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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Needless 90

City 1

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 19, 2011 17:20 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 90


Top: The short story collection "Mystical Power Squadron Require!!" is on sale now!!
Credit: Imai Kami
Title: #90 City 1


SFX: Tweet tweet

Cruz: Nnnn...
Cruz: My head hurts...

Eve: What's wrong? You look like you took a trip into space.
Cruz: Oh, good morning.
Cruz: I just feel kind of bad is all...

Cruz: It's true that I surpassed space-time and went to a world of the past.
Cruz: And it all happened in an instant.
Cruz: Is this due to that distortion or is just a type of jet-lag?


Eve: Hey, whose socks are these?
Eve: I'm gonna take them.
Mio: Not mine.

Cruz: Aren't those the socks you wore a long time ago, Eve-san?
Eve: Well, I did have ones like this...
Eve: but who brought them here?
Cruz: Um...well...

Eve: Oh, right. You said the break in your right arm was healed.
Eve: Let me see it.
Cruz: Ah...but...

Eve: Huh?
Eve: It isn't broken.
SFX: Spread...
Cruz: seems to be fine.

Eve: Oh.


Cruz: That's right. This arm that father healed in the world of the past...
Cruz: is the best proof that that wasn't a dream.

Cruz: It feels a bit like he and Eve-san are old acquaintances of mine now.

Eve: So...
Eve: who are you anyway?

Cruz: Eh?


Eve: Hmmm.

Eve: So, Yamada, you're crossdressing because you're wanted.

Eve: How many chapters have gone by without me?
Cruz: Please don't ask it like that.

Cruz: But I'm so glad that father and Eve-san are alive...
SFX: Tears
Blade: Why are you saying that now?

Cruz: Come to think of it...
Cruz: I wonder if Teruyama-san is okay.

Eve: Oh, yeah. He isn't here, is he?
Blade: Ah? I'm sure we'll run across him once we go Simeji hunting.
Cruz: Simeji hunting...?

Blade: More importantly, where did Disk go?

Disk: Sorry about the wait!
SFX: Step step step step


SFX: Tah-dah!
Nametag: Disk
Disk: New Full Armor Disk-chan is back!!
Cruz: Ehhhhhh!?


Cruz: What kind of outfit is that!?
Disk: They started mining the rare metals in Black Market again, so I finally managed to get the materials for my body!
Blade: Disk-taaaan!
Disk: It was developed as a collaboration between the genius doll maker Geppetto and Kana-chan's Overtechnology. Thanks for introducing them to me!!

Disk: Everything's much smaller than before!!
Disk: I'm full of weapons and equipment!!
SFX: Spin spin spin spin
Top label: Super Electromagnetic Propeller
Middle label: Super Electromagnetic Beam Sabre
Bottom label: Super Electromagnetic Jet
Blade: Yay!
Cruz: Ahh, she's flying.

Disk: But I'm still an old lady on the inside!!
SFX: Intense
SFX: Collapse
Cruz: Fatheeerrr!

Disk: Having a normal body is so wonderful!!
SFX: Wave wave
Mio: Yahhhn!
Disk: Ah ha ha ha ha ha
Blade: Normal bodies don't have 4 hands.


Disk: Simeon knows my face now too, right?
Disk: So I thought it would be best to be smaller and less conspicuous!!
Cruz: Aren't you more conspicuous now?
Eve: You have a name tag on.
Blade: You were smaller and stood out less as just a head.

Disk: But...
Disk: being just a head was so tough...

Cruz: Disk-san...

Disk: I didn't get a single panty shot...
Text: Kh
SFX: Peek
Cruz: That was the problem?


Disk: So I tried wearing them on my head.
SFX: Zap
Mio: My panties...
Blade: Whaaat!?
Cruz: I'd say that goes well beyond a "shot".

Disk: And I put in the ability to have a mysterious liquid leak from my head.
SFX: Leak leak leak
Cruz: Not good. Not good. Not good. Not good.

Disk: Don't make fun of me, kid!! This helmet adds 128 to your defense!!
Cruz: No, it doesn't.

Disk: If a steel beam fell on you, the helmet would be fine!!
Cruz: Yeah, but my skull underneath would have shattered.
Disk: It's special effect is to cut down on UV rays by 4%!
Cruz: That isn't much.
Disk: And it's a cursed helmet that loses 90% of its value if you wash it!!!
Blade: much...?
SFX: Rumble
SFX: Snap


Disk: Ahh! Having a body is so wonderful!
Text: Hee hee hee hee
Cruz: You've only been using your head for a bit now.
Blade: Hey, are you gonna sell it or not!?

Disk: Take this attack from the ultimate helmet!!
SFX: Roar
Blade: Ohhhh! I don't think I can beat that!
Cruz: Helmets don't normally attack.

Blade: Dammit!! Your panties are calling me to watch them!!!
Disk: Ha ha ha ha
SFX: Thud
Cruz: They are?


