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Needless 30

Simeon Arc XIV

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 31, 2011 03:23 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 30


Title: #30 Simeon Arc XIV
SFX: Rumble

Setsuna: It couldn't be...
Setsuna: That priest is...

Disk: Blade...
Cruz: F-
Cruz: Father...!!

SFX: Breath


Blade: The main character's baaaack!!!
SFX: Pose
Cruz: Waaaaahh!!! He's hasn't shown up in so long the author forgot how to draw his faaaaaace!!!


Disk: W-
SFX: Rumble
Disk: Was this just a coincidence!!?

Disk: Just when we needed to get Kurumi's body over to Blade at all costs...
Disk: Saten kicked Kurumi over to him.

Disk: That way Blade was able to learn her ability...
Disk: as soon as he came to.

Disk: It was almost like Saten, one of Simeon's Shitenou, helped us bring Blade back!!
SFX: Rumble

Disk: Just what is he after!?


SFX: Rumble

Setsuna: This is bad.
Setsuna: Now that that priest learned Black Attraction...
Setsuna: Eve-chan will obey his orders!

Setsuna: I have to give her an order and kill him off before he can do that!!
Setsuna: Eve-chan!! Finish that priest off now!!

Eve: Yes, Setsuna-sama.
SFX: Dash


SFX: Whir

Blade: Hmph.
Blade: Black Attraction activate!!!
SFX: Shine


SFX: Whir

Blade: Eve!! This is an order!!
SFX: Forceful
Blade: Destroy the ESP virus!!!

Setsuna: What!!?


Eve: Ah
Eve: ah
Eve: ah.

SFX: Pressure

Saten: Hohh.

Gido: ...I see!!!
Gido: He gave her an order to destroy the virus that was the source of her brainwashing.

Eve: Ah!
SFX: Spark spark spark

SFX: Roar
Eve: Ah!


SFX: Transform

Cruz: Eve-san's clothes are going back to normal!!
SFX: Spark spark spark

SFX: Spark


SFX: Dust clearing

Blade: Eve...


Eve: Blade...

Blade: Heh.
Blade: You put us through a lot of trouble.


Cruz: Y-

Cruz: Yes!! This time...
SFX: Excited
Cruz: Eve-san really is back to normal!!!

Cruz: Eve-san!!
SFX: Run run run

Setsuna: I-I can't believe...
Setsuna: they would get rid of the brainwashing like that!!

Cruz: Eve-san!! You really are Eve-san, right!?
SFX: Impact


Eve: Ywashaaaaaaahhhh!!!
SFX: Wham
Cruz: Fsaaahh!!!

Eve: Ah.

Eve: Thanks everyone!!
Eve: I JUST NOW returned to normal!!
Small text in Eve's bubble: Eh heh.
Cruz: You were yourself then, weren't you!?
Cruz: That last hit was on purpose, wasn't it!?

Eve: Okay...

Eve: Where's the girl who brainwashed me!!! Come on out!!
Eve: I'll tear you to pieces with this drill!!
Cruz: Oh, she was taken out two chapters ago.
Blade: This is her corpse.
Eve: Eh!? No way!


Eve: Then you die!
SFX: Wham
Cruz: Gyaaaahh!
SFX: Rumble
Setsuna: ...Kh.

Kuchinashi: Haven't there been a lot of gags this chapter?
Setsuna: Yes, it isn't surprising.
Setsuna: The two biggest idiots are back after being gone for a while.
Above arrows: The two idiots
SFX: Freeze

Blade: Who the hell are you calling an idiot!!! I may be the ultimate lolicon, but I'm not an idiot!!!
Eve: That's right!! I may be such an idiot that I can't remember people's names after hearing them 100 times, but I'm definitely not an idiot!!!
Cruz: Um...I think being an idiot is better than both those things.
Kuchinashi: They're working well together.
Setsuna: They're working well together.
Box: Wants to join in.
SFX: Excited


Blade: Hm?

SFX: Crash!!

