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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 258

Little Princess (2)

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 13, 2011 00:48 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 258


Fujiko: Let's have a race, Kyousuke!
Fujiko: The loser buys the winner a cake!
Hyoubu: Eh?
Fujiko: Ready, go!!

Fujiko: Kyousuke's pretty fast...!
SFX: Rooooar

Fujiko: But I can't lose!!
Fujiko: I'll use all the power at my disposal...
Fujiko: and seize victory!!

Hyoubu: Grabbing my feet from behind...
Hyoubu: and punching me isn't fair!!
Fujiko: When did we make a rule against that?
Fujiko: Cite the exact hour, minute, and day!

Kaoru: Hey, Kyousuke, let's race!
Kaoru: The loser buys the winner a cake!
Hyoubu: Sure, but...

Hyoubu: Let's make a rule against...
Hyoubu: obstructing the other with violence if it looks like you'll lose.
Kaoru: Ah ha ha...!
Kaoru: Okay!

Hyoubu: And talking to your opponent to distract him...
Hyoubu: or suddenly changing the goal point are also out.
Kaoru: O-okay.

Hyoubu: Also, even if you lose in the end...
Hyoubu: you can't complain and say it didn't count.
SFX: Rumble
Kaoru: Kyousuke...
Kaoru: Did something happen to you in the past?

Margin: Childhood trauma can have a major effect on the development of a personality...for both boys and girls!!!

Bottom: Embrace the influential bible of youth!!! Volumes 1-25 of Zettai Karen Children!!


Top: You can see the first episode of the anime for free!! Check www.z-child.com
Text: The years have polished her beauty...as well as the brutality of her self defense tools!?
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 258th sense. Little Princess (2)


Sign: Medical Research Building

Kaoru: This room...!
Shiho: Wow.
Shiho: How nostalgic!


Margin: Previously: Aoi is being treated for her exhaustion from the battle against Tim who had fallen to Black Phantom's brainwashing again, so they all decided to stay in the BABEL medical facility. What is this room before the Children's eyes...?

Kaoru: This is the place...
Kaoru: we were first brought when he were little.

Kaoru: Right!?
Minamoto: ...It seems so.
Minamoto: This is the special nursery division for undeveloped high level espers.


Minamoto: When the three of you were discovered one after another...
Minamoto: it was thought that a great number of Level 7's were going to appear afterwards.
Minamoto: This room was reserved for Level 7 children...
Minamoto: but for better or for worse, it was never used again.

Shiho: In other words...
Aoi: The only people with the right to use this room...
Aoi: are us?

Minamoto: Well?
Minamoto: It's a bit far, but there is a business hotel in town you could go to.

Kaoru: Why!?
Kaoru: This place is fine!
Kaoru: It really takes me back!


Kaoru: Tomorrow, we can have them bring out the toys we played with back then!? Okay!?
Shiho: Kyah...
SFX: Pull
Aoi: Wah!

Minamoto: I see...
Minamoto: That's fine then.

Minamoto: Good night.
Children: Good night! (x3)

SFX: Close

Minamoto: But I thought not all those memories were good ones...


SFX: Zzz...
SFX: Zzz...

Shiho: ...They're fast asleep.
SFX: Sit up
Shiho: They worked hard today.

SFX: Drop


Sakaki: The analysis isn't complete...
Sakaki: but the psychic waves that invaded Tim didn't leave much of a trace.
Sakaki: It's only a digitally corrected version of the psychic hypnotism waves using estimated data...

Sakaki: but what do you think?

Minamoto: What...
Minamoto: is that!?

Sakaki: I don't know.
Sakaki: It has the characteristics of both...
Sakaki: the past Black Phantom waveform and the Children's Boost waveform.


Minamoto: I had thought that some traces of the Boost originally used to save Tim and Bullet remained...
Minamoto: and that that gave them a certain amount of resistance to the new brainwashing...
Minamoto: but this looks like they matched that waveform to get in.

Sakaki: But according to Shiho-chan...
Sakaki: the traces of the Boost are what saved him.
Sakaki: It's possible both the enemy and ally psychic waves were being controlled.

Sakaki: Although...
Sakaki: we don't really have enough data to know for sure.
Minamoto: Yeah.

