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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 255

Stand By Me (5)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 17, 2011 20:15 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 255


Magi: We will guard Yuuri...
Magi: using 3 teams switching out to cover 24 hours.
SFX: Nod nod
Magi: And there will be two groups for each shift.
Magi: The respective group leaders will be you and me.

Momiji: We've prepared the guard room and your private residence in the same apartment building.
Momiji: We'll have you do some other jobs at times...
Momiji: but otherwise you can use your time as you wish.
SFX: Nod nod

Nai: So...

Nai: your job is to guard this place...
Nai: and your hobby on your days off is to guard this place?
SFX: Nod

Nai: I was...
SFX: Vhhhhn
Nai: told to come to PANDRA from time to time.

Hyoubu: The trap is quite secure.
Hyoubu: It will be difficult to remove using psychic powers and even more so with normal surgery.
Hyoubu: But we will remove that bomb.
Hyoubu: Just give us some time.
Nai: I don't really understand, but I'll just leave it to you.

Hyoubu: In order to raise the odds of success even slightly...
Hyoubu: I have to accept a fate worse than death.
Hyoubu: Speech practice #95!
Hyoubu: "S-..."

Hyoubu: "S-s-sorry for calling you a quack!!"
Hyoubu: "...I really don't think that's what you are, you quack!"
SFX: Cough
Hyoubu: "So help us-"
Hyoubu: Ghah!!
Hyoubu: No. I still don't think I can survive the real thing!!
Yo: Someone stop him! The major's going to die!!

Margin: Nai & Hanzou are now working along with PANDRA.
Margin: Check Volume 25 to find out why.


Text: The days seem to go by at the speed of light...
Title: 255th sense. Stand By Me (5)
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Bottom: The first episode of the anime is on the official site!! Make sure to check it out!!!!!


SFX: Dig dig dig

SFX: Dig dig

Tim: Business, business, business, business, business, business entertainment!!
Text: La la la

SFX: Dig dig
Tim: When meeting important people...


Tim: speaking casually can be effective!
SFX: Dig dig
Tim: Business success! Low-Class Girl!! (Yes!)
Theme Song of the anime "Business! Low-Class Girl"
"Business Advice☆"

SFX: Dig dig

SFX: Stare...

Theodore: I can't really get a grasp of the situation from here.
Theodore: If we don't want to get wrapped up in this, we should leave.


Gilliam: Ha ha ha.
Gilliam: Don't worry, Theodore.
Gilliam: I'll make sure to take you with me if it comes to that.
Gilliam: And...

Gilliam: it doesn't seem to be going too well.
Gilliam: Tim-kun is resisting our orders.

Theodore: He's...
Theodore: resisting?

Gilliam: Yes.
Gilliam: At a subconscious level, he's rejecting the order to kill his comrades.
Gilliam: He's stalling for time.


Theodore: It seems...
Theodore: the brainwashing network with Yuuri-sama at the top...
Theodore: really won't be repaired so quickly.

Gilliam: Don't be so negative, Theodore.
Gilliam: Things are going quite well for the beginning.
Gilliam: The plan to copy and use the psychic waves of the Boost has only just begun.

Gilliam: And we can let...
Gilliam: our cute Yuuri live for a little bit longer.
Gilliam: We should be rejoicing.

Theodore: So...
Theodore: are we going to retrieve the bug now?
Gilliam: Let's wait just a bit longer.
Gilliam: We may still get a chance to sample the Children's Boost today.


Gilliam: If we do, it will bring us closer to eliminating Yuuri...
Gilliam: but we should rejoice over that, too.
SFX: Heh heh

Theodore: I see.
Theodore: Understood.
Theodore: Gilliam-sama.

SFX: Glare


SFX: Heartbeat

Gilliam: Tim-kun.
Gilliam: You shouldn't stall for time.
Gilliam: You aren't really trying to fight, are you?
SFX: Appear

Gilliam: If you don't take your games seriously, they aren't any fun,
Gilliam: right?
SFX: Squeeze squeeze
Tim: Uuh...

Tim: But...!!
Tim: Bullet and Aoi...
Tim: are my...
Tim: frie-


Gilliam: Your friends? Yes, of course.
Gilliam: That's the very reason I'm telling you to do this.

Gilliam: If you love them, you must be serious when you try to kill them.

Tim: Gh...!!
SFX: Squeeze

SFX: Bang!!

Tim: Ah!


Lego: What's wrong!?
Lego: Stay with us!
SFX: Collapse

SFX: Float

SFX: Bang!

Lego: Warning!!
SFX: Yelling
Text: Gooo!
Text: Ohhhh!
SFX: Charging
Lego: Enemy attack!!

Lego: There he is!!
SFX: Gunfire
Lego: Fire! Fire!!


SFX: Gunfire
Bullet: Ricochet Barrier!!


Bullet: Come on out, Tim!
Bullet: I will defeat...
Bullet: the Black Phantom within you!!

Lego: C-Commander Tim!
SFX: Falling
SFX: Bump

SFX: Climb up


Tim: Ah ha ha!!
Tim: You're going to battle God Robo with just one pistol?
SFX: Kachunk kachunk
Tim: Do you really think you'll be fine with that?

Bullet: I'll be fine!
SFX: Rummage
Bullet: It's true that I only have one gun...
Bullet: but I don't necessarily need a gun with my power.

Bullet: This is a 50 caliber anti-tank...
Bullet: 12.7 mm armor piercing round!!
SFX: Show off

Bullet: Plastic and zinc alloy...
Bullet: can't defeat this!!
SFX: Point


Bullet: Fiiiiire!!
SFX: Bang

SFX: Crash

Tim: God Robo's super alloy...!?

Bullet: It's working!!
Bullet: Just like we planned!!


Aoi: Tim's powers are controlled by the strength of his imagination.
Aoi: Before you fire, make sure to appeal to the strength of the bullet.
Aoi: Give him the impression that what you have is real and what he has is a toy!

SFX: Bang bang bang
Bullet: All Rounds Concentrated Fire!!

SFX: Boom crash


Tim: Th-this isn't over yet!!
Tim: All you did was destroy the main camera!!

SFX: Roooar
Tim: Full thrust!!


SFX: Roar

Bullet: Now!!
Bullet: Aoi-dono!!
Aoi: Psychiiiiic...
SFX: Pop up
SFX: Hyuh

Tim: Oh, no!!
Tim: She mixed in with the figurines and grabbed on!?

SFX: Pah


SFX: Crash
Aoi: Up/Down Reversal!!

Text: A powerful technique!! Will they rescue Tim!?

Aoi: We're taking back...
SFX: Pull off
Aoi: our precious comrade, Black Phantom!!

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