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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 67

A Death Before His Eyes

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 21, 2011 00:01 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 67


Hibiki: Open that computer and do as I say, Fujimaru.
Top: Volume 7 is on sale now!
Fujimaru: What are you saying, Hibiki? There are some things you don't joke about...
Text: A sudden betrayal by the girl he trusted!!
Title: File 67 A Death Before His Eyes

Hibiki: I'm serious.
Doctor: Nnnn!! Nnah!
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
SFX: Slice

Fujimaru: Wha-!?


Hibiki: Don't yell. If you do, this woman's life is over.
Hibiki: This is your last warning.

Fujimaru: Y-you can't be serious. Right? Weren't you going to become Japanese?
Fujimaru: Because you loved me and you wanted to live with me...

Hibiki: We have no time for pointless chatter. Open up that computer.
Hibiki: If you don't....
SFX: Squeeze
SFX: Twitch twitch
Doctor: Nnnnnn!

SFX: Drip drip

Fujimaru: O-okay! Stop! I'm opening it!


Hibiki: I'm sure you'll contact Third-i even if I tell you not to.
Hibiki: But don't forget that I am not afraid of death.
Hibiki: The second Third-i shows up, I'm taking this doctor with me.

Fujimaru: What's going on? What was all that before?
SFX: Clench...
Fujimaru: I can't believe this...

Fujimaru: You risked your life to protect me and to protect this country...


Fujimaru: It's open, Hibiki. What do you want me to do?

SFX: Hold out
Hibiki: Hack into the Pentagon's servers to get the password for this device.

Fujimaru: I-is that Pandora's Box?
Fujimaru: You had it?

Hibiki: It was attached to a portion of the president's body disguised with a makeup and a special material.

Fujimaru: ...God damn it! What's going on!? You never had any contact with the president!!
Fujimaru: I don't understand any of this anymore!


Hibiki: If you don't do as I say...
SFX: Squeeze
Doctor: Nnnnnn!!

Fujimaru: I-I know. I'll do it. I just have to do it, right!?

Fujimaru: What do I do? Do I just do as I'm told?
Fujimaru: If I do, the world will fall into the hands of the terrorists...or someone even more dangerous!

Hibiki: Don't worry. What you're doing now isn't wrong.
Hibiki: This is a holy war leading the world to true peace.

Fujimaru: A holy war? Fuck that. This isn't something you can justify with a word like that!


Hibiki: I didn't ask for your opinion. Have you hacked in yet?
Hibiki: His iris, his fingerprint, and his voice have already been inputted. Once you're ready, I'll input the pa-

Fujimaru: I'm not giving it to you.

Hibiki: What?
SFX: Twitch

Fujimaru: In a way, that thing really is Pandora's Box. It contains a calamity that could easily destroy the world.
Fujimaru: Letting that calamity out isn't worth my life, your life, and - sorry - that doctor's life.

Fujimaru: If you insist that I do it, then tell me what this holy war of yours is and tell me who's behind it. Try to convince me that that is the right course of action.
Fujimaru: ...I'll stop for now.


Fujimaru: If I had denied her right way, Hibiki would have immediately killed the doctor and me and then committed suicide.
Fujimaru: But now I've hacked in and gotten the password.
Fujimaru: Human psychology won't let her abandon her goal when she's a tiny step away from achieving it. I'll delay things at this stage and think up a way out of this!

Guy: What is it, Minami-san?

Minami: Mizusawa Hibiki betrayed us.


Minami: I don't know how, but she has Pandora's Box and is using a doctor as a hostage in order to have it activated.
Makimura: Eh!?

Makimura: Dammit!
SFX: Chk
Guy: Wait, Makimura! If we rush in there, Fujimaru-kun will be killed.
Guy: That has to be our last resort.

Minami: That idiot. How can he ask us not to kill Hibiki now?
Minami: How are we supposed to get out of this without killing her!? This is no time to fall for her looks!!

Makimura: Can we get outside the window and use electric rounds?
Minami: No. Electric rounds are set up to discharge the instant they hit something and that includes glass.
Minami: The only surefire way through the glass is to kill her.