Cruz: F-father!!
Blade: Gh...
Eve: Blade!!!
Disk: Th-that's right!!
Disk: We don't have time to celebrate this reunion!!

Disk: Eve-san!!
Disk: Blade and the others are fatally wounded...
Disk: Please!! Use your self repair ability to heal them!!!
Eve: Okay!! I'll give it a shot!!!


SFX: Support
Blade: Gh...
Eve: Blade...

SFX: Transform
Eve: Doppelganger!!!
SFX: Dramatic action


Setsuna: Now!!!
SFX: Charge

Cruz: Ah!

Gido: Oh, no!!!

Setsuna: Eve-chan's hands are full healing...
Setsuna: and the priest can't fight anymore.
Setsuna: This is our chance to settle this!!!
Mio: Ni!!


Eve: ...My hands are full?
SFX: Grow
Eve: Oh, really?

SFX: Forceful action
Cruz: Nwaaahh!!!


SFX: Roar

Mio: Kyaaaahh!?
SFX: Grab

Cruz: Hands came from her back!!!

Setsuna: Wh-
SFX: Squeeze
SFX: Rumble
Setsuna: What...?


SFX: Rumble

Setsuna: Impossible!! You just instantaneously created objects with much more mass than your own body.
SFX: Squeeze
Setsuna: Doppelganger shouldn't be able to do that!!

Eve: Aren't...
Eve: you forgetting something?

Setsuna: Eh?

Eve: You're forgetting...
SFX: Rise to the surface
Eve: about what state I'm in.


Setsuna: Ah!

Setsuna: The undiluted Dero Dero Drink!!!
SFX: Rise to the surface

Eve: That's right.
Eve: This energy source lets me fight for an entire day without running out.
SFX: Rumble
SFX: Bubble
Eve: You're the ones who put it in me.


Eve: Surely you haven't forgotten what you said.
SFX: Rise
SFX: Breath
Eve: Right now I...

Eve: have no weakness!!!
SFX: Thoom


Setsuna: What...?
Setsuna: The priests wound is already...

SFX: Rumble

Cruz: It's healed!!

SFX: Disappear
SFX: Disappear

Mio: Kyaaah!
SFX: Transform

SFX (Kuchinashi): Thud
SFX (Setsuna): Land
SFX (Mio): Whap
Mio: Kyaah!
Setsuna: Kh.


Blade: Okay, Eve!
Blade: You heal the rest of the trash!!
SFX: Rumble
Eve: OK!
SFX: Transform
Above arrow: The Trash

SFX: Rumble
Blade: Yo.
SFX: Step
SFX: Step

Blade: Sorry about the wait.
SFX: Intense
Blade: I've returned from hell.


Setsuna: Kh. Even if your wound is healed, you're still not back to 100%.
Setsuna: You won't be able to move like you did before!!!

SFX: Rush
Setsuna: We'll send you right back to hell!!!

SFX: Hah hahhhh!

SFX: Various impacts


SFX: Roar

Mio: Mio-chan Hip Staaaaaaamp!

Blade: Heh.
Blade: Death.

Mio: Ayah?
SFX: Float


SFX: Soft landing

Setsuna: Th-that was...
Setsuna: the Graviton power!?

Blade: Heh heh heh...
Blade: You didn't realize I had learned Seto's power?
SFX: Rumble

Blade: If I reduce gravity to the limit, Mio-tan's super heavy crushing attack...
SFX: Rumble

Blade: is just nose bleed!!!
SFX: Focused
Mio: Nyaaah
SFX: Squirt
Setsuna: We get it, so hurry up and get away from her.


Setsuna: In that case...
SFX: Soar
Setsuna: Dean Drive Fox Hound!!!

SFX: Quick impacts


Setsuna: Wha-...?
Setsuna: He repelled every single one!?

Setsuna: How!?
SFX: Jump back
Setsuna: You hadn't learned my power!!

Blade: Haaahhh...
SFX: Rumble
Blade: How many times do you think I've taken your techniques!?

SFX: Dramatic
Blade: Learned it.

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