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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Hayate no Gotoku! 319

Crappy Adviser

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 11, 2011 02:15 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

-> RTS Page for Hayate no Gotoku! 319

Chapter 319


Hayate: Congratulations, milady.
SFX: Applause
Hayate: Congratulations on having your doujinshi sell out!!

Hayate: Congratulations, milady!!
SFX: Applause
Hayate: You worked really hard on that.
Nagi: Hayate...

Nagi: Th-thank you, Hayate!!
Nagi: And everyone else, too!!

Nagi: My manga really is good, isn't it!?
Nagi: I really can...
Nagi: do it when I put my mind to it!!

Margin: There will be a limited edition in celebration of the theatrical anime, too. Volume 28 goes on sale 5/17!!

Bottom: A manga about a butler who can do it when he puts his mind to it. Hayate no Gotoku!


Margin: She holds hope and despair. She holds confidence and insecurity. To overcome that, she must draw. Is Lady Nagi going all out!?

Hayate: No, you're trash.
Hayate: You're a hopeless person and you're hopeless at everything you do.

Nagi: Fwohhh!!
SFX: Twitch

SFX: Zzz...

SFX: Tick tick


SFX: Open

SFX: Sit up

SFX: Tweet tweet

SFX: Step step step

SFX: Sit

SFX: Draw draw


Top: Volume 28, both regular and limited editions, will be released 5/17!!
Text: She dreams of manga when she sleeps and heads for the blank manuscript when she wakes.
Title: Chapter 319 "Crappy Adviser"
Below title: The theatrical anime will be released this summer!! "Hayate no Gotoku! Masterpiece Theatre" will be serialized at the bookstore? See websunday.net for details.
Bottom corner: Hata Kenjirou's early works collection "Before Hayate no Gotoku!" is on sale now!! The net radio show "Hayasan" is on onsen.ag! The official site is hayatenogotoku.com
Credit: Hata Kenjirou


Hayate: Oh?
Hayate: Are you up already, milady?

Nagi: Yeah. There's not much time left until the doujinshi showdown.
Nagi: Time spent sleeping is wasted because I need to spend it drawing.
Hayate: Hehh...

Hayate: Then I shall go get you some coffee.
Nagi: Please do.

Hayate: Lady Nagi seems really motivated.
Maria: Yes, she does...

Hayate: I hope she doesn't force herself...
Hayate: to the point it impacts her health.


Maria: Don't worry.
SFX: Draw draw

Maria: She looks...
Maria: like she's enjoying it.

Maria: But what kind of manga is she making now?
Hayate: I don't really know.

Hayate: But she seems to have...
Hayate: gotten some kind of hint from Nishizawa-san the other day.

Text: The other day...


Chiharu: Well?
Chiharu: Have you decided what you're going to draw?

Nagi: If I had...
Nagi: do you think I'd be here playing this game?
Chiharu: Then quite playing the game and think about it.

Nagi: But is it really that hard...
Nagi: to sell 50 copies of your doujinshi?
Nagi: I mean, there are some circles that sell thousands, right?

Chiharu: The circles that sell over a thousand copies make up less than 5% of the whole.
Nagi: Eh!?

Chiharu: I could tell you that making a doujinshi was profitable, but that would be a lie.
Chiharu: About half of them sell fewer than 50 copies and 70% lose money.
Chiharu: Reality is harsh.


Nagi: H-ha!!
Nagi: I'll show you...!!

Nagi: I'll show you...
Nagi: my true passion!!

Chiharu: Then hurry up and show it to me.

Nagi: L-let me finish this level...
SFX: Click click

Ayumu: Oh, there you are.
Ayumu: Hey, Nagi-chaaan!


Nagi: Hamster...
Ayumu: Heh heh. I was looking for you.

Nagi: What do you want? I'm kind of busy.
Ayumu: You haven't come to work in a while, Nagi-chan.

Ayumu: So I wasn't able...
Ayumu: to give you this.

Nagi: Oh, this is...
Nagi: from when...

Chiharu: Come to think of it, you put a lot effort into making that manuscript.
Chiharu: But I guess you ended up shelving it.
Nagi: Nnn...


Nagi: I had so much confidence back then...
Nagi: but I just couldn't express what I wanted to.
Nagi: Looking at it now, it was pretty bad...

Chiharu: Oh...
Chiharu: Wow, she's actually reflecting on that.

Nagi: But I was headed in the right direction!!
Nagi: ...I think.

Chiharu: Well...
Chiharu: People only grow a bit at a time.

Nagi: And...!! And it wasn't all that bad, right!?
Nagi: Right!? Right!?
Nagi: Right!?
Chiharu: Nn...well, maybe not.

Ayumu: Then why don't you just redo it?


Nagi: Eh?

Ayumu: You already drew it once...
Ayumu: and then figured out what you'd done wrong, right?

Ayumu: So if you fix those parts and redo it...
Ayumu: it'll turn into an even better manga, right?

Nagi: I see. A remake...!!
Nagi: That might be a pretty good idea!!

Nagi: If I revise this manga and redraw it...
Nagi: I'm sure I'll have a doujinshi that can sell 50 copies!!


Nagi: No!! Maybe...
Nagi: I'll have a masterpiece that will go down in history!!

Chiharu: Wow...
Chiharu: It's almost artistic how she managed to get carried away there...

Nagi: Okay!! Now I need to hurry up and revise this!!
Nagi: You two can give me some advice on what I should fix!!

Chiharu: Um...Advice...?
Nagi: Surely you have something!!

Ayumu: Oh!! In that case...
Nagi: Oh!! What is it, Hamster?


Ayumu: How about you have a cute kitty in it?
Ayumu: Kitties...
Ayumu: are cute.

Chiharu: Good god, that's normal!!
Chiharu: That's on the level of the idea someone's mother would have!!
Ayumu: Could you put He**o Kitty in it?
Nagi: Umm, I doubt it.

Nagi: But...
Nagi: that could work.
Chiharu: You think that could work!!?


Nagi: Okay, let's keep this up and get this thing revised!!
Ayumu: Ohhh!!
Chiharu: Why do I not see this ending well...?

Box: Meanwhile

Luca: This last time was 9 copies...
Luca: Before that, it was 2 copies, so I guess you could say the sales increased.
Luca: But that's still only 9 copies.

Luca: There are doujinshi that sell thousands of copies out there.
Luca: What am I doing wrong!


Luca: I know what it is...
Luca: My manga...
Luca: isn't any good.

Hina: I see. So that Luca-san...
Hina: thinks that you're a girl, Hayate-kun.

Hayate: Yes. I really want to tell her I'm a guy...
Hayate: but, as a girl, I've seen her mostly naked and as well as a bunch of other things...
Hayate: so I can't bring myself to tell her for fear that it will hurt her.
Hina: Hehh...You've seen her naked a bunch?
SFX: Crack
Sign: Student Council President

SFX: Toss!
SFX: Toss!
Hayate: Ah!!
Hayate: Ah!!


Hina: Anyway!! Next time you meet her...
Hina: make sure you tell her the truth!!
Hayate: Yes, well, I intend to, but...

SFX: Rinnng rinnng
SFX: Grab

Hayate: Um...
Hayate: Hinagiku-san?
Hina: Yes?

Hayate: May I...
Hayate: borrow some clothes?

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 25 which will be released on Wednesday May 18th.

Margin: The contents of Luca's email are enough to make Hayate himself say he must crossdress? Next Issue: A special feature on the movie & opening color pages!!

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