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Hayate no Gotoku! 315

The Problem is That I Love Him Despite That

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 8, 2011 01:11 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

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Chapter 315


Text: Hakuou Academy's student council president, Katsura Hinagiku,
Text: occasionally had a certain thought.

Hina: Ahh...Why do I...
Hina: love him of all people?

Hina: I feel like I've lost.
Hina: Why did I fall in love with a guy...
Hina: who is out in the garden at night...
Hina: hugging a girl while CROSSDRESSING?

Margin: The butler's actions and existence have disturbed a maiden's heart. It isn't easy being in love!!

Bottom: Is the butler [Hayate no Gotoku!] the enemy of women?


Hina: Also...!!
Hayate: Um...!!

Hina: Why does he...
Hina: look so good crossdressing!!?

Athena: I'm going to bed.
Athena: Let's go, Hina.

Athena: Let's ignore the idiot.


Text: The melancholy of the student council president.
Upper corner: Production of the theatrical anime is going great!!
Title: Chapter 315 "The Problem is That I Love Him Despite That"
Bottom: The net radio show "Hayasan" is airing on The official site is
Credit: Hata Kenjirou


Box: The next day.
SFX: Tweet tweet

Hayate: Sigh...
Hayate: It feels like it's been forever since I wore my butler uniform.

Hayate: Suirenji-san had to head to work suddenly...
Hayate: so she left shortly thereafter.

Hayate: She gave her thanks to Chiharu-san and Lady Nagi...
Hayate: and she left saying she would see us again.

Hayate: But the next time she sees me...
Hayate: I suppose I should be crossdressing again.
Box: The butler's worries did nothing but worsen.


Hayate: No, no!!
Hayate: I have to focus on my work!!
SFX: Slap slap

Hayate: Oh, Hinagiku-san.
Hayate: Good morning.

Hina: Oh, good morning, Hayate-kun.
SFX: Gloomy atmosphere

Hayate: Um...
Hayate: H-Hinagiku-san?

Hayate: B-by any chance...
Hayate: are you mad about something?


Hina: No, I'm not mad at all.
Hina: I'm not mad at all that you were dressed like a perverted and hugging a cute girl.

Hayate: I-
Hayate: I see...

Hayate: B-but!!
Hayate: There are good reasons for all of that.

Hina: Good...
Hina: reasons?

Hina: You're saying you had good reasons for hugging a girl while crossdressing!?
Hayate: Yes!!


Hayate: I did.
Hayate: I promise.

Hina: Th-then tell me.
Hina: I'm listening.

Hayate: O-oh, well...
Hayate: Hm, how to explain it...

Hayate: Um...
Hayate: If I were to put it simply...
Hina: Yes?


Hayate: I did something to her I feel guilty about.
Hayate: Something related to sex.
[TN: It's not quite as obvious in English, but Hayate meant sex as in "the sexes".]

SFX: Snap

SFX: Wham

SFX: Run run
SFX: Throb throb


Hayate: Did I...
Hayate: not explain it right?
Box: Not even slightly.

Hina: Agh!!
SFX: Splash
Hina: What do you mean "related to sex"!?

SFX: Steam

Hina: But this is Hayate-kun here.
Hina: He may have gotten wrapped up in some kind of complicated misfortune.

Hina: But that girl...
Hina: was incredibly cute.

Chiharu: Huh?
SFX: Slide


Chiharu: Oh, it's you, Hina.
Chiharu: I didn't realize you were in here.
Hina: Chiharu...

Hina: Hey...
SFX: Steam

Hina: Who was...
Hina: that girl?
Chiharu: The one who came by last night?

Chiharu: I wanted to keep this a secret from the residents of the apartment...
Chiharu: but she's actually rather famous.

Hina: Eh? She's famous?
Chiharu: Yes, she's an idol. And a popular one at that.


Hina: H-
Hina: Hehh...
Hina: So that's it...

Hina: So he did something related to sex...
Hina: to a popular idol!!!
SFX: Rumble

Chiharu: I-if you're interested...
Chiharu: I could lend you a DVD of one of her concerts.
Hina: O-oh, sure.

SFX: Whirrr


Luca: Thanks for coming today, everyone!
Hina: Wow..
Hina: It really is her.

Chiharu: Luca has a lot of complicated issues regarding her family...
Chiharu: so I hope you understand.

Hina: An idol,
Hina: hm?

Box: 10 minutes later.

Box: 30 minutes later.

Box: 1 hour later.


Miki: What are you doing, Hina?
Hina: Nyah...!!
Hina: Nyothing!!
SFX: Beep

Hina: Hoo...

Hina: Well....
Hina: she is surprisingly cute.

Hina: And her singing and dancing...
Hina: are well above what you can learn with just a bit of practice.

Hayate: There are good reasons...
Hayate: for all of that.


Hina: So he really has...
Hina: gotten wrapped up in something complicated again...

Hayate: This is bad.
Hayate: I have a feeling this situation could get extremely bad if she realizes it.

Hayate: I have to find a way to tell her the truth.
Hayate: But I have no idea when to tell her or how to tell her.

Hayate: And even if I could continue lying to her, the problem would be...
Hina: Hayate-kun.


Hayate: Hinagiku-san...

Hina: You've...
Hina: ended up in a complicated situation that you don't know how to deal with alone, haven't you!?

Hayate: Ah...

Hina: I don't know if I can be any help...
Hina: but I'll listen if you're willing to tell me.

Hayate: Hinagiku-san.

Hayate: I-in that case, I have something I want to ask you.
Hina: Eh...? Wh-what is it?


Hayate: I want to borrow your clothes...
Hayate: the next time I crossdress!!

SFX: Wind...

Hayate: After all, they would fit PERFECTLY...
Hayate: in the chest.
SFX: Snap

SFX: Wham
Box: He was punched extremely hard.

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 20 which will be released on Wednesday April 13th.

Margin: Being thoroughly prepared and ready for everything is the duty of a butler. A butler can give a sharp inspection. And yet it ended up like this...

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