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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gamble Fish 63

Wolves of the Battlefield

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 5, 2011 19:16 | Go to Gamble Fish

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Chapter 63


Title: Fight 63 Wolves of the Battlefield
SFX: Rooooar
Natsumi: Full speed ahead!!!


Title: Fight 63 Wolves of the Battlefield



Mizuhara: Hello, Tomu!?
Mizuhara: It's me. Can you hear me!?

Tomu: I can, Mizuhara. We're heading upstream nicely.
Tomu: There's plenty of water, but the current is strong, so it's going to take a little longer than expected to get to the target.

Mizuhara: Did you see the helicopter!?
Tomu: Yes.
SFX: Excitement
Mizuhara: I've returned to the school. That was the American military's MH-60 Blackhawk.


Mizuhara: Those were real Green Berets onboard!!

Tomu: Green Berets? Those special forces!?
Mizuhara: Yes!! They're armed with M4A1s and US SOCOM Mk.23s.
Mizuhara: They aren't wearing any unit identification, but I'm betting they came from Torii Station in Okinawa.


Tomu: Are you sure about this, Mizuhara?
Mizuhara: You said the Dawn family might be able to get the help of the American military, right?
Mizuhara: I got information and data from a military otaku friend for all this beforehand.
Tomu: I see. Thanks.

Mizuhara: All of the dummies have been captured!! And even though I'm sure she's found out you were headed for the river...
Mizuhara: Emily is taking a leisurely coffee break.
Tomu: Understood. Tell me if anything else happens.

Tomu: As you heard, the hunters are actually American special forces.
Yuka & Natsumi: Ehhhhhh!!?


Tomu: I guess Emily Dawn really is the daughter of a family that controls the defense industry.
Tomu: I'm surprised she can recruit special forces.

Mika: Hmph!! It isn't fair for her to just rely on her parents' influence.
Mika: How about I get my family to contact the prime minister to get us some JSDF rangers!?

Yoizame: Now this sounds like fun!! A Green Beret sounds like a worthy opponent!!
Nana: Perfect!!
Nana: Let's break down some tough military men!!

Gokijima: Wait just a second, you damn kids!!
Gokijima: Aren't you forgettin' somethin'!?


Tomu: What, Gokijima?
Gokijima: Don't play dumb!! Money!! You've gotta pay me my daily wages!!

Gokijima: And if we're up against soldiers, this is the same as war!! I'm not gonna put my ass on the line for 1 or 2 million!!!
Gokijima: How about you up it to ten million yen!?

Yuka: You're completely shameless, aren't you!?
Natsumi: Did you forget that he saved you from Avi!?
Gokijima: He's gettin' a million dollars for winnin', right!? Don't be so stingy!!

Tomu: Gokijima's right.
Tomu: A dangerous gamble needs a payoff to match.


Tomu: How about we make this a race?
Tomu: The first to plant their flag at Pomegranate Rock gets all 1 million dollars!!

Nana: All of it!?
Gokijima: Ooohhhh!! How generous, Tomu-chan!!!
Gokijima: A million bucks for just plantin' a flag is a great job!!

Yuka: I-is that really okay, Shirasagi!? Now you won't have anything left even if you win!
Tomu: It's fine. I'm not just after the money in this match.


Yuka: But...
SFX: Bzzzz

Gokijima: Wah wah!? Is that a hornet!?
SFX: Bzzzzz
Mika: An insect in the middle of winter!?

Natsumi: Ah ha ha!! A cockroach like you is afraid of bugs!?
Gokijima: The name's Gokijima!! Not cockroach!!
[TN: Japanese for cockroach is "gokiburi".]

Tomu: Emily Dawn...
Tomu: You and Abidani who I'm sure is watching this from somewhere need to pay attention!!

Tomu: A game isn't necessarily won by the one with more power.


Tomu: I'll show you a true gamble!!

Soldier: One of the NAVs* has spotted the rabbits!!
Soldier: As expected, they're in that boat!!

Soldier: I'm putting their position on the map!!
Soldier: They're here and moving at 10 knots!!

Bottom: *NAV - A Nano Air Vehicle is a tiny unmanned surveillance device less than 15 mm long.


Emily: So in 20 minutes, they'll be at the foot of Mt. Chouzu that Pomegranate Rock is on.
Emily: If the 7 of them get off of that meandering river and scatter, they'll be hard to follow with the helicopter.
Emily: You've thought this out, Tom Shirasagi.

