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Needless 31

Simeon Arc XV

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 3, 2011 21:44 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 31


Title: #31 Simeon Arc XV
SFX: Rumble
Blade: Learned it!!

Setsuna: Wh-
Setsuna: When did you...!!

Blade: Now then...
Blade: Time to blow you away with your own technique!!

Blade: Retribution.


Blade: Dean Drive Fox Hound!!!
SFX: Repeated impacts
Setsuna: Kyaaaaahhh!!


SFX: Repeated impacts
SFX: Slam

Saten: This is amazing.

Blade: Heh...
Blade: I can't move quite as fast as you because of my weight...
SFX: Steam...
Blade: but I win when it comes to the force behind each blow!

SFX: Crumble crumble

Mio: Are you okay, Setsuna?
SFX: Run over
Setsuna: Kh...


Teruyama: Uuh...

Setsuna: If we take too much longer with the priest...
SFX: Rumble
Setsuna: his comrades will be healed and we'll really be in trouble!!

Setsuna: This is no time to be enjoying the fight!!
SFX: Pull...

Setsuna: Kuchinashi!! Use your ultimate attack!!!

SFX: Dramatic action
Kuchinashi: Bra-jer that!!


Eve: What!?

Blade: Ultimate attack!?

SFX: Hover

Gido: Oh, no!!
Disk: She was hiding another special technique!?

SFX: Roooooar

Kuchinashi: Secret Technique.


Kuchinashi: Lilith Temptation.

SFX: Fire

Cruz: K-
Cruz: Kuchinashi spooooooke!!!

SFX: Wafting fragrance

Blade: What is this Fragrance...!?


Disk: Not good!!
SFX: Roar

Disk: No one breathe in that Fragrance!!
SFX: Wafting fragrance
Disk: Hold your breath!!

Kuchinashi: Too late.

SFX: Spark


SFX: Sparkle sparkle

Cruz: This is...

SFX: Wafting fragrance

Setsuna: Have fun...
Setsuna: in paradise.

Cruz: Waaaaaaahhhh!!


SFX: Wafting fragrance

Cruz: O-oh, no.
Cruz: I got caught in the enemy's attack!!
Cruz: What do I do!?

Arca: Don't worry...

Cruz: Eh?

SFX: Step step
Arca: I will protect you....

SFX: Wafting fragrance...

Cruz: N-


SFX: Appear
Cruz: Nee-san!!?

Cruz: Y-
Cruz: You're alive!!
Arca: Yes.
Arca: Sorry for worrying you.

Arca: It's okay now.
Arca: You've worked so hard.
SFX: Touch...

Cruz: This touch...
Cruz: It really is you!!
Cruz: But how...!?

Arca: Heh...
Arca: Do you really think I'd be taken out by a mere Testament?


SFX: Rumble
Cruz: N-
Cruz: Nee-san...

Cruz: Ah.
Cruz: Ah.
Disk: Yamada!!
Disk: What is it!?

Gido: He can't see us!!
Disk: What's going on!?

Gido: Uuh.

SFX: Flash


Kasumi: Doctor Gido...

Gido: It...
Gido: It couldn't be...

Kasumi: So...
SFX: Wind
Kasumi: I get to see you again.


Gido: Are...
Gido: Are you...
Gido: Kasumi?

Kasumi: I was saved thanks to Simeon's clone technology.
Kasumi: I've...always been waiting...
Kasumi: for the day I would see you again.

Gido: It can't be...

Gido: After all...
SFX: Wind
Gido: Back then...

Gido: you were...
SFX: Wind


Eve: Nuuuuhhhhh!!

SFX: Point!
Eve: Adam Arclight!!
SFX: Forceful action
Sign: Correct!

Eve: Uten!!
Sign: Correct
Eve: Saten!!
Sign: Correct
Eve: Riru!!
Sign: Correct!
Eve: And Yamada!!
SFX: Point

Eve: Yaaaaayyy!! I remembered the names of people whose names I had only heard once!!
SFX: Cheering
SFX: Applause
Sign: The What Is This Person's Name Show
Cruz: But you had my name wrong.


Teruyama: Uuh...
Teruyama: Uuhn...

Teruyama: Blaaaaade!!
SFX: Fierce
Teruyama: Today, I'm gonna defeat you!!

SFX: Wham

Blade: A-as expected of my rival...
Blade: I lose...
SFX: Steam
Teruyama: Gwa ha ha ha!!

