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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 68

Their Destination

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 22, 2011 20:19 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 68


J: It's been a while, Falcon.

Text: A shock hidden to the end! 34 pages for the final chapter!!
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Fujimaru: ...J...!?
Text: The final volume will be released on Tuesday May 17th!
Title: File 68 Their Destination

Fujimaru: What's going on!? Why are you-...!?
Minami: Calm down, Fujimaru!


Minami: It's okay. We only shot her because that intelligence agent told us that Hibiki was a fake!
Minami: The real Hibiki is somewhere else...

SFX: Smack

Fujimaru: You...
Fujimaru: told them to do this!?
Minami: Fujimaru, what are you saying?
Fujimaru: You sent Third-i, Hibiki's comrades, to go kill her!?
Fujimaru: Answer me, J!!

Minami: J...
Minami: It couldn't be...!!

J: I told you to calm down.
J: Well,
J: I suppose you can't really calm down.


J: A nuke is going to drop there in 30 minutes...
J: and now she's dead, too.

Fujimaru: J...
Fujimaru: You bastard!!

J: But...
J: that's only if that really is your Mizusawa Hibiki.


Fujimaru: What the hell are you talking about?
Fujimaru: It's your fault...
Fujimaru: that Hibiki was...!!

J: Can those falcon's eyes of yours...
J: really not distinguish between the truly important things?

Fujimaru: Cut the crap already...

Hibiki: I am one of 6 clones.
Hibiki: I will kill myself!!

Fujimaru: You...don't mean...


J: My intention was to give that investigator accurate information.

J: Your Mizusawa Hibiki...
J: is alive.


Man: ...he said.
Woman: Ah ha ha ha. Really?

Woman: Ahn...
Woman: C'mon...

SFX: Roooooar


Pilot: HQ, this is Spirit of the Far East.
Pilot: We will reach the bombing site in another 28 minutes.
HQ: Roger that.
HQ: We're praying you succeed.
SFX: Rooooooar

Pilot: Understood.

Sawakita: It's no good!
Sawakita: I've tried contacting the American troops stationed in Japan through every single communications line.
Sawakita: They're all telling me to go through the proper formalities!
Hagiwara: Dammit, America.
Hagiwara: You're not even going to let us negotiate!?


Sawakita: The American government still won't admit to having sent out a bomber with a nuclear warhead onboard.
Sawakita: It's impossible to negotiate about something that "hasn't happened"!

Kirishima: What about the hotline!? We can contact President Curtis directly that way!
Tsukamoto: That's only supposed to be used for emergency communications between the prime minister and the president.
Tsukamoto: Since Prime Minister Kujou is missing, we don't have the password to open the communications line.

Hagiwara: Ghh...I can't believe this.
Hagiwara: We've already recovered Pandora's Box...
Hagiwara: but the nuclear bomb is going to be dropped in 25 minutes.
Hagiwara: This is a nightmare!!

Hagiwara: Kirishima! Have we still not found Prime Minister Kujou after he was taken away!?
Kirishima: All teams in Karuizawa are out looking for him...

Kirishima: but who knows if they'll find him in time.
Kirishima: And we don't even have proof that he's all right!


Hagiwara: So it's hopeless...

SFX: Silence

Kirishima: We have no choice...
Kirishima: but to bet on Falcon once more!

Kirishima: We'll have him hack in...
Kirishima: and find the access password for the hotline!


Sawakita: Kirishima-san, not even Fujimaru-kun can do that.
Sawakita: Not just the password, but the communications line itself are not on a government server.

Fujimaru: Really?

Tsukamoto: To make sure it isn't misused, its hidden somewhere online stored on a stealth server controlled by the American government.
Tsukamoto: When you enter the password into the computer, its encrypted and moved about the internet...

Tsukamoto: and the release command is only sent out the instant it reaches the stealth server.
Tsukamoto: Searching for it would be like searching for a single diamond in a desert.
Kirishima: Gh...

