanks, Blade.
Eve: It's all thanks to you.
Blade: No, it's because of your own efforts.

Blade: You reconstructed yourself while in an unconscious state.
Blade: You have a knack for it.

Eve: Um...
Eve: Uh...
Eve: Are you mad?
Blade: About what?

Eve: Well...
Eve: of all your abilities, Doppelganger was actually the one I wanted the most.

Blade: Yeah.
Blade: I know.

Eve: I always dreamed of...
Eve: using Doppelganger to go around this Black Spot.
Eve: And when I woke up and realized it was a dream, I would be so sad.


Eve: I even imagined what it would feel like to use the power and practiced.
Eve: I'm sure that's why I was able to use it that first time.

Blade: You would say everyday...
Blade: how jealous you were.

Eve: Yeah.
Eve: I feel like I've become my true self now.

Eve: It's weird...
Eve: It feels like I've always known this power.
Blade: Then maybe it was originally yours.

Eve: No, it's your power, Blade.
Eve: It's your precious thing.
Eve: And I've been able to become the person I wanted to be with it.


Eve: So always stay with me...
Eve: and I'll protect you.

Blade: Hah!
Blade: You protect me?

Eve: But you can't heal yourself when you get injured anymore, right?
Eve: You'll be in trouble without me.
Blade: Don't worry about it.

Eve: No.
Eve: I'm a part of you, Blade.
Eve: I'm so happy that I've become another version of you.

Blade: Eve...

Blade: You seem different today.
Eve: Yeah! This is the birth of the Transformation Girl Eve-chan!


Cruz: Father and Eve-san would always fight in the future...
Cruz: but they used to act like this...
Saten: Are you still watching them?

Cruz: I guess the two of them really do-

Eve: Take this! Commemorative Transformation Girl Eve-chan Attaaaaaaaaack!!!
Cruz: Ehhhhhhhh!!?
Saten: Watch out.

Eve: Dah hah hah!!
Eve: I always wanted to do that!!
Saten: This is bad. Her jokes are now deadly!
Cruz: Oh, so you make jokes too, Saten-san.
Saten: This is no joke.


Eve: Hey! What are you doing eavesdropping there!
Eve: You small f-
Blade: C'mon, put on some clothes.

Eve: -ries...

Blade: Eve!!

Gido: What is it!?
Gido: Don't tell me her brain has...!
Blade: I don't know!!

Cruz: U-um...
Blade: What!?

Cruz: Could it be that she's just out of energy?


Cruz: Here. Drink this.

Eve: I'm better!!!?
Blade: At least put on some underwear.

Cruz: I was right. She just used too much energy making her body.
Cruz: Thank goodness...

Saten: I see. It looks like she takes up a bit more energy than Blade.
Blade: Hmph.
Blade: It isn't something you can master so easily.

Eve: Dammit...My Commemorative Transformation Girl Eve-chan Attack...
Cruz: Are you going to say all that every time you punch?

Cruz: I know! How about you call it "Eve Cannon"?
Eve: Oh, nice one! I'm using that!


Gido: How...
Gido: do you two know so much about Eve?

Cruz: Eh...!?

Gido: You knew that just Doppelganger could be transplanted into Eve.
Gido: You knew Eve would burn a lot of energy when she used it.
Gido: And you even knew my name and things about the Adam Project that I hadn't even told Blade or Eve!

Gido: Who are you!?
Gido: Answer me!!

Cruz: U-
Cruz: Umm...


Blade: Gido. That's enough.
Gido: But....

Blade: It's thanks to them that Eve was saved.
Blade: Right?

Blade: And its thanks to you that I made a new discovery.

Cruz: Eh?
Cruz: A new discovery?

Blade: You were constantly...
Blade: naked with socks.

Cruz: Ehh!?
Eve: What?
Blade: Ahh, that's just so wonderful.

Blade: I've found a new way of thinking.
Cruz: Ehhhhh!?


Cruz: I-it couldn't be...
Cruz: Father's tastes...
Saten: were discovered in you.

Blade: Naked with....socks...?

Blade: Wh-what!?
Blade: This is...!!

Blade: What is this feeling!?

Saten: It looks like Blade's memories are coming back!!
Cruz: Eh!?


Saten: Don't you understand!!?
Saten: If his memories return to normal...
Saten: we can escape this world!!!

Cruz: R-really!!?

Saten: Remember, Blade!!
Saten: Remember naked with socks!!!

Blade: Naked...
Blade: with socks!!

Cruz: That's right, father!! Naked with socks!!
Cruz: You love that!!!


Blade: Naked...
Blade: with socks...

Blade: Uuh...
Blade: Ooohhhhhhhh!!

Cruz: Naked with socks!!! Naked with socks!!!
Saten: Good!! Feelings he didn't have at this time are awakening and his memories are returning!!

Cruz: Isn't Naked with gloves...
Cruz: great!!?


Blade: Gaaaaahhhhh!

Blade: What?
Blade: My memories feel like they're going to explode!

Saten: Ah, this is taking too long!!!
Eve: Wah!
Cruz: Ehhhhh!?


Blade: Naked...
Blade: with sooooooooooooooooocks!!!!

Cruz: Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!



Cruz: W-we're back!!!

Cruz: This is the present day!!

Cruz: Father?


Blade: You old fart!!!
Cruz: Wah!

Ishiyama: Gh...

Blade: Huh?


Ishiyama: Wh-what happened!?

Saten: Ishiyama!! Did you see anything!?
Saten: What happened with the Blackout Invoke!?
Ishiyama: N-nothing...

Ishiyama: It failed!!
Ishiyama: I didn't see anything!!

SFX: Grin

Saten: So you couldn't get the information from him?
Ishiyama: No...


Saten: Then let's get out of here!! We achieved our goal!!
Ishiyama: Yes, we have no choice.

Ishiyama: Listen up.

Ishiyama: 078 is waiting for you...
Ishiyama: so that we can complete our research.


Ishiyama: Come to the City.
Ishiyama: You will learn everything there.


Cruz: Eve-san is waking up!!

Blade: Eve!!

Eve: Nn...

Cruz: She's better!
Disk: Thank goodness...

SFX: Twitch!


Eve: Eve Cannon!!
Cruz: Woah.

Blade: Yamada...
Disk: dodged it!!?

Cruz: Here, Eve-san.

Eve: Thanks.

Eve: Huh? Why am I wearing socks?
Cruz: Huh? My arm is healed.
Text: A new chapter of the story begins next time!!

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