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Hayate no Gotoku! 320

Let's Work Hard in Various Ways

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 17, 2011 16:45 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

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Chapter 320


Nagi: The Hayate no Gotoku! movie is coming out this summer...
Nagi: and I'm gonna give you all the spoilers!!!

Hayate: Wait, milady!! Why are you going to tell people what happens in a movie that hasn't even been released yet!?
Nagi: I know everything in it, so I want to tell them.
Hayate: Well, yes, but you can't tell them!!
Nagi: But I want to.
Hayate: Why are you so stubborn!?

Nagi: The new character appearing in the movie is.........!!!!!
Hayate: Waaahh!!! That's a serious one!!!

Maria: If you spoil the movie...
Maria: the anime's third season will disappear.

Margin: Keeping secrets is bad for your health. Revealing secrets is bad for popularity...

Bottom: All the secrets will be revealed on 8/27! Enjoy the opening color pages!!


[TN: The Japanese at the top more or less comes out to "Heaven is a place on earth".]
Left text: Volume 28. Exclusive news! On sale now!! A limited edition in celebration of the theatrical anime was released too!!
Bubble: The Hata-sensei Illustration Ver. Advanced Ticket & Reprinted Original Art Set comes with the volume! See the leaflet inside the volume for details!!
Title: Chapter 320 "Let's Work Hard in Various Ways"
Credit: Hata Kenjirou
Bottom bubble: The Hayate no Gotoku! Poster Manga will start serialization in bookstores on 5/17!!You can read Hayate at the bookstore each month! Check the participating stores at websunday.net. This big size revival will be running each month! Get info on the movie on the Hayate radio show Hayasan at onsen.ag! The official site for the theatrical anime is www.hayate-project.com


Hina: Eh!? You're going to see that idol girl from before right now!?
Hayate: Yes!!

Hayate: Luca-san believes that I am a girl.
Hayate: I know I need to tell her the truth at some point...
Hayate: but now isn't the time...

Hayate: So Hinagiku-san!! Take off your uniform right now!!
Hayate: And let me wear it!!
Hina: Don't say things that perverted with such a handsome face!!!

Hina: And isn't this a good opportunity...
Hina: to tell her you're a guy?

Hayate: But being an idol is such a mental job.
Hayate: If I tell her carelessly...


Luca: I'm in despair!! The fact that I exposed my skin believing you were a girl has left me in despair!!
Luca: I'm unfit to be a bride now!!!!

Luca: I'll just die...
Hayate: If it ended up like that...
Hina: If that was enough to make a girl kill herself, all the girls around you would be dead, Hayate-kun.

Hayate: But she's a famous idol. If the mental shock affected her performance...
Hina: I suppose that's true...

SFX: Take off
Hayate: Hinagiku-san!?


Hina: Fine.
Hina: I'll lend you this.
Hina: But in exchange...

Hayate: In exchange?

Hina: I'm going, too!!
Hayate: Eh?

Hina: I'll determine whether you can tell her the truth...
Hina: without giving her too much of a shock!!


Announcer: And now to introduce today's guest!!
Announcer: She's a very popular super idol!!

Announcer: She's Suirenji Luca-san.
Luca: Hello, everyone. This is Suirenji Luca.

Luca: Thank you very much for making such a lovely broadcasting center for me today!!
Announcer: No, this place wasn't created for you!!

Luca: Eh!? It wasn't!? I was sure a place this small had been designed for me...
Announcer: Well, sorry for being so small!!

Announcer: By the way, it seems quite a few fans have gathered to catch a glimpse of you, Luca-san.
Luca: Yes, I'm very grateful.


Luca: Everyone who forgot to bring me a present had better make a dash for Midtown.
Crowd: Ehhhhh?
Announcer: C'mon!! Don't say such horrible things so cutely!!

Announcer: Anyway, about your new song...
Luca: Oh, yes! What about it?

SFX: Piled up

Luca: Excellent work!
Announcer: Oh, you too.

Luca: Sorry about all the rude things I said!
Luca: Please call me back sometime.
Man: Think nothing of it. Everyone was really excited!

Man: Come back some other time.
Luca: Of course!!


Luca: Thank you very much!!

SFX: Step

Man: What a good girl.
Announcer: Yes, she really is.

Crowd: Kyaaah, Luca-saaan!!
Crowd: Over here!
Crowd: Luca-saaaan!!!

SFX: Rrrrr
Crowd: Kyaah kyaah

Luca: Hoo...


Manager: Good work.
Luca: Oh, yes, you too.

Luca: I've been thinking about my manga all day...
Luca: so I'm really tired.

Manager: Haven't you been more tired than usual lately?
SFX: Surprise

Luca: Eh? Ahh...um...H-have I?
Manager: Yes.

Manager: It'll be a problem if you stay up late and then collapse during the day.
Manager: Make sure you get your sleep at night.

Luca: Ah ha ha. Of course.
Luca: I can't tell her...

Luca: I simply can't tell her...
Luca: that I'm making a manga!!


Luca: Sorry for...
Luca: calling you out so suddenly!!

Hayate: Don't worry about it!!
Hayate: I'm glad I could see you again!

Luca: By the way, who is that?
Hayate: Oh, she's...

Hayate: She's kind of a chaperon I guess...
Hina: My name is Katsura Hinagiku. Nice to meet you.

Hina: You have to tell her.
Hayate: I know that!!
SFX: Whisper whisper


Luca: Katsura Hinagiku-san...
Luca: Oh!! Chiharu mentioned you!!
Hina: Eh? She did?

Chiharu: At our school...
Chiharu: we have a student council president who's stronger than a Gu*dam.

Luca: ...is what she said.
Hina: Oh, I see.
Hina: Chiharu...

Luca: It must be nice.
Luca: The two of you go to Hakuou, right?