Makimura: Then let's just kill her! At this rate, the entire world is at risk of nuclear attack!!
Makimura: And a nuclear bomb is going to be dropped here in another 40 minutes! We still need time to negotiate with the American government once we get Pandora's Box. We have no spare time left.


Minami: Let's try to come up with something to the last second. We managed to defy the terrorists this far thanks to Fujimaru.
Minami: He has the right to one bit of selfishness.
Guy: Th-that's true...

Guy: But I'm heading down.
Guy: If we have no other way, I'll do it!

Minami: Understood.
Minami: We'll be counting on you then.

Guy: C'mon, Makimura!
SFX: Dash
Makimura: Y-yes.

Minami: Fujimaru...

SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Vvvv


SFX: Vvvv
Minami: Yes, this is Minami.

Hagiwara: ...Shit!
Hagiwara: The American government won't even admit they've sent out the bomber.
SFX: Slam
Kirishima: Dammit. Then we might not even be able to get them to call off the bombing even if we do get Pandora's Box back!


Hagiwara: Even if we get it back right now, we probably won't make it in time like this.

Kirishima: Then we have to use the hotline.
Kirishima: Once we recover Pandora's Box, we'll use the direct hotline between the Japanese Prime Minister and the American President to inform them and give them photos as proof.

Hagiwara: We can't. The prime minister is still missing.
Hagiwara: The hotline uses a hidden line and it requires a password that only the prime minister knows!

Kirishima: Dammit!
SFX: Thud


SFX: Rooooar


Fujimaru: ...Well, Hibiki? If you want to activate Pandora's Box, you have to convince me.
Fujimaru: Convince me that this isn't just the selfish desire of your own country and that it's for world peace!
Fujimaru: I have complete control of the hotel's systems. That includes the security system...

Fujimaru: The firefighting system! If I suddenly sprayed water from there, even she would flinch a bit.
Fujimaru: From this distance, I can tackle her. I don't care if I get shot. If I match the timing with Minami-san and the others outside...

SFX: Type type
Fujimaru: Okay. I'll sound the emergency alarm in the hallways at the same time.
Fujimaru: That'll be their sign to come in and stop Hibiki!


Hibiki: The world is being controlled by the countries with strong armies and nuclear weapons.

Hibiki: The person I'm acting on behalf of wants to use Pandora's Box to completely disarm the country at the center of that control, America.
Hibiki: America has enough nuclear missiles to destroy the world many times over. That will be used to ensure that the nuclear countries of America, Russia, China, France, and England will obey.
Hibiki: This person wants to completely change America's status in the world.


Hibiki: Fujimaru, help us in this plan that will truly save the world.
Fujimaru: That's just deception! Who is this "person" anyway!?

Fujimaru: I can't trust what some person I've never even seen says!
Fujimaru: ...8...7...6...

Hibiki: You've seen this person's face.

Fujimaru: What?
Fujimaru: ...4...3...2...

Hibiki: This is a person that you...
Hibiki: know quite well.


SFX: Spray
SFX: Dash

SFX: Miss
SFX: Squirt
Doctor: Hhh...


Hibiki: Too bad, Fujimaru.
SFX: Chk

Fujimaru: Damn iiiit!

SFX: Bang bang bang


Fujimaru: H-Hibikiiiiiii!!!

Fujimaru: Don't die! Please don't die!!
SFX: Spray
SFX: Limp

SFX: Step forward
Minami: Are you okay, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru: Minami-san! Why did you shoot Hibiki!?
Other 2: Hurry up and treat the hostage!
Other 2: Roger!
Minami: Calm down!
Other 2: Call an ambulance.


Minami: Mizusawa Hibiki is not dead.

Fujimaru: What are you saying!? Of course she's dead! Who the hell do you think this is!?

Minami: Calm down and listen to this phone!
SFX: Hold out
Fujimaru: A phone...?

J: It's been a while, Falcon.


Fujimaru: ...J...?
Text: His former rival, J, informs him of a frightening truth!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 21

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