Emily: Joshua!! Bring in the trailer.
Joshua: Yes, ma'am!!

Emily: Hunters, gather!!!
SFX: Step forward
Emily: I am your commander, Emily Dawn.


Emily: This exercise is called "Victory Flag"!!!
SFX: Step step step
Emily: Imagine the 7 rabbits are mountain guerillas and incapacitate them as quickly as you can!!
Emily: But use of your weapons is forbidden until I give permission!!!


Jackson: I see. I thought I had misheard when I was told we were to receive orders from a civilian commander...
SFX: Remove...
Jackson: but it makes sense if the Dawn family is involved.

Jackson: I am Captain Jackson.
Jackson: I will bravely obey any order from a superior.
SFX: Put on


Farrell: Don't scowl like that, Captain!!
Farrell: The princess of the Dawn Family could be a future first lady.

Farrell: Hello, Miss Dawn!!
Farrell: I'm Lieutenant Farrell. Nice to meet you!

Lundgren: I am Lieutenant Lundgren. My specialty is demolitions.
Lundgren: I'm not so sure about having an exercise against civilians. And kids at that.


Reynolds: I am Ensign Reynolds!!

Won: I am Ensign Won.

Riker: Let's get this over with and get back to Torii where it's warm!!
SFX: Spin spin
Riker: I don't like being cold.


Riker: I'm Ensign Riker.

Emily: A woman in the Green Berets?
Emily: I thought you had to be a man over 21 to join the special forces?

Farrell: Ensign Riker is special. She's better at flying a helicopter than the Air Force guys!!
Riker: Heh. You prefer woman pilots, don't you, Lieutenant Farrell?


Emily: Heh heh. I guess you can't get your morale up when you're up against civilians.
Emily: Perhaps these toys can put you in a better mood.
SFX: Vrrr...

SFX: Roll roll

SFX: Chatter
Mizuhara: Wh-what's that!?
Mizuhara: They're taking out some weird things.

Mizuhara: D-
Mizuhara: Don't tell me that's...?


Mizuhara: T-Tomu, can you hear me!? It's an emergency!!
Tomu: What is it, Mizuhara?
Mizuhara: Emily has brought out a secret weapon!! Now I know why she was leisurely drinking tea!!

Mizuhara: She brought out some flying platforms!!
Tomu: Platforms?
Mizuhara: They're headed your way!! Watch your back!!!

SFX: Hover hover hover


Gokijima: Wh-wh-what're those!!?
Yuka: They're coming this way!!

Emily: Heh heh heh. Surprised, Tom Shirasagi!? These are X-Jets also known as flying platforms.
Emily: They were developed by the Williams Company in the 1980's and sold to the US military, but they were never used. The Dawn Company has taken that prototype as a base and improved it to make this one-man flying machine!!
SFX: Hover

Tomu: Kh...We're getting off the boat!!
Tomu: It's sooner than planned, but everyone split up!!


Tomu: Don't forget your flag!!
Tomu: If it gets too dangerous, just surrender!!

Tomu: Good luck everyone!!
Tomu: See you at the goal!!

Emily: All 7 rabbits have been spotted!!! The captain and I will go after Shirasagi!!
SFX: Hover
Emily: Everyone else work individually to capture the rabbits!!
Emily: Begin hunting!!!


SFX: Hover
Natsumi: Nooo!!! It's coming this way!!!
Yuka: Run to that grove of trees!!

Yuka: What are you doing!? Hurry, Gokijima!!
Gokijima: I-I can't. My bag and my gut are too heavy...

SFX: Pigiiiii!!
Gokijima: For god's sake, help meeeee!!!

Yuka: Damn it!! What a troublesome pig!!
SFX: Dash!!
Natsumi: Yuka!!!

SFX: Grab!!


Yuka: There!! Just a little farther!!
Gokijima: Th-thanks!! Buhee...

Gokijima: Buhee hee hee hee hee hee!!!!
SFX: Squeeze
Gokijima: So will you also act as my shield, magician girl!!?

Gokijima: There ya go!!!
SFX: Pull
Yuka: Ahh!!?


SFX: Grab!!

Yuka: Kyaaaaahhhh!!!!
Gokijima: See ya!

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