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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Needless 34

Simeon Arc XVIII

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 14, 2011 00:35 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 34

Chapter 34


SFX: Whooosh...

Title: #34 Simeon Arc XVIII
SFX: Sparkle sparkle

Cruz: That's the one that no one has seen before!?
SFX: Rumble

SFX: Fwoosh

Cruz: The mysterious...

Cruz: fourth member!!


SFX: Boom


Cruz: Ahh
SFX: Rumble
Cruz: Ahh

Blade: She's...
Blade: one of the Shitennou?

Disk: This isn't good!
Disk: The Shitennou hold power second only to Arclight.
SFX: Rumble
Disk: And now there are two of them here!!

SFX: Rumble


Cruz: Now we can't use our incredibly crude plan of...
Cruz: coming at him 5-to-1 to plow through and win despite not having figured out the secret behind Saten's ability!!
SFX: Rumble
SFX: Turn

Cruz: I'm sorry.

Teruyama: Disk!! Can't you Scan Saten's ability?
Disk: I already have...
Disk: but it was no good.

Teruyama: Eh?

Disk: I search for the enemy's ability by Scanning it, but I don't have data on every single type of ability out there.
Disk: Complicated abilities that have no precedent are difficult to completely expose.


Disk: I just wish I had something to use as a hint...
Teruyama: A hint, huh?

Teruyama: Well, those things on his arms look kinda suspicious.
Teruyama: Are they creating the fire, ice, or wind?

Teruyama: That would make it not a Fragment...
Teruyama: which would explain why Blade couldn't learn it.
Seth: True...

Seth: Come to think of it, we did run across a Needless that could control both fire and ice like Saten...
Seth: but it turned out to be a trick.
Solva: It's in Needless Zero.
Solva: I'm in it, too.


Arca: Heh heh...

Arca: You needn't worry yourselves about that.

SFX: Whoosh

Teruyama: Up above!!

SFX: Roar


SFX: Crash


SFX: Fly
Teruyama: Ohhhh!!

Teruyama: Kh.
SFX: Slide slide

SFX: Smoke rising

Arca: I will...
SFX: Rumble
Arca: handle you three.


Teruyama: What!?

Teruyama: You're saying...
Teruyama: you'll take us on by yourself!?

Arca: Heh...
Arca: That should not surprise you.

Arca: That's just how much of a gap there is...
SFX: Boom
Arca: between us Missing Link Needlesses and you lower Needlesses!


Teruyama: Heh.
Teruyama: Well, don't cry afterwards, okay?

Solva: You...

All: boiled wooper looper!!
SFX: Energy

Teruyama: Let's go!!


SFX: Roar


SFX: Rumble
Saten: Now then...

Saten: How about we...
Saten: finish things here, too.

Eve: Yamada!!
Cruz: Y-yes!?


Eve: You understand, don't you!?
Eve: There's no such thing as a Double Needless!!

Cruz: Th-
Cruz: That's right.

Cruz: Assuming Saten is not a clone of the Second Christ...
Cruz: he should only have one ability!!
SFX: Rumble
Cruz: There has to be some kind of trick!!

Cruz: The only thing I've ever been able to do is think!!
Cruz: Just like when Eve-san and I defeated Uten.
SFX: Rumble
Cruz: I need to figure out what Saten's ability is!!


SFX: Boom

SFX: Transform

SFX: Energy


SFX: Step

Eve: Back then...
Eve: you said something that interested me.

Eve: So spill it!!
SFX: Dramatic
Eve: Tell us what you know!!

Blade: As it says in the bible:
SFX: Steam
Blade: "If someone strikes your right cheek...


Blade: respond with a piledriver to the left!!!"
SFX: Roar
Box: Note: It doesn't say that.

Blade: Raaahhhhh!

Blade: Kandata String!!!
SFX: Fire


SFX: Wrap wrap
SFX: Grab!
SFX: Slide slide

Blade: Now, Eve!!

Eve: Eve Cannon!!

Saten: Heh.
SFX: Strain strain


SFX: Snap

SFX: Grab

Blade: Impossible!! He broke...
Blade: Kandata String to pieces!?


Saten: Getting too close...
SFX: Freeze
Saten: is dangerous.

SFX: Freeze freeze

SFX: Freeze freeze freeze


SFX: Whoosh
SFX: Freeze freeze

SFX: Flames
Blade: Little Boy!!!

SFX: Grab


SFX: Absorb

Gido: A-again!!
Disk: He absorbed it again!!

Blade: Kh...
Blade: He just...

Saten: If you rob that explosively hot attack of its flame...
SFX: Rumble
SFX: Creak...
Saten: it's nothing but a fist!!

SFX: Spin
Saten: Eat this!!

SFX: Spin


Saten: Double Fourth Wave!!!

Cruz: No waaaayyyy!!

SFX: Crash
Eve: Wahh!!

Blade: Gwah!
SFX: Smash

SFX: Steam...

Saten: You can take your time...
SFX: Rumble
Saten: and figure out what my ability is once you're dead!


SFX: Intense wind

Gido: Wh-what's going on?
Gido: He's just showing off one ability after another!

Cruz: D-
Cruz: Does he really only have one ability!?

Cruz: He froze Kurumi, shot flames,
Cruz: absorbed Vulcan Shock Ignition, created wind,
Cruz: shattered Kandata String, and absorbed Little Boy!!
Cruz: He keeps doing something different every time, which makes this harder and harder to figure out!!


Cruz: Uten was nothing...
Cruz: compared to this!

Cruz: ..."Different every time"...!?

Cruz: Saten has been using all sorts of different abilities...
Cruz: almost as if he were showing them off.
Cruz: And yet something as powerful as that "Fourth Wave" flame attack would have been enough.

Cruz: He could have done this without showing off everything he could do...
Cruz: so why did he!?

Cruz: No...
Cruz: Wait...


Cruz: What if...
Cruz: he had to use all of them!?

Cruz: That's it! Disk-san!!
Cruz: What came first!?
Disk: Eh?

Cruz: Saten's attacks!

Cruz: Do you know what order he's done things in
Cruz: from when he froze Kurumi to now?
Disk: Y-yes...
Disk: I have the footage recorded in my brain.


SFX: Whirrr
Disk: Give me a second.
Disk: I'll print you out a list.

SFX: Kachunk kachunk kachunk
Disk: Printing... Printing...
Cruz: Wahhh!! I've found a new function!?

Cruz: I see...

Cruz: I was right.
Gido: What is it?

Cruz: So father couldn't learn the Fourth Wave...
SFX: Rumble
Cruz: because of this!!

Disk: Eh?


Cruz: I've figured out...
SFX: Dramatic
Cruz: what Saten's power is!!

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