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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 65

The Final Fear Approaches

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 16, 2011 19:57 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 65


Text: White House
SFX: Rinnnng
Janis: Vice President Curtis.
Curtis: What is it Secretary Janis? Your voice is shaking. Did you drink too much last night?
Text: A shock runs through America! Will the aftermath reach Japan!?
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Curtis: ...What?
Box: Vice President Curtis of the United States of America
Title: File 65 The Final Fear Approaches


Box: American Military Base in Okinawa
Jackson: ...Yes, sir.
Jackson: I understand what you're saying, Vice President Curtis, but that's crazy...

Curtis: It's President Curtis now, General Jackson.

Curtis: According to the Constitution, the Vice President is immediately made the President upon the death of the President.
Curtis: You must obey this. It is a presidential order.
SFX: Sweat sweat


Curtis: The previous president was slaughtered and his eyes and hands were taken.
Curtis: Plus we don't know where Pandora's Box, the nuclear firing button, is.

Curtis: It's clear the terrorists plan to use those parts of the president's body to activate Pandora's Box and expose the world to the fear of an all-out nuclear war.
Curtis: The Japanese government has managed to keep the terrorists confined to the small town of Karuizawa.
Curtis: It is our duty to reward our ally for their courageous efforts by saving the world.

Jackson: ...Yes, sir...
Curtis: Send a strategic bomber out within 5 minutes.


Curtis: Within 2 hours, we will use a nuclear weapon to annihilate both the terrorists and Pandora's Box!!
Jackson: Yes, sir!


Box: Third-i

Sawakita: Did something happen, Kirishima-san?

Kirishima: It seems a bomber loaded with a nuclear bomb...
Kirishima: just left Okinawa.
Sawakita: Eh!? Th-then...

Sawakita: Kanou-san was right...?
Kirishima: It seems that way.


Kirishima: They plan on dropping a nuclear bomb without the terrorists finding out beforehand.

Sawakita: Th-that's crazy! They can't carry out a nuclear attack on an ally's land!
Kirishima: They made this decision with the fate of the world in the balance. Trying to negotiate with them would most likely be useless.
Kirishima: They wouldn't even admit they intend to attack.

SFX: Sweat sweat

Kirishima: Tsukamoto!! How long until the attack!?
Tsukamoto: What kind of bomber is it?
Kirishima: Our agent's report said it disappeared from the radar shortly after taking off, so it's most likely a stealth bomber.


Tsukamoto: In that case, the informal deployment information suggests it's a B-2 Spirit.
SFX: Appear on screen
Tsukamoto: It's maximum cruising speed is around 1000 kph.

Tsukamoto: Even taking into account the time it takes to accelerate, it'll be 2...
Tsukamoto: no...
Tsukamoto: it could even be as little as an hour and a half before it reaches Karuizawa!!


Tsukamoto: Can we shoot it down?
Kirishima: Do you WANT to start a war with America? And not even the JSDF could shoot down a stealth bomber that doesn't show up on radar.

Tsukamoto: Th-then what do we do!?

Kirishima: There's only one way of dealing with this. We recover Pandora's Box and let the American government know the instant we do.
Kirishima: With photos.

Sawakita: ...Let's do it! We have to do it!
Kirishima: What do I need to do! Just tell me!?

Kaidou: Wait a second, Kirishima-san.
SFX: Step forward...
Kirishima: Oh, it's you, Kaidou.


Kaidou: Didn't Prime Minister Kujou have Pandora's Box?

Kirishima: That was a bluff.
Kirishima: In case there was still another spy, we kept that information to as few people as possible.
Kaidou: Eh?

Kirishima: Falcon used Sawakita and Tsukamoto's help to create some dummy footage and placed it in the hotel's security server.


Kirishima: We determined that the hacker would definitely make a move if he noticed it, so we let the spy go free.
Kirishima: The Prime Minister was only helping us with a dangerous strategy; he doesn't actually have Pandora's Box.