SFX: Ksshh
Fujimaru: Even if it's almost impossible, I still have to do it!


Kirishima: Fujimaru-kun...!!

Kirishima: I won't force you to do this.
Kirishima: You have two options.
Kirishima: You can stay there working at this until the very end or you can try to escape.
Kirishima: If you tried to escape with a helicopter now, you're odds of survival would be-...

Fujimaru: What are you saying, Kirishima-san?
Fujimaru: If I gave up hope and ran away, my dead father would come haunt me.

Fujimaru: And...


Fujimaru: I...
Fujimaru: can't let myself die here.

Kirishima: Fujimaru-kun.

Minami: Fujimaru...

Fujimaru: I have 20 minutes.
Fujimaru: Here I go!


J: Your Mizusawa Hibiki...
J: is alive.


Fujimaru: You mean this is one of the clones of Hibiki?
Fujimaru: Since when!?

J: It happened when she went to kill the remnants of the Shooter of the Magic Bullet.
J: She was captured then and they switched out.

Fujimaru: That's ridiculous!! She was exactly like Hibiki!!
SFX: Scratch scratch
Fujimaru: Both in how she looked and how she acted towards me.

J: They got the information from the bug embedded in Mizusawa Hibiki's body.
J: She played the role well enough that even you, her boyfriend, didn't notice.

J: But then...
J: I guess you could even say that might as well have been your Mizusawa Hibiki.
Text: Gh
Fujimaru: If what you're saying is true...
Fujimaru: how do you know about it!?


J: I have this information because I've been receiving the same signals as they have.
J: Mizusawa Hibiki is alive.
J: You can believe me or not as you see fit.

Fujimaru: This...isn't Hibiki?
SFX: Clench

Fujimaru: So she's alive...
Fujimaru: She alive in some form...
Fujimaru: and she didn't betray me.

SFX: Hoo
J: Didn't betray you...hm?


Fujimaru: Was it you pulling the strings behind the scenes!?
Fujimaru: The person Hibiki said she was acting on behalf of...
Fujimaru: the person that is trying to do something with Pandora's Box and that I know quite well. Is that you!?

J: ...Hah.
J: Don't make me laugh.
J: I don't remember ever being 'known quite well' by you.

SFX: Tap

J: There was a time when I reluctantly worked with them.

Fujimaru: What happened?
Fujimaru: How shameless can you be?
Fujimaru: You went so far as to fake your death to get away, so if you're making your presence known now...
Fujimaru: you have to be planning something!
J: Perhaps.


J: But...
J: A single person is writing Bloody Monday.
J: This isn't just nonsense.

J: Whether I like it or not...
J: I'll be shadowing you wherever you go.
SFX: Bite

J: Anyway...

J: If you can escape the million degree heat, we may even meet.
SFX: Step...
J: And you may meet her.


J: Can you...
J: save the girl this time?

SFX: Intense
Fujimaru: Hibiki...!!!

Fujimaru: Here it is!
Fujimaru: I can't be 100% sure, but the odds are good.

Fujimaru: Kh! But the encryption is tougher than I expected.
Minami: This is no time for complaining.


Minami: You've always...
Minami: been able to do it!
Minami: We all...
Minami: believe in you!

Minami: But thinking of the time needed to get the order to the bomber, we're just about at the limit.
Minami: Dammit!!

Fujimaru: Okay! I cracked it! The password is "Cherry Blossoms". It's surprisingly simple!
Minami: G-great!
Minami: I'll tell Third-i, right away.

SFX: Twitch


Fujimaru: No.
Fujimaru: This is the American side password.
Fujimaru: We need another password for the Japanese side!

Minami: Wha-!?
Minami: But we don't even have 10 minutes left! Even if you get that now, we can't do anything about it...
Fujimaru: No!!

Fujimaru: The instant we give up...
Fujimaru: it's all over.
Fujimaru: I can do this.
Fujimaru: We've come this far. I'm not about to give up now!!

