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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Needless 87

Eve Story 14

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 22, 2011 17:34 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 87


Top: Volume 12 is on sale now! Go to a bookstore now!!
Text: He has succeeded in acquiring the Eir System! Now only the battle with Strom remains!!
Title: #87 Eve Story 14


Strom: Ha ha ha.
Strom: What's this? You're fighting amongst yourselves!?

Strom: I suppose I understand.
Strom: Picking a fight with <Overlord> is pretty crazy!!


Strom: Vajra Cruel Fist!!!

Saten: Shit!!

Saten: Gwah!


Cruz: Father!! Saten-san!!

Cruz: Eh!?

Cruz: Wahh!


Cruz: F-
Cruz: Father!!!

Blade: Outta the way.

Blade: We don't have time...

Blade: Pant...
Blade: Pant...

Cruz: H-he's fighting even after taking that much damage...


Blade: Raaahhhh!!!

Strom: Come to think of it...
Strom: you're the one that was bullying Voras-chan, aren't you?


Blade: Gaahhh!!

Cruz: It's no good!! He can't get a single attack in!!
Cruz: He's fighting this hard...
Cruz: to give part of his brain to Eve-san.


Cruz: This really was no coincidence!!
Cruz: It was no coincidence that I came to this world!!

Cruz: So that I could save father when he was younger...
Cruz: and so I could learn what strength is!!

Cruz: I can't just rely on some vague hope at this point!!
Cruz: I need the determination to do this no matter what!!!

Cruz: I came here to let father live on into the future!!


Strom: Now...
Strom: the final blow!!

Strom: Vajra Cruel Fist!!!


Cruz: Even if it costs me my life!!!
Cruz: Ahhhhhhh!!

Saten: Yamada!!


Cruz: Uhhhh!!!

Strom: Oh?
Strom: What made you decide to come die?

Cruz: Father!! This is the Eir System!!
Cruz: Give it to Eve-san!!
Cruz: Take it and flee!!!

Blade: Eve...


Blade: Ohhhhhh!

Saten: Blade!
Saten: Shoot the Fourth Wave!!!


Saten: I gave you the last part!!
Saten: You should have learned it!!

Blade: Uuh...
Blade: My arms are burning!!!

Saten: Shoot!!!



Cruz: It worked!!

Saten: How'd it do!?


Strom: Hehh...

Strom: So you...
Strom: can learn the powers of others.

Cruz: He's...
Cruz: unharmed!!?

Saten: No good...!!
Saten: And I had thought that Blade would be able to fully use it when he had Stigmata...

Strom: But that kind of attack...
Strom: just won't work on my ice.


Cruz: Saten-san!!
Cruz: You shoot your Fourth Wave, too!!
Cruz: At the same time as father does!!

Saten: It's no use!!
Saten: The Fourth Wave uses the heat in the area...
Saten: In a room with a limited amount of heat, two people shooting at once doesn't have much of a point.

Saten: And even if the power doubled, it won't break his ice!!
Saten: Surely you can tell that much!!


Cruz: No!!
Cruz: It just has to be a bit more!!
Cruz: If you hit his ice with a flame just a bit stronger than before...!!

Saten: You seem pretty sure.

Cruz: I am!! Um...lean in closer.

Saten: ..So that's it.
Saten: Can you stand, boy?
Blade: I'm more worried about if you can, you injured bastard!!!


Strom: Oh!!
Strom: I won't let you do anything.

Strom: I really don't think you pose any threat...
Strom: but the final desperate attack of the dying can be pretty powerful.

Cruz: Oh, no!!
Cruz: He's robbing the area of heat. He's trying to lower your power!!
Cruz: Saten-san, father, hurry!!!

Blade & Saten: You got it!!!


Blade & Saten: Double Fourth Wave!!!

Cruz: Hyaaahhh!

Strom: You fools!!
Strom: No matter how many times you-


Blade: Ohhhhhh!

Strom: Ridiculous...!!
Strom: What is this...!?


Strom: My ice is burning!!!

Cruz: Yes!!

Blade: We did it!!

Strom: What...
Strom: is going on!!?


Cruz: At extremely high temperatures...
Cruz: ice undergoes a chemical reaction!!

Strom: A chemical reaction!!?

Cruz: I've heard that sometimes water is completely ineffectual in putting out a great fire.
Cruz: And that sometimes it can have the exact opposite effect.

Cruz: Water is...
Cruz: made up of hydrogen and oxygen!


Saten: Both hydrogen and oxygen have a property that becomes the complete opposite after they have bonded to form water.
Saten: Namely, they are extremely flammable!!!

Blade: In other words...
Blade: if the temperature is high enough to destroy the water's molecular bonds...

Cruz: Ice can...
Cruz: explosively burst into flames!!!


Strom: Gwaaaaaahhhh!!


Strom: No!!
Strom: This can't be!!

Strom: My ice...
Strom: is supposed to be unmeltable!!
Strom: This just can't be...!

Blade: Your ice is no longer ice.
Blade: It's just an explosive.


Blade: Judgment - Execution!!!
Text: They have claimed victory in that hard battle!! Next Issue: Eve is revived!?

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