Disk: Let's have a business discussion.
Disk: Blade, Eve-san, could you come with me for a bit?
Eve: Eh? Why do I have to?
Disk: Just come here!

Disk: You're not feeling too good, right, Cruz?
Disk: Sorry, but just wait here.
Cruz: I won't go. You wouldn't listen to me anyway.

Blade: Don't worry.
Blade: We'll be back in a little more than 3 months.
Cruz: And what will you be doing in that time?

SFX: Step

SFX: Click


SFX: Kssh
Teruyama: What a gloomy place.
Gido: It looks like some kind of factory.

Blade: Is that a recording?
Disk: Yes.

Disk: My memories are recorded like that in my brain.
Disk: I was choosing what data to transfer over to my new body.

Eve: Is that when you first snuck into the Simeon Building?
Disk: Yes. We found something odd in an underground factory.
Disk: I just remembered that I did a composition scan out of curiosity.


Blade: And?

Disk: The results of the analysis...
SFX: Rumble
Disk: said the contents were likely humans.

Eve: Eh?

Blade: There were...
Blade: humans in those cans?

Disk: Technically, they were fetuses.
Disk: They were alive in the cans as if they were in the womb.

Blade: Why?


Disk: It's only something I've heard...
Disk: but it seems that, after the war, the remnants of an army tried to export the remaining clone soldiers in secret.
Disk: Any country would want military strength and manpower that had no rights.

Blade: So those were clone soldier eggs?
Disk: If my reasoning is correct, yes.

Disk: However, there are no traces of it ever having been carried out back then.
Disk: And it would be impossible to transport that many people without anyone knowing.

Disk: But if they were packed in cans as fetuses...

Blade: So they were "canned" and shipped out as food.

Disk: We were told they had perfected cloning technology...
Disk: and that the Adam Project was still ongoing.


Disk: And he said that...
Disk: we could solve all the mysteries if we went to the City.
Disk: I thought this could be the key to solving one of those mysteries...
Disk: so I decided to tell you about it.

Eve: Hmm...

Disk: You're planning on going, aren't you?
Disk: Going to the City.

Blade: Well?
Blade: Is that the only reason you called us here?

Disk: You're perceptive.


Blade: You have something else you didn't want Mio-tan or Yamada to hear, don't you?

Disk: Yes...

Disk: Listen calmly to what I am about to tell you...
Disk: because I could just not tell you about it.

Cruz: O-
Cruz: Okay...
SFX: Creak
Cruz: No one's here...

SFX: Flowing liquid...


SFX: Mutter mutter

Cruz: I can hear father and the others talking on the other side of the wall.
Cruz: But it sounds like they're joking about something.

Cruz: What are they talking about?
SFX: Press up against

Disk: Listen up.
Disk: Have Cruz-kun take this capsule without him realizing.

Cruz: Eh!?


SFX: Wind

SFX: Flapping in the wind


Cruz: You're going..
Cruz: to the City, aren't you?

Cruz: Because that old man...
SFX: Flapping in the wind
Cruz: said Arclight was there.

Blade: ...We know where he is now.
SFX: Wind
Blade: And I failed to finish him off before.

Cruz: Please...take me with you...
Blade: No.


Blade: Are you stupid?
Blade: Your crossdressing to escape Simeon.
Blade: Why would you bring yourself to them?

Cruz: But you're headed there to settle this, right?
Cruz: In that case...

Blade: In that case, what?

Cruz: I know I'd just be in the way!! But I want to help out somehow!!
Cruz: I may only be able to act as a shield, but...

Cruz: But if I could help you out somehow...
Cruz: I want to do it.


Blade: Then...
SFX: Dramatic
Blade: take this.

Cruz: Eh?

Disk: Blade!
Disk: Wait a second!!

Cruz: I-is that...
Cruz: what they were talking about!?

Cruz: Wh-
Cruz: What...
Cruz: kind of drug is this?

SFX: Rumble


Blade: Just take it.
Blade: You want to help us out, right?

Cruz: But...
Blade: If you'd rather not, then just leave.

SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat

Cruz: U-
Cruz: Understood.


SFX: Gulp

SFX: Collapse


SFX: Roar


Seth: The City is beyond that gate.
Seth: There lies a world we have never seen.

Solva: Yes.
Solva: A world we cannot even imagine.

Blade: Oh, sorry. Eve and I are actually from a lab in the City.
SFX: Sweep sweep
Solva: Ehhhhh?
Seth: Don't draw lines between us.

Disk: ...Are you ready?
Disk: We may never return.

Solva: Yes, we will.
Solva: We will return.


Blade: We have no choice.
Blade: That rich boy ran off to his parents' place.

SFX: Stomp

Blade: Let's go.
Eve: Okay, okay.

Blade: Say it thrice!!
Eve: Okay, okay, okay.


Blade: Time for the Simeji hunt!!!!
SFX: Charge forward
Text: The time to settle it all approaches!!

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