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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

Needless 88

Eve Story 15

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 22, 2011 17:33 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 88


Top Text: Volume 12 is on sale now!!
Text: The formidable enemy that was Strom was defeated with a combined attack!!

Title: #88 Eve Story 15


Saten: So we forced our way through...
Saten: with science.

Saten: I really thought the Fourth Wave wouldn't work on Strom.
Saten: Thanks.
Cruz: Ah...You're welcome.

Blade: Okay!! Let's get out of here!!
Cruz: Yes!!

Cruz: Wah!!


Men: Stop!!!
Men: You bastards!!!

Saten: It's the remnants of Overlord!!
Cruz: Th-there's so many!!!

Blade: They're nothing!!!
Blade: Let's just kick their asses!!

Saten: But we don't have time!!!


Cruz: A string ladder!?

Kafka: Grab on!!!

Cruz: Kafka-san!!!


Blade: Spider man!!!
Kafka: Come with me!!
Cruz: Thank you very much!!

Men: Damn it.
Men: After them!!


Cruz: In the end...
Cruz: we didn't find out who the true owner of the Stigmata on Mengroze's hand was...

Cruz: I can't believe he doesn't know.
Cruz: If we only had more time, me might have been able to get him to tell us...

Cruz: Wait...

Cruz: This world is made of father's memories.
Cruz: So does that mean it was someone he knows?

Kafka: You can get out through here!
Blade: Okay!!


Saten: I owe you one, Kafka!!

Kafka: I'd like to ask one last thing.
Cruz: Eh?

Kafka: What happens to me...
Kafka: in the future?

Cruz: Along with Saten-san and Strom, you're in a large group...
Cruz: lead by a clone of the Second Christ that rules this Black Spot.


Cruz: But when father is an adult, he...

Kafka: So I lose to that kid...

Cruz:'m sorry...
Kafka: No, it's fine.
Kafka: I can tell you aren't lying.

Kafka: But this place is different from the future you're from, right?

Cruz: Eh!?


Kafka: The future will change.
Cruz: No...I will change the future.

Men: There they are!!

Cruz: Kafka-san!!

Kafka: Get going already!!

Kafka: I'll see you in the future.



Gido: Well done!
Gido: I can save Eve with this!

Cruz: Can you make it in time?
Gido: Yes, if I start the surgery right away.


Gido: Blade.
Gido: I'll ask you once more.
Gido: Do you really want to transplant a portion of your brain into Eve?

Blade: I have Zero.
Blade: Get started before I change my mind.

Gido: I'm sorry...

Gido: Somewhere in my heart I was waiting for you...
Gido: to offer up your brain.

Gido: Eve is like a daughter to me.
Gido: She is a special person who has the memories of someone I loved inside her.

Blade: I know.
Blade: Please begin.


Gido: Sir.
Gido: There are times when I suddenly feel uneasy.


Gido: I wonder if this Adam Project is actually right...
Gido: or if god and the Second Christ would really want us to...
Gido: make clones of a great man from the past in order to save him.

Obito: ...Rikudou-kun.

Obito: God gave man possibilities. That is why man was able to make the impossible possible.
Obito: The language we speak, the clothes we wear, and even the sense of morality hidden in our hearts are products of human evolution.

Obito: Denying what was created via evolution is to deny our humanity and a denial to god.
Obito: Evolution itself is neither good nor evil. What is important is to not use it wrongly.


Obito: Our research will greatly change the world.
Obito: It's only natural for you to feel lost.
Obito: In everything we are doing lies the danger of it being used for evil.

Obito: A knife can kill a man.
Obito: If you hated me, you could kill me with your own two hands.

Obito: But of course I do not think of cutting of your hands.
Obito: Just like knives are needed in everyday life...
Obito: your hands are needed to save this country.


Gido: Can my hands really save someone?

Gido: Unlike in the past, I do not have proper equipment or helpers.
Gido: If I mess up a single step, both Blade and Eve will die!

Gido: Kasumi-kun, help me with this!!!



Eve-san Observation Journal
1:50 She has made a skull
2:42 Her head is mostly complete.
Her hair has grown. Scary...
has grown out.

Saten: So you've been watching the entire time?
Cruz: Oh, Saten-san.
Cruz: Yes, because everyone else has had it so rough.


Blade: Eve!!
Cruz: Ah, father!! Old man!!

Cruz: Are you better now?
Blade: Yes! How's Eve?

Gido: It seems...
Gido: to have been a success.

Blade: I see...

Gido: Eve's life made Doppelganger its own power.


Saten: Wait!!
Saten: Look!!


Blade: Ohhh!!
Cruz: Yes!!


Blade: What?

Cruz: She turned back to liquid!!
Cruz: But she had just reformed her body!!!


Blade: Damn it!! Eve!!
Blade: What's going on!!?

Gido: It couldn't be...
Gido: It failed!!?

Cruz: No!!!
Cruz: So Eve-san's going to...!!!


Eve: No, I'm back, but I was naked.
Eve: Y'know.
Cruz: Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!!?

Eve: I'd rather not be seen like that,
Eve: so give me some clothes.
Blade: So that was it.

Eve: Hm?

Eve: Oh, I like those clothes.
Cruz: Eh?

Eve: Give me those clothes.
Cruz: Eh? These? B-but these are all I have...

Blade: Okay, Eve!!!
Cruz: Kyaaaahhh!!


Eve: Eve-chan's baaaack!!!
Cruz: Help meeee!!

Cruz: S-someone give me some clothes...
Saten: Ha ha ha
Eve: Shut up!! I like these, so they're mine now!
Eve: And who are you?
Cruz: Ehhh?


Blade: ...Gido.
Blade: You did it.

Gido: The transplant worked because you're from the Adam Series and she's Eve.
Gido: It honestly had nothing to do with my skill.

Gido: But are you okay?
Blade: ...What do you mean?

Gido: You lost a portion of your brain.
Gido: I doubt there would be no abnormality.

Blade: Yeah.
Blade: There was one.


Gido: You don't mean...
Gido: your power is...

Blade: Yes...
Blade: The mark that appeared on my stomach is gone.
Blade: and I can't use my power.
Text: Eve has recovered!! But what happened to Blade...?

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