Minamoto: But if we assume the worst...
Minamoto: then...
Minamoto: the enemy has taken in the Children's power and is resisting...

SFX: Creak


SFX: Clatter
Sakaki: Who's there!?

SFX: Fire

Sakaki: Gh...!?

Minamoto: S-
Minamoto: Sakaki!?


Shiho: Sorry,
Shiho: doctor.
Text: Heh heh...

Minamoto: Eh!?
Minamoto: Shiho!?
Shiho: There's somewhere I want to go.
Shiho: Come with me, Minamoto-san!

Minamoto: Why did you do that!?

Shiho: Because...
SFX: Realization
Shiho: Oh.

Shiho: That's right.
Shiho: Unlike when I was here before, I'm free to leave.
SFX: Teh heh. Stick out tongue
Shiho: I fell into my old habit.


Shiho: Well...
Shiho: If we take him to his room...

Text: Heh heh heh heh...
Shiho: and you tell him he just fell asleep, everything will be fine.
Minamoto: She's dealt with this before!?

Minamoto: Is this place far?
Minamoto: Feather's alseep, too. How about we do this tomorrow?
Shiho: Don't worry.

Shiho: I could get there on foot, so with this, it won't take long.
Shiho: I want you to come along as ballast.
Shiho: And in the unlikely event that the police catch us...
Shiho: you can say we're on a mission.
Minamoto: Fine, fine...


Minamoto: Please don't drive too crazily!
Shiho: Hold on tighter!
Shiho: And lean along with me.

Shiho: A Honda XLR 250 Military Use.
SFX: Kyuihhhnnn
Shiho: An air cooled 4 cycle 4 valve short cylinder engine.

Shiho: Maximum Output: 28 ps/ 8500 rpm.
Shiho: Let's go!!

Minamoto: Uuh...
SFX: Roar


SFX: Roooooar

Minamoto: Waahhh!?
Shiho: Quit that yelling!!
Shiho: You're a man, aren't you!?

Minamoto: Where are you headed!?
Shiho: Back then...
Shiho: there was an old abandoned hotel nearby.
Shiho: Is it still there?

Minamoto: Y-yes.
Minamoto: I think so.
Minamoto: What about it!?

Shiho: Something has been bothering me.
Shiho: I want to meet her again.


Minamoto: Her?
Minamoto: Her who!?

Shiho: Kaoru-chan from back then.
Shiho: When she was still 5.

Minamoto: What?
Shiho: Before we met you...
Shiho: we didn't trust the people in BABEL very much.

Shiho: But...
Shiho: when we were together, there was nothing to be afraid of.
Shiho: We could do whatever we wanted to an adult we didn't like.

Minamoto: ...Damn brats.
Shiho: I can hear that.

Shiho: But it wasn't always that way.
Shiho: After all...


Shiho: we were so small at one point.
Shiho: I'm...
Shiho: going to live here from now on?

Shiho: I can't just come here from home?
Father: How about you read my mind?

Shiho: Let's see...
SFX: Kyuhhn!!

Shiho: You love mama...
Shiho: but you still want to touch the boobs of your female subordinates.
Father: That's an unavoidable desire for any man.
Father: But don't tell mama.


Father: What else did you see?

Shiho: That if I read every little thing like that...
Shiho: I won't be able to be a happy child...
Shiho: so I need to learn how to use my power.
Shiho: And, um...

Father: "You have to be able to help out others."
Father: That's what I think.
Father: This place may be far from home, but it has specialists and the proper facilities.

Shiho: True.
Shiho: But...

Shiho: You also think that not seeing me for a while will be too much for you to bear.
SFX: Hug!!
Father: I do!!
Father: I'm going to become a tsundere papa, so don't say those kinds of things anymore!


Shiho: But papa was a bit relieved at the same time.
Shiho: After all, he didn't know how to handle...
Shiho: a daughter who could read everything within adults' minds.

Shiho: But...
Shiho: I knew I couldn't say that.
Shiho: I was only just learning my hiragana...
Shiho: but I already knew that I was a monster.

Shiho: I never told the entire truth to papa or mama.
Shiho: I just told them what they could bear...
Shiho: to let them think that they weren't bad parents.
Text: Ah ha ha ha...

Shiho: I was such a horrible kid.
Text: What is Minamoto thinking...?

Margin: To be continued in Volume 25

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