Arclight: A-as expected of my arch enemy...
Arclight: I lose...
SFX: Steam
Teruyama: Gwa ha ha ha!!


Seth: ...This is...

SFX: Jingle jingle jingle
Box: Money

Seth: Ah ha ha ha ha
SFX: Jingle jingle
Seth: Yay, money!

SFX: Intense

Solva: From today on, this Black Spot...
Text: Nya ha ha ha ha ha ha
Solva: is under the control of us Predators!!


Disk: What's...
SFX: Rumble
Cruz: Nee-san...
Eve: Thank you!
Solva: Nya ha ha ha ha
Seth: Money...
Disk: going on, everyone!?

Gido: Kasumi...

Eve: Thanks everyone...

Teruyama: I'm the strongest...

Seth: Money...
SFX: Mumble

Solva: Nya ha ha ha
Solva: Pay me a 200,000,000 tribute each month...

Disk: What..?
Disk: What are you seeing!?
SFX: Wind...

Setsuna: I see.
Setsuna: It seems Fragrance isn't very effective on Halfs.
SFX: Appear


Disk: What is this Fragrance!?
SFX: Write write
Disk: What did you do to them!?

SFX: Wafting fragrance
Kuchinashi: This is the ultimate Fragrance attack, Lilith Temptation!

SFX: Rumble
Kuchinashi: When someone smells this Fragrance, their brain is paralyzed and they hallucinate what they want to see most!!

Disk: Hallucinate...!?

Setsuna: And so they forget about reality...
Setsuna: and become trapped in paradise!
SFX: Lift arm...
Eve: Thank you.
Cruz: Nee-san...


Disk: Run everyone!!
SFX: Wham

Setsuna: People who are trapped in paradise...
SFX: Crash
Setsuna: have no idea what's going on in the outside world!!

SFX: Hit
Mio: Ey!

SFX: Collapse


Setsuna: Heh heh heh.
Setsuna: Now it's just the priest left.
SFX: Approach

Setsuna: I could take him there now...
Setsuna: but I think I'll sever his head before taking him to Arclight-sama.

Disk: Blade!!

Setsuna: Dean Drive...
SFX: Shiiine


Blade: Fox Hound!!
SFX: Wham

Mio: Hanyah!?

Setsuna: ...Eh!?

Disk: Blade!!


SFX: Wham crash bam!
Setsuna: Gh.

Kuchinashi: No way...!? He can see us?
Mio: Onii-chan isn't seeing an illusion!?
SFX: Surprise

SFX: Intense

Blade: Heh heh heh...
SFX: Rumble
Blade: I'm sure you're wondering why I alone wasn't trapped in paradise.
Blade: It does seem strange.

Setsuna: I-impossible!!
Setsuna: That was the first time she had used that technique.
Setsuna: There were on opportunities at all for you to learn it!!

Blade: Do you want to know why?
SFX: Rumble
Blade: It's because...


Blade: I'm already...
SFX: Dramatic
Blade: in paradise!!

Eve label: I suppose she's a girl.
Disk label: Looks like a little girl
Every other label: Girl


Setsuna: Y-

Setsuna: You mean your current reality is already a paradise to you!?
SFX: Rumble
SFX: Fft
Kuchinashi: Th-that's why...?

SFX: Wafting away...

Cruz: Nee-san...
Cruz: Nee-sa...n...

SFX: Open

Cruz: H-
Cruz: Huh?
SFX: Scratch scratch
Eve: Nnnnn...

SFX: Get up

Eve: Yamada!!
SFX: Point
Eve: Correct!!
Cruz: Eh?
Cruz: Eh?


Blade: Now...
SFX: Steam
Blade: I need to repay you for taking care of my servants just now.

Setsuna: How...
Setsuna: How could her ultimate attack be destroyed like that...?

Blade: Judgment!!
SFX: Charge forward
Blade: Or perhaps with half your ass showing!!!
[TN: Both "Judgment" and "half one's ass showing" are pronounced "hanketsu".]


Blade: Actually, I'd prefer it if you were nuuuuuude!!!
SFX: Slam
Setsuna: Kh.
Cruz: Father's broken!!

Mio: Nyaaah!

SFX: Slice


SFX: Boom
Blade: But you'd better be wearing socks!!!
Mio: Nyaah!
Kuchinashi: Gyaah!

Setsuna: Dammit!!
SFX: Rumble
Setsuna: How can it be over after all we did!?

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