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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hayate no Gotoku! 318


+ posted by js06 as translation on May 5, 2011 07:28 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

-> RTS Page for Hayate no Gotoku! 318

My power was been out for almost a week, but I'm back now.
Also, this is my 600th translation here.

Chapter 318


Hayate: How did...
SFX: Empty
Hayate: the hundred million yen disappear!?
Title: Chapter 318 "Sign"

Fumi: The hundred million yen!!
Fumi: Did you find the hundred million yen!?
Hayate: W-well...

Fumi: Ha wa wa!!

Fumi: The hundred million yen...!!
Fumi: Why is that evidence of Fumi's crime gone!?
Hayate: Th-that's what I would like to know..

SFX: Flutter...

Margin: Volume 28 will be released on 5/17!! As will the limited edition in celebration of the theatrical anime!!
Small margin text: The limited edition has 1. The third candid photo "Theatrical Nagi" 2. A secret illustration & display album 3. A preliminary pamphlet for the movie...in a splendid sleeve!!

Credit: Hata Kenjirou


Margin: When he found the case it was as empty as the shed skin of a snake. A short escape from that cruel truth...

SFX: Wipe wipe wipe wipe

SFX: Wipe wipe wipe wipe

Fumi: Hoo...

Fumi: Now...Let's get out of here, Armageddon.
Armageddon: Woof!!

SFX: Wham

Sharna: You mustn't destroy the evidence, Fumi-chan.
Fumi: I-I'm sorry, Sharna-chan...


Sharna: We have to figure out where it disappeared.
Hayate: Y-yes.

Fumi: Armageddon!! Where did you lose it!? Answer honestly.
Armageddon: Woof!!
Fumi: I can't understand "woof"! Speak in Japanese!!
Armageddon: Woof woof!!
Fumi: Just say something other than "woof" once in a while!! C'mon, Armageddon!!

Fumi: It's no good. Armageddon is refusing to crack.
Hayate: Yes...
Hayate: I suppose so...

Athena: If only we knew the language of animals we could talk to him.
Hayate: But we don't know anyone that knows both the language of animals and the language of humans...

Hayate: No!!
Hayate: We do!!!


Hayate: Tamaaaa!!
Hayate: C'mere a second!!
Tama: What!? I didn't do anything!!

Athena: Um...Hayate? Who is this person?
Hayate: Don't worry. This person insists that he knows the language of animals and that animals are always speaking ill of him with words that people cannot understand.
Athena: Sounds like there's plenty to worry about.

Hayate: C'mon, hurry up!!
Tama: I know, I know...

Tama: Well? What happened to the hundred million?


Armageddon: I have nothing to say...
Armageddon: to the lowly trash who are owned by humans.

Armageddon: You disgraceful garbage. We are free.
Armageddon: Freedom itself has released our souls.

Tama: Cut the crap and spill it, you damn dog!!
Armageddon: Woof woof!!
Hayate: Hey!! Don't fight, you two!!

Wataru: Two men stole the contents along the way!?


Hayate: Yes. According to a witness, it was someone who heard us talking.
Hayate: Yes. I am going to head after those people with everything I have!!

Hayate: So don't give up yet.

Saki: I-I'm sorry!! This is all my fault!!
Wataru: I already told you it isn't your fault.

Wataru: But what do I do?
Wataru: What?

Wataru: What do I do...
Wataru: at a time like this?

Isumi: You truly seem to be troubled.


Wataru: Isumi!!

Wataru: Why are you here?
Isumi: I headed here after Sakuya told me...

Isumi: that you were probably troubled after having lost the hundred million yen by now.
Wataru: Damn her...

Wataru: S-so do you know where the money is?
Isumi: More or less.
Wataru: Really!? Then let's head there!!
Isumi: Of course. This way.

Wataru: Excellent, Isumi!! You I can rely on!!


Saki: I know why young master likes Isumi-san...
Saki: He can rely on her.

Saki: And unlike me...
Saki: she's his age...

Saki: There's nothing...
Saki: for me to do...

Wataru: They're here...?
Isumi: Yes. They were rather large men.

Isumi: But will you be all right? Shouldn't you wait for the police or Hayate-sama to-
Wataru: I'll be fine. I have to make up for my own mistake.


Wataru: And if I can't do anything myself...
Wataru: I'll be setting a bad example for Saki.

Isumi: Wataru-kun...

Wataru: Here goes!!

Wataru: I said that...

Wataru: but what if I really get killed?
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat

Wataru: No!!
Wataru: Hesitating won't help anything!!

Wataru: I need to muster all of my courage!!
Wataru: Hey!! Give back my-


Yukiji: Give back my hundred million yeeeeeennnn!!!
SFX: Crash

SFX: Collapse
SFX: Pant
SFX: Pant
Yukiji: Really now...

SFX: Pull

SFX: Rummage rummage

SFX:: Pull
SFX: Pat pat


Yukiji: Now then...
SFX: Turn

SFX: Drop

SFX: Inhale...


Yukiji: I-I was of course on the way to bring it to you.
Wataru: O-of course you were.

Wataru: There we go.
SFX: Beep
Text: Thank you for using our services. Please come again.
Top button: End
Bottom button: Make another deposit

Wataru: Hoo. You really saved me, Isumi.
Isumi: I didn't do anything.

Wataru: If I hadn't found it...
Wataru: Saki would have just kept on crying feeling responsible for it...

Isumi: I see...


Isumi: Wataru-kun...
Isumi: You really do love Saki-san, don't you?

Wataru: Eh?

Isumi: That hundred million yen...
Isumi: has the power to make the person you love most happy.
Isumi: Use it carefully.

Wataru: Isumi...


Wataru: I found the money...
Wataru: so why are you so down?
Saki: Young master!?

Saki: You found the money?
Wataru: Yup. I just finished depositing it.

Saki: Th-
Saki: Thank goodness...


Wataru: So we're gonna be busy from now on.
Wataru: Don't even think about quitting.
Saki: Ah...but...

Wataru: Also...
Wataru: My May is gonna be packed, so I'm quitting Hakuou.
Saki: Ehh!?

Wataru: I wasn't smart enough to ever skip a grade.
Wataru: So it'll be impossible for me to keep up with my studies at Hakuou and deal with a large business.

Saki: But then...
Saki: you'll be at a different school than Isumi-san...


Wataru: If you're with me...
Wataru: that'll be enough.

Wataru: So come with me!!
Wataru: For the long haul!!

Saki: Young master...

Wataru: I'm going to make something of myself, Saki!!!
Saki: Yes!!

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 24 which will be released on Wednesday May 11th.

Margin: Tachibana Wataru (13 years old) has made an important decision about something in his life while he believes in the true end the option he chose leads to.

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#1. by Spikey2713 ()
Posted on May 5, 2011
Welcome back~~ I heard that you were having hard time. Glad you're safe & sound.
#2. by alphonse ()
Posted on May 5, 2011
grats for the 600th translation ^^ keep up the good work
glad you're back
#3. by mramigo ()
Posted on May 8, 2011
good chapter, i remember you trans 400 xD!!, ok thx
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