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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 256

Stand By Me (6)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 26, 2011 03:36 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 256


Text: Previously:
SFX: Limp
Text: While half asleep, Shiho shot Minamoto with a tranquilizer gun when he came to wake her.

Shiho: What do we do, Kaoru-chan!?
Kaoru: I-
Kaoru: It'll be okay. Probably.
Kaoru: He's breathing.

Shiho: But..!!
Shiho: I'm sure Minamoto-san...
Shiho: will ban carrying weapons while sleeping!!

Shiho: I can't sleep without a weapon!!
Text: Wahhhhhh!!
Feather: So it's like a security blanket or a stuffed animal?
Kaoru: At least use a model gun.

Shiho: Take him to his room.
Shiho: The tranquilizer will have made his memory fuzzy...
Shiho: so we might be able to trick him into thinking it never happened.

Shiho: And then...

Shiho: the only people who know the truth...
Text: Heh...
Shiho: will be me...
Shiho: and you two.
SFX: Jump

Kaoru: Shiho...
Kaoru: We're...
Kaoru: f-friends, right?
Shiho: What are you afraid of?
SFX: Pant pant

Margin: Shiho is a scary girl! You can see what happened
Bottom: to Minamoto after they put him to sleep in the main chapter!!!


Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 256th sense. Stand By Me (6)
Text: Are they all having the same dream?
Margin: For the miracle of the Children's growth, check Volumes 1-25!!!
Bottom: For those who want to see the Children move and speak, go to the anime's official site at www.z-child.com


SFX: Wobble

SFX: Thoom
SFX: Crash


Aoi: Bullet!!
Aoi: How about now!?

Bullet: The communications are back up!!
Bullet: I'm sending out a mayday!

SFX: Beep
Kaoru: ...Aoi!?
Kaoru: What is it!?
Aoi: Kaoru!?


Aoi: Kaoru...!!
Aoi: Kaoru...Uuuhhhh!!
Kaoru: Wait!?
Kaoru: Are you okay!? What happened!?
SFX: Cry
Aoi: Wahh...
Aoi: I was so scared!!
Aoi: Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!

Aoi: Help us....
Aoi: Sob
SFX: Sob sob
Aoi: Tim is...!!
Kaoru: Where are you!?
Kaoru: Your current location is...Mt. Fuji!?

Aoi: I don't think people should just bear with things or make others bear with things.
Aoi: All of us will fight together!
Bullet: She said that...
Bullet: but she was bearing with her fear.


Bullet: It's because I'm weak!!
Bullet: I was just showing off...
Bullet: and I didn't give her any relief at all.

Kaoru: Okay, we'll be right there!!
Kaoru: It should only take 7 minutes at full speed!

Shiho: Minamoto-san!? Wake up, Minamoto-san!!
SFX: Slap slap
Kaoru: Sorry. It might take 15 minutes.


Feather: I'll help.
Feather: I normally go along with what you say...
SFX: Vhh

SFX: Vhhn!!
Feather: for times like this!

Feather: I can't perform a teleportation all the way there right now...
Feather: but if we work together, we can fly at almost the speed of sound.
Feather: It'll take 5 minutes.

Feather: Or maybe 8 minutes.
SFX: Slap slap
Kaoru: Wake the hell up!!
SFX: Slap


Kaoru: We're about to-
SFX: Kssshhhhh
SFX: Hyupah
Aoi: Kaoru!?

Bullet: The jamming is back up!
Bullet: Tim is still-

Bullet: I'm not going to lose just from that!!
SFX: Crash
Bullet: You only destroyed the main camera, the waist, the shoulders, the back, and the stomach!!


Aoi: Then we'll take out the legs, too!!
SFX Bang bang

SFX: Chn! Chn!

Bullet: It isn't workinnnnnngggg!!
SFX: Crash

Tim: Gaaaahhhhhh!!
SFX: Yell

Aoi: Not good!!
Aoi: He's getting worked up!!
Bullet: He's mad like a kid who has started losing!!

Aoi: How many ESP suppressing tranquilizer bullets are left!?
Bullet: Only one!
Bullet: And they aren't made of lead, so I can't control them after firing!


Bullet: We either have to stop his movements or I have to get close to him.
SFX: Kachik!!

Aoi: Then leave this to me!
Aoi: I'll stop him!
SFX: Hyuh
Bullet: Roger that!!

Bullet: Even if it's just for an instant, if I have an opening...
Bullet: I can hit him!

Aoi: Tim!!
SFX: Pah

Tim: Stay back!!


SFX: Hyuh
SFX: Swat

Tim: "I can see it...!!"
Tim: "I can predict your movements!!"
SFX: Spark
Tim: That's the setting!

Aoi: Kyah!!
SFX: Pah
SFX: Grab!!

Aoi: Kh.
Aoi: Why you...!!
SFX: Kihhhhn!!


Aoi: Got you!!
SFX: Grab
Tim: L-let go of me!!

Tim: Kh...
Tim: If you won't let go, I'll hit the self destruct and-

SFX: Squeeze

Tim: Ah


SFX: Bang

SFX: Hit


SFX: Faint
Aoi: You did it!

SFX: Hyupah
Bullet: Are you okay, Aoi-dono!?


Aoi: You made that shot without using your powers.
Aoi: Way to go, Bullet!
Bullet: I wasn't the amazing one.
Aoi: You don't have to be so modest! I couldn't have stopped him alone.

Bullet: No...
Bullet: It was your strength that won out.
Bullet: The strength of your heart is Level 7, too!!

SFX: Hee hee

Aoi: That's...
Aoi: the first time someone's told me that.
Aoi: Thanks!


Bullet: And there's your softness that temporarily robbed Tim of his "childlike heart"!!
Bullet: Dammit!!
Aoi: Eh heh heh...

Bullet: Tim and I need to become stronger.
Bullet: That is surely...
Bullet: the reason we are alive.

Bullet: Will Tim be back to normal when he wakes up?
Aoi: I don't know.
Aoi: But the others will be here soon, and a Boost will most likely-


SFX: Crawl

Aoi: Kyaaahh!!?
SFX: Thud
SFX: Hyuhpah
Bullet: Wh-what is the matter!?
Aoi: A-a bug!

Bullet: L-leave it to me!
Bullet: But please let go...
SFX: Squeeze
Text: Hahhhn
Bullet: Ahh.
Bullet: I can't aim!?

SFX: Disappear

Bullet: It disappeared?
Bullet: No...did it just fly away?
Bullet: What was that strange insect?

Kaoru: Aoiiiiiiiiiiii!!
SFX: Rooooar

Aoi: You're here!!
Bullet: Ah
SFX: Collapse


Kaoru: Are you okay, Aoi!?
SFX: Pah
SFX: Kyuhn
Aoi: I wasn't sure what I was going to do!!
Minamoto: What happened!?
Shiho: It looks like you only have light injuries.
Aoi: But I knew you all would come!

Margin: His determination will pay off eventually...maybe!

Bullet: Let's become stronger.
Bullet: Okay, Tim?

Bottom: To be continued in Combined Issue 22 - 23 which will be released on Wednesday April 27th.

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