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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hayate no Gotoku! 317

If it's important, keep it with you

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 20, 2011 19:18 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

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Chapter 317


Top: The theatrical anime will be released this summer!!
Title: Chapter 317 "If it's important, keep it with you"
Text: Money travels around this world. Not that it comes my way much!!
Right: The net radio show "Hayasan" is airing on onsen.ag! The official site is hayatenogotoku.com
Credit: Hata Kenjirou


Margin: Armageddon is a dog with a name that sounds like it will bring calamity to the world. His prey this time is the money Wataru borrowed on the store's mortgage that is more important than his life...

Fumi: Ah ha ha ha ha!
Fumi: Skipping is so much fun!

Armageddon: Woof!!
Fumi: Hm?

Fumi: Oh, look who it is!
Fumi: It's Armageddon, Fumi's big, stupid, freeloading pet dog.
Armageddon: Woof woof.
Fumi: What is it, Armageddon?


Armageddon: Woof woof
Fumi: Hm?
SFX: Clang clang
Fumi: What's that case?

Fumi: Ah ha ha! Armageddon, you shouldn't...
SFX: Open
Fumi: be gathering things to eat even if you are a glutton.

Text: Filled with a hundred million yen


Fumi: Waaaah! Armageddon!!!
Fumi: This is money!!

Fumi: Way to go, Armageddon!!
Fumi: No, I mean...
Fumi: Where did you find this!!?
Armageddon: Kyuhhn?

Fumi: Anyway, Fumi needs to...
Fumi: take this to the cops.

Sharna: Now you've done it, Fumi-chan...


Fumi: Y-you've got it all wrong, Sharna-chan!!
Fumi: F-Fumi didn't steal this!!
Fumi: A-Armageddon did!!

Sharna: Yes...
Sharna: That very well may have been something Armageddon stole.

Sharna: But Armageddon is your dog!!
Sharna: That means anything Armageddon steals...
Sharna: is the same as something you stole!!!


Fumi: H-how could this happen...?
Fumi: How did Fumi become a phantom thief?
Sharna: As long as you understand, Fumi-chan...

Fumi: Wh-what will happen because of this crime?
Fumi: How bad a crime is being a phantom thief, Sharna-chan?
Sharna: Well...

Sharna: If the police found you...
Sharna: you'd be executed!!

Fumi: So short...
Fumi: Fumi's life was...so very short...


Fumi: Noooooooo!!
Fumi: Anything but that, Sharna-chan!!
Fumi: Fumi wants to live for at least another 2 years!!
Fumi: Can't you do something, Sharna-chan!?
Sharna: But nothing can be done about it, Fumi-chan.

SFX: Bite

SFX: Dash
Fumi: Eh?

Fumi: Armageddon? Where are you going, Armageddon?

Box: Meanwhile
SFX: Sob


Saki: Th-this is my fault. It's all my fault that the money was-...
Wataru: No, it isn't your fault.

Saki: B-but if I had only...
Saki: grabbed the case more tightly...

Saki: Uuuhh....
SFX: Tears falling
Wataru: Hey, don't cry!!

Hayate: Um...I have an idea where that dog might go, so I'm going to go look for it.
Hayate: You two should report the theft to the police.

Wataru: O-okay, please do.
Hayate: Just leave it to me!!


Wataru: But...
Wataru: will the police really believe that a dog stole a hundred million yen?

Saki: Um...
Saki: If we don't find the money...

Saki: I will...
Saki: leave the video store and go work somewhere else!!

Saki: That way I can work hard and...
Saki: earn back the hundred million...


Wataru: There's no way you could do that.
Saki: Wha-!!?

Saki: Th-that's not true!! If I went all out, I could-...
Wataru: You should always go all out.

Wataru: And...
Wataru: I learned something from this.

Wataru: I learned that...
Wataru: you mustn't let go of the things that are truly important.

Saki: Eh...?


Wataru: So I won't...
Wataru: let go.

Hayate: For now...
Hayate: I need to find that dog.

Hayate: Its owner is...

Hayate: there!!

Fumi: This is bad, Sharna-chan.
Fumi: W-we need to hurry up and get that case back...
Sharna: Why? You could just tell the police that the dog did it.


Fumi: No!! Fumi's fingerprints are all over that case!!
Fumi: If we don't wipe all of them off, Fumi will be a suspect!!
Sharna: You've thought this through surprisingly well, Fumi-chan.

Fumi: At this rate, Fumi will...
Fumi: Fumi will be caught by the cops.

Hayate: Excuse me!!
Fumi: Gyaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Fumi: Sorry!! Sorry for being born!!
Fumi: Fumi wasn't the one that stole the money, so please don't execute her!!
Hayate: Eh? No, that's not it...


Sharna: The dog that stole the case is gone.
Hayate: Eh?

Sharna: He brought the case to us...
Sharna: but he took it away again while Fumi-chan was freaking out.

Hayate: He took it...
Hayate: somewhere else?

Hayate: Ah!! In that case...
Hayate: maybe he's...!!


SFX: Blank stare...

Armageddon: Woof!!

Athena: Oh, it's Armageddon.
Athena: Did you run off again?
Armageddon: Woof!!

Athena: Hm?
SFX: Tap tap
Athena: What's that case?

Athena: Ha ha. Did you bring it here for me?
Athena: Thanks. You're such a good dog.
Armageddon: Woof!!


Hayate: Thank goodness.
SFX: Pant pant
Hayate: He really did bring it here.
Hayate: He wanted your praise.
Athena: Hayate...

Hayate: Wataru-kun!! I found it!! The money's fine!!
Wataru: Oh!! Really!?

Athena: Money?
Athena: What do you mean?

Hayate: That's Wataru-kun's money.
Hayate: This is great!!
Hayate: We'll just wait here for now.

Athena: It looks like...
Athena: you've gotten wrapped up in some troubles involving money again.

Hayate: Ha ha. Yes, I have.
Hayate: But at least we found the money quickly this time.


Athena: It doesn't look to me like there's any money inside.
SFX: Empty

Armageddon: Woof!!

Athena: What are you going to do about this, Hayate?
Hayate: I-I don't know...
Box: The money really did disappear when the butler touched it.

Bottom: To be continued in Combined Issue 22 - 23 which will be released on Wednesday April 27th.

Margin: A case is made to put things in and the contents are meant to be taken out. Where is the hundred million yen that was taken out...?

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#1. by mramigo ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2011
XD! thx chap
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