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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Needless 29

Simeon Arc XIII

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 22, 2011 17:35 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 29


Setsuna: The miracle you believed in was empty.
Title: # 29 Simeon Arc XIII

Cruz: Ah
Cruz: Aah
Setsuna: The truth was quite the opposite.

Setsuna: Now that Kurumi has been taken out...
Setsuna: the ESP virus inside Eve-chan's brain can never be removed.

Setsuna: Now do you know who the true Grim Reaper is?


Disk: There's...
Disk: still a way to break Eve-san's brainwashing!!

Cruz: Y-
Cruz: You're kidding!!

Cruz: I mean...Even if there really was another way...
Cruz: only Kurumi, the "Black Attraction" Needless, would know about it!


Cruz: But Kurumi is already dead.
Cruz: There's no one left who can use "Black Attrac-

Cruz: Ah!

Gido: You don't mean...

Disk: That's right.
Disk: We make Blade learn "Black Attraction".


Cruz: B-but how!?
Cruz: Father's "Zero" lets him learn an enemy's ability once he's seen it.
Cruz: The user is gone, so he can't see it!
Cruz: He can't learn it now!!!

Disk: Do you know what purpose...
Disk: the crystal on Blade's forehead serves?
Cruz: Eh?

Disk: I'll tell you...
Disk: a secret of the Adam Series.


Box: Monitor Room
Escuela: Saten-sama.

Escuela: An old man, 2 children, a striped magnet, a sword, and a yoroshiku have broken in and our fighting the Girls Squad in the Third Shelter.
Saten: Yeah.
Saten: I'm watching it.

Escuela: The Girls Squad has retrieved the register of names for the Resistance.
Escuela: And they have rendered the priest unconscious...
Escuela: but Kurumi was defeated.


Saten: Damn it, Girls Squad.
Saten: Why are you playing around?

Escuela: Should I send the other members of the Girls Squad that are still in the building?
Saten: No, I can't just use Riru's unit like that.

Saten: I have no choice.
Saten: Inform Arclight.

Saten: I leave things here to you, Escuela.
Escuela: Yes, sir.

Saten: Given the circumstances...
Saten: I guess I have to make an appearance.


Cruz: A secret of...
Cruz: the Adam Series!?

Disk: That's right. I'm sure you've noticed...
Disk: that there are some common factors between Arclight and Blade.

Cruz: Yes. The "steel choker"...
Cruz: and the "crystal on the forehead".

Disk: That crystal is called the "Byakugou".
Disk: It connects to the brain and you could call it an input device.

Cruz: Eh...!?


Disk: By putting that input device on an enemy's forehead...
Disk: they can learn the enemy's ability directly from the enemy's brain!!!

Cruz: I-Is that true!?

Disk: Care to confirm...
Disk: as a member of the "Adam Project",

Disk: Professor Gido!!


Cruz: Y-you were...
Cruz: part of the Adam Project that created father and Arclight!?

Disk: That doesn't matter right now.
Disk: He can do it, right?

Gido: It's true that it's possible...

Gido: There are 2 ways for the Adam Series to learn enemy abilities...
Gido: using their ultimate ability, "Zero"!

Gido: The first is to experience the technique in its entirety and comprehend how it works.
Gido: The other is to contact the enemy's forehead with the Byakugou and absorb the ability!

Cruz: They can do that...?


Cruz: B-but...
Cruz: Kurumi's already dead. Can he learn an ability from a corpse!?
Disk: If the brain has not completely died, then yes.

Disk: So our plan will be to...

Disk: make Blade learn "Black Attraction" from Kurumi's body.
On Kurumi in diagram: Kurumi
Blade's bubble in diagram: Learned it!
Next to left-side Blade in diagram: Return!
Label: Disk-chan's Operation Rescue Eve
Disk: and then he will send a new order to Eve-san using the ability he learns.

Disk: I don't know if the brainwashing will be removed with that...
Disk: but as long as she's back on our side, she can treat everyone's injuries with "Doppelganger".
Label on top picture: Injured People
Next to Eve in top picture: Oh, dear. Oh, my.
Above group in bottom picture: 3 vs. 5
Next to Blade in bottom picture: Ha ha ha ha ha
Next to Setsuna: in bottom picture: Kyaaah
Disk: Once all of our allies our healed, we'll have the advantage again!!


Cruz: Wow! What an amazing plan!!
Cruz: Hope is welling up within me!!

Disk: But that's only if things go well.
Disk: It won't be easy.

Disk: Okay, Yamada!
Disk: You bring Kurumi's body over here without arousing suspicion!
Cruz: Okay!

Disk: Gido! You give me some time by drawing their attention somehow!!
Gido: Got it!

Disk: I'll bring back Blade's consciousness even if it kills me!

Disk: Here goes!!!


Disk: Emergency Surgery!!!

Disk: Please Blade!!
Disk: Wake up!!

Disk: It just has to be for 5 seconds!! I don't care if it takes every single part of my body.
Disk: We just need 5 seconds!!!


Setsuna: Heh heh...
Setsuna: They're still struggling?
Setsuna: Even though it's hopeless?

Mio: Hey, hey. Cruz-kun is crawling around over there.
Setsuna: Heh. Maybe he went crazy from fear. Poor thing.

Setsuna: Pay him no heed. There's nowhere for him to run to.
Setsuna: Our priority is getting that priest's body.
Kuchinashi: Rojer.


Setsuna: Out of the way.
Setsuna: We need to get that priest's body.

Gido: I won't let you!!!

Gido: As long as my eyes are still white!!!
Setsuna: They're white?
Kuchinashi: He's about to die.

Disk: Way to stall for time!!


Cruz: Pant
Cruz: Pant

Cruz: Pant
Cruz: Pant
Cruz: Pant

Cruz: Pant
Cruz: Pant
Cruz: Just a bit further...!!

Cruz: A bit further...
Cruz: Pant
Cruz: Pant
Cruz: A bit further...!!


Saten: Hey, boy.

Saten: Practicing your crawling?

Cruz: Ah.

Cruz: Aah.


Cruz: Y-
Cruz: You're...


Disk: H-
Disk: He's...

Disk: One of the Simeon Shitenou...

Disk: Saten!!!

Cruz: Ah.
Cruz: Aah.


Saten: Since you have not only failed to get the priest's body yet, but Kurumi was killed too...
Saten: I was worried, so I came to help.

Setsuna: W-we're so very sorry!!

Disk: How could this happen?
Gido: This is very bad!
Gido: And he appeared in front of Cruz-kun of all people!!

Gido: Now we can't approach Kurumi!!
Gido: It's over!!!


Saten: The priest is going to die before too long.
Saten: Can you defeat everyone here before then?

Setsuna: Of course! Our victory is already just a step away.
Setsuna: So please just wait a moment!!

Saten: I'll give you 5 minutes.

Saten: Hurry up...
Cruz: Eh?

Saten: and end this.
Cruz: Bh.


Cruz: Ghaah!

Disk: Eh!?

Cruz: ...Huh?
Cruz: This means...


Cruz: Wabh.

Disk: Wha-...?

Gido: Is this just a coincidence!!?


Gido: Oh, n-

Gido: Bhaah!


Disk: Ahh!


Cruz: Ow, ow, ow...

Setsuna: You're the only one left.

Cruz: Ah.

Setsuna: This was fun.
Setsuna: But this is goodbye.

Cruz: Uuh.


Blade: "Learned it".

Mio: Eh!?

Setsuna: Th-
Setsuna: That voice...


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