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Hayate no Gotoku! 316

Don't Move Another Step

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 15, 2011 01:06 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

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Chapter 316


Title: Chapter 316 "Don't Move Another Step"
Text: When the maid runs, it feels like something is going to happen!
Credit: Hata Kenjirou
Right text:
Volumes 1-27 & Hata Kenjirou's Early Works Collection "Before Hayate no Gotoku!" are on sale now!!
The theatrical anime will be released this summer!!
The net radio show "Hayasan" is being released on onsen.ag!
The official site is hayatenogotoku.com


Margin: A mountain of money sits before their eyes. You could call it economic violence!! Wataru and Saki-san have had their presence of mind shattered!!

SFX: Imposing presence

Text: Previously (?) on Hayate no Gotoku!
Text: Wataru-kun was in trouble with his video rental store.
Text: After a lot happened, he took out a loan on the store's mortgage to fund a new business.
Text: He ended up borrowing a hundred million yen from Sakuya-san.

Wataru: Th-
Wataru: This is a hundred million...


Wataru: That's fine and all...
SFX: Rental Video Tachibana
Wataru: but why did she just send over the cash all of a sudden!?

Saki: I-isn't something like this usually done with a bank transfer!?
Wataru: Of course it is!!
Wataru: I'm calling Sakuya!!

Sakuya: Oh, Wataru?
Sakuya: I sent you what you asked. Has it arrived?

Wataru: Oh, yes, it's arrived all right.
Wataru: But why did you send cash to my house!?

Sakuya: Hmm?
Sakuya: Well...
Sakuya: In this book I love, it says:


Sakuya: "If you want money to grow...
Sakuya: you must sleep with it in your arms!!"

Sakuya: That book also says:
Sakuya: "Merely having money will refine a man.
Sakuya: He will gain a burning life."

Sakuya: You...
Sakuya: want to refine yourself, right?


Sakuya: I wanted you to see the physical form of what you were borrowing...
Sakuya: instead of just a number in your bank account.

SFX: Beep

Saki: Wh-what's wrong?

Wataru: This is...
Wataru: a hundred million yen.

Wataru: This is from the loan on the store's mortgage. This is all of my money.
Wataru: This money will decide my future.

Wataru: I have to make sure...
Wataru: not to lose it.


Hayate: Excuse me!
Wataru: Waahh!! Someone likely to lose it has shown up already!!

Wataru: Wh-what the hell are you doing here!?
Hayate: Eh?
Hayate: I came to return this DVD.

Hayate: Hm?

Hayate: Waaah!! What's with that money!?
Hayate: That's a hundred million yen, isn't it!?


Hayate: Oh, I see. So that's the hundred million yen...
Hayate: you borrowed from Sakuya-san the other day.

Hayate: But Sakuya-san sure is amazing...
Hayate: to be able to send it over so soon.
Wataru: She went too far!!

Saki: But we can't just leave it here, can we?
Wataru: No.

Wataru: This is a hundred million.
Wataru: But I still don't know how to use it for a new business.

Wataru: For now...
Wataru: I'll go put it in the bank.


Hayate: Oh! Then I'll go with you.

Hayate: Absolutely not!!
Hayate: Wh-why not!?
Hayate: Why don't you trust me!?

Wataru: It's not that I don't trust you as a person...
Wataru: but no one is better than you when it comes to losing money!!
Hayate: O-oh, c'mon. The money isn't going to disappear just because I touch it.

Hayate: It may be true...
Hayate: that I have a debt of a hundred fifty million, but...


Box: Thanks to my debt, all of my family is missing.
Box: I have no idea where my brother went.

Box: Because I got involved with A-tan, everything went badly for her.

Box: In fact, Lady Nagi had all that money, but BECAUSE OF ME, she now lives in that run-down apartment...

Hayate: I think...
Hayate: I might be some kind of god of poverty...
Saki: Th-that's not true, Hayate-san!!


Saki: And to prove that you aren't a god of poverty...
Saki: you can come together with me to go deposit the hundred million yen!!

Wataru: Hey!! What do you mean together with you!?
Saki: Eh? But someone has to watch the store.
Saki: And you and Hayate-san are minors, so I have to go.

Saki: This is the only possible combination.

Hayate: Don't worry!! Just leave it to me!!
Hayate: I'll make sure that money makes it to the bank!!


Box: Not good. I haven't had that hundred million yen for 10 minutes...
Box: and I've already gotten a flag towards losing it all.

Hayate: Let's hurry up and stuff the money in this pouch.
Hayate: Ah...It isn't going to all fit.
SFX: Rustle rustle
Saki: You can just put what won't fit in this plastic bag.

Box: It burns...
Box: Sakuya was right. Just having money makes your life burn...

Hayate: Okay!! We're ready to go!!
Saki: We'll be right back.

Wataru: W-
Wataru: Wait!!


Wataru: I'm...
Wataru: going too!!
Hayate: Eh? Why!?

Wataru: The store's about to go under anyway, so we can just close it for a bit.
Wataru: The money is more important. I borrowed it.
Wataru: That money is my life.
Wataru: I won't let go of it for even a second.

Wataru: So I'll...
Wataru: take the money myself!!!

SFX: Heavy

Wataru: This is pretty heavy.
Hayate: Well, a hundred million yen does weigh 10 kilos.


Wataru: The nearest bank is in the shopping district.
Bottom label: Port
Right label: Tokyo Station
Left label: Park
Top label: Here
Wataru: Cutting through the park would be a shortcut, but it's still a fairly long distance.

Wataru: I hope nothing happens...

Hayate: Don't worry.
Hayate: Nothing's going to happen.

Wataru: I hope you're right.

SFX: Dash!!!


Armageddon: Woof!!
SFX: Thud

SFX: Slide slide slide

Armageddon: Woof woof!!
Hayate: Wahh!! Armageddon, what are you doing here!?

Saki: Young master!!
Saki: Are you okay!?
Wataru: Don't worry about me!!

Wataru: Just hurry up...
Wataru: and grab the hundred million yen!!
Saki: R-right away!!


Yukiji: A hundred million yen...
Yukiji: Is there a hundred million yen in this case?

Saki: D-don't be ridiculous, sensei.
Saki: O-of course there isn't.
Yukiji: No, I clearly heard him saying there was.

Yukiji: But I'm not going to take it. The owner who dropped it is right here after all.
Yukiji: I am a teacher, you know. Have a little faith in me.
Saki: S-sorry.

Armageddon: Woof!!
SFX: Grab


SFX: Run off

Wataru: Sakiiiiiii!!
Saki: Ahh!! Oh, no!!

Wataru: After him!!
Saki: Y-yes!!

Box: Huh? Am I really a god of poverty?
Box: The indebted butler started to seriously worry...

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 21 which will be released on Wednesday April 20th.

Margin: His hopeful future disappears in the distance. The huge amount of Japanese bank notes is taken away by a fast moving dog. How will the chase turn out!?

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#1. by mramigo ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2011
wataru?? why??
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