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Catch


Kanou: An excellent attitude, Fujimaru!
Fujimaru: Kanou-san!!

Otoya: Fujimaru.
Otoya: Can you hear me, Fujimaru?
Fujimaru: Otoya!?

Otoya: We found my grandfather!

Otoya: The other password is "New World"!
Otoya: Have Kirishima-san connect the hotline now!


Kanou: Well, Kirishima!?

Kirishima: We've entered in "New World" for the password!
Kirishima: That hotline has connected!
Kirishima: Prime Minister, begin your negotiations with President Curtis!!

Kujou: Yes.
SFX: Hold
Kujou: I've caused you some trouble.
Kujou: Sorry.
Kujou: Leave the rest to me!

SFX: Dash
Minami: Fujimaru!?


SFX: Dash
Kanou: ...Kid.
Kanou: Your grandfather's a hell of a guy.

Kanou: A lot may have happened...
Kanou: but that's the truth. You have to admit that.

Otoya: ...Yes.

SFX: Step forward


Kanou: Kirishima, how are the negotiations going!?
Kirishima: We've sent them the photos of Pandora's Box. They'll call off the attack right away.
Kirishima: But there's only 2 minutes left.
Kirishima: The order might not make it in time.

SFX: Press press press

SFX: Rinnng
SFX: Rinnng
Haruka: Hello, brother?
Haruka: What is it?
Fujimaru: Hey, Haruka.
Fujimaru: Sorry, were you asleep?
Haruka: No...
Haruka: What about you? Are you okay?

Fujimaru: Yeah, I'm fine. There's nothing to worry about.
Fujimaru: Hey, when are you getting out of the hospital?
Minami: One more minute...
Haruka: Monday of the week after next.


Fujimaru: I see.
Fujimaru: Let's go on a trip once you're out.
Fujimaru: With Otoya, with dad, with everyone...

Haruka: ...Yeah.
Haruka: What's with this all of a sudden?

Kanou: ...20 seconds.
Fujimaru: It's nothing.

SFX: Rooooar
Kanou: 10 seconds...
Fujimaru: The weather here in Karuizawa is nice.
Haruka: It's nice here, too.
Kanou: 3...2...1...


SFX: Rooooar


SFX: Roooar
Haruka: What was that sound?

Fujimaru: ...Nothing.
Fujimaru: Just a plane flying by a bit too low.


Fujimaru: That's all...

SFX: Excitement
Hikita: Prime Minister!
Hikita: Prime Minister Kujou!


Hikita: Prime Minister Kujou,
Hikita: thank goodness you're safe!!
Kujou: Yes.
Kujou: Sorry for worrying you, Hikita-kun.

Kujou: Things are still going to be tough. Prepare yourself.
Hikita: Y-yes, sir.

SFX: Grab
Kujou: I'm glad...
Kujou: you're safe, too.
Kujou: Otoya.


Kujou: Sorry, but I'd like some time to calm down.
Kujou: Could I have 3 minutes to rest?
SFX: Close
Hikita: Of course, Prime Minister!
Hikita: Use this room.

SFX: Place

SFX: Press press press

SFX: Rinnng
SFX: Rinnng
SFX: Hoo


Kujou: This is the Storyteller.

Kujou: Until our true objective is carried out...
Kujou: the story of Bloody Monday will not end.
Kujou: Do not worry. It will all change.
Kujou: The entire world will change.


J: But...
J: A single person is writing Bloody Monday.
J: This isn't just nonsense.


Fujimaru: This isn't over yet.
SFX: Clench
Fujimaru: Perfect. I won't run and I won't hide.

Fujimaru: Hibiki, as long as you're alive, I WILL save you.
Fujimaru: Falcon will save you!!
Text: The final enemy is Prime Minister Kujou!? Fujimaru challenges a great evil without knowing who it is!!
Second to bottom: Season 2 ~End~
Bottom: The Last Season is scheduled to begin starting with Issue 28!!

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