Kaidou: Th-then where is this nuclear firing button!?
Kirishima: We don't know.
Kirishima: The terrorists behind all these incidents don't have it, the American military certainly doesn't, and we don't have it either.

Kirishima: I can only imagine that the person who killed President Adams and the mercenary woman took it along with the parts of the presidents body that act as keys.

Kaidou: So this unknown person holds both Pandora's Box and the keys to it?
Kirishima: Most likely.


Kirishima: But...
Kirishima: one thing is missing.

Kaidou: The password?

Kirishima: Yes.
Kirishima: Even if the president's voice can be synthesized from his speeches, the password contained on a Pentagon server won't be easy to get a hold of.
Kirishima: The only ones who can do it are the terrorists' skilled hacker, Peter Pan...
Kaidou: or Falcon...

Kirishima: Yes.
Kirishima: And he already has powerful guards.
Kirishima: So as long as this mysterious enemy does not abduct Peter Pan, he can't get the password.


Kaidou: I see. So that's why you put on this dangerous act involving the Prime Minister to find their hideout.
SFX: Appear
Hagiwara: Kirishima! Kaidou!
Kirishima: Chief Hagiwara...

Hagiwara: Three minutes ago, a JMSDF patrol boat spotted an oddly shaped aircraft flying at low altitude over the sea near Japan.

Hagiwara: It didn't show up on radar, so it has to be the American bomber.
SFX: Gulp...

Hagiwara: In an hour and 25 minutes, Japan will receive a third nuclear attack.
SFX: Roooooar


SFX: Type type
SFX: Click click
Box: Third-i Karuizawa Base

Inaba: Do you understand, Falcon?
Inaba: If this fails, a third nuclear bomb will be dropped on Japan.

Fujimaru: Please just be quiet, Inaba-san!

Fujimaru: Ever since they entered the hotel, Peter Pan has been constantly watching the security cameras!
Fujimaru: Do you have any idea how hard it is to hack in and put in dummy footage when she passes by one!?
Fujimaru: Dammit!!

Text: Gh
Inaba: U-Understood. I'll just leave it to you.


Hibiki: This is Hibiki. I've made it.
Hibiki: The farthest back room is most likely the terrorist's hideout.

Fujimaru: Excellent work. Now fall back.
Fujimaru: Leave the rest to Kanou-san and his team.

Hibiki: No, we don't have time for that.
Hibiki: If we give them a chance, they'll knock Prime Minister Kujou unconscious and escape through the window with a rope.
Fujimaru: B-but you're alone and only armed with a single handgun...


Hibiki: Trust me. I fought that blond mercenary once before.
Hibiki: If there are no other combatants, I can do this alone.
Hibiki: This is our only chance.

Fujimaru: Hibiki, stop!

Hibiki: Let me go, Fujimaru.
Hibiki: I will become a citizen of this country.

Fujimaru: You've already done more than enough to-
Hibiki: I heard the transmission. If we don't capture or kill the hacker who may have the password already, they'll drop a nuclear bomb here, right?


Hibiki: I will fight to protect this country!
Hibiki: cover me!
SFX: Charge

Fujimaru: Hibiki! ...Dammit!

SFX: Click

Hibiki: We need to time this together. Let me know when they're lowering the unconscious prime minister to the ground by rope.
Hibiki: That's the only instant where the prime minister will be safe and I can also eliminate the terrorists!


Fujimaru: Understood. I'll use the American military's thermal detection system!

Fujimaru: I've got it. Prime Minister Kujou is being lowered down.
Fujimaru: I'll tell you to go when he's almost at the ground!

Hibiki: Understood.
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat

Fujimaru: Everything is riding on this instant.
Fujimaru: The the hundreds of thousands of lives in this town, the prime minister's safety...and Hibiki's life too.
SFX: Heartbeat


Fujimaru: Now!

SFX: Chk
Hibiki: Here I go, Fujimaru.

Hibiki: I love you more than anything in the world!


SFX: Bang
Text: This is the final firefight!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 19

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