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Zettai Karen Children 254

Stand By Me (4)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 9, 2011 00:35 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 254


Little Women: You're shift is over, senpai.
Double Face: Uuh.
Double Face: It's the greatest threat to our existence!!

Text: Ho ho ho
Box: New Receptionist Girls Team "Little Women"
Text: Ah ha ha ha
Little Women: The impression the receptionists give off is important.
Little Women: Old women like you should just gyo hyome...

Little Women: I said it wrong!!
Little Women: That was our character defining line and I said it wrong!!
Text: Ahhh!
Little Women: We're sorry!! We're sorry!!
Little Women: Sorry for the trouble! We'll do it right next time!!
SFX: Bow bow

Tanizaki: I got us some hot dogs for lunch.
Little Mice: Yaaay!

Tanizaki: Don't worry, Naomi!!
Tanizaki: I got your ketchup in a Dispenpak!!
Tanizaki: It won't squirt all over you now!

Little Mice: Isn't that great, Naomi-senpai!?

Little Mice: I think that may be a new power!!
Naomi: I could do without this one.

Margin: Naomi's clumsy power has outdone even the latest convenience technologies. Could it be greater than Level 7!?

Bottom: If there are characters in the Supplements you're interested in go back and check Volumes 1-25!!!


Text: C'mon, play with me!!
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 254th sense. Stand By Me (4)
Bottom: See the Children moving energetically in the OVA!! Go to www.z-child.com!!


Bullet: If I were in his place...
SFX: Step
Bullet: I wouldn't want you all to hesitate.

Bullet: I'm sure Tim feels the same way.
SFX: Chk


Aoi: Bullet!!

Bullet: Just do as I sa-


Bullet: An angel like in the legends I've heard or novels I've read!?
Bullet: No...a goddess...

Bullet: Why the hell did I see that!!?

Bullet: Eeee!?

Aoi: Screw what you say, you idiot!!
SFX: Crash


Aoi: Even if I temporarily can't use my powers...
Aoi: I'm still your superior officer!!
Aoi: Obey my orders!!

Aoi: If you understand make sure you put "sir" before and after everything you say!!
Bullet: S-Sir, yes, sir!!

Aoi: Tim isn't just going along with Black Phantom!
Aoi: He's fighting it in his heart!
Aoi: If the three of us fight together, we can win!!


Aoi: Isn't that right,
Aoi: Bullet!?

SFX: Stare...

SFX: Flutter

Aoi: Wh-where are you looking!?
SFX: Whap whap whap
Bullet: Sir!!
Bullet: I'm sorry, sir!!

SFX: Gunfire


SFX: Gunfire
Tim: "Kh!"
Tim: "The Vulcan isn't working!?"

Tim: "What am I supposed to do!?"

Man: "Use the Beam Pickaxe!!"
Tim: "Father, is that your voice I hear!?"
Tim: ...is the setting I'm going with!

Tim: Beam...
SFX: Vhhn
SFX: Kachunk
Tim: Pickaxe!!


Tim: Dosehhhhhh!
SFX: Smash
SFX: Boom

Tim: The Beam Pickaxe has a hundred million gajillion gigawatts of energy!
Tim: With it, digging to the magma reservoir will be a piece of cake!!


SFX: Snap

Tim: Huh!?

Man: Well, it is just a toy...
Tim: Dad!?
Tim: Why are you saying things that destroy the set worldview!?

Man: Your psychic powers...
Man: are created by your belief in the game.
Man: So...

Aoi: You need to curb your imagination!
Aoi: You need to buy as much time as you can!!
SFX: Appear


Tim: A-
Tim: Aoi...

SFX: Vv...
SFX: vvv...

SFX: Vhn!!

Tim: If the pickaxe won't work...
SFX: Clunk!
SFX: Kachunk!!
SFX: Vhn
Tim: I'll use the Beam Shovel!!

Tim: Time to dig!
SFX: Dig dig
Tim: Kira ☆!


SFX: Thoom Boom

Bullet: Did your thought wave...
Bullet: reach him?
Aoi: I don't know...
Aoi: but it probably had some effect.

Aoi: Tim is a synthetic power esper.
Aoi: He uses Hypno, Psychokinesis,
Aoi: and even Telepathy.

Aoi: At any rate, even an extra second helps.
Aoi: I'm sure Minamoto-han would say the same!


Aoi: Your hand stopped!!
Aoi: Keep rubbing me to heat me up so I'll recover faster!
SFX: Rub rub rub
Bullet: Y-yes, sir!!

Aoi: I don't think...
Aoi: people should just bear with things or make others bear with things.

Bullet: Eh?
Bullet: What are you talking about?

Aoi: When my...
Aoi: Teleportation first awakened...
Text: Waahhh
Aoi: I was really scared.
Aoi: I was just so young.


Aoi: I was examined and found to be Level 7...
Aoi: so I was taught to control my power at a BABEL facility.
Aoi: That was where I first met Shiho and Kaoru.

Aoi: Shiho, being Shiho,
Aoi: seemed to think I was afraid of her powers.
Aoi: And I was actually afraid of losing control of my own powers.

Chief: Allow me to introduce you to...
Chief: Kaoru-kun who has been here longer than you two!
SFX: Open
Chief: At least for now...
Chief: and possibly for quite a while, you're all going to be together, so make sure to get along!

Nametag: Akashi Kaoru


SFX: Whoosh
Aoi: Hyah!?

SFX: Hyupah

Kaoru: W-
Kaoru: Wow!!

Kaoru: I'm Akashi Kaoru!!
Kaoru: We're gonna be a team starting today!
Kaoru: Nice to meet you!!

Kaoru: I said nice to meet you, didn't I?
SFX: Pull
Aoi: Wah!?
Kaoru: Let's be friends!!


Kaoru: Hmm... Really, Aoi?
Kaoru: Your daddy's job is tough?
Aoi: Yeah.
Aoi: And I have a sick little brother.

Aoi: During all that, these powers appeared...
Aoi: They'd be better without me...


Mother: Look, Yuuki.
Mother: It's your big sister.
Aoi: Yuuki!?
Aoi: And mom and dad, too...

Father: You're such a good girl...
Father: Sorry for leaving you here on your own.

Mother: Yuuki's doing better, so we brought him with us.
Mother: He worked hard taking his medicine...
Mother: so he could see his big sister.

Yuuki: Nee-tan...!
Yuuki: Did you miss me?
Aoi: Eh?

Yuuki: I'm not lonely...!


Aoi: Yuuki...!?
Aoi: You...!

Aoi: My brother was even younger than me...
Aoi: and I had thought I was protecting him by just bearing with my situation.
Aoi: But he was hurting inside because of me.

Aoi: You can't protect anyone by just giving up on yourself!
Aoi: All of us are important to someone!!
Text: They will gather together and save Tim!!
Aoi: All of us will fight Black Phantom's curse together!!

Bullet: Aoi-dono...!!

Box: To be continued in Issue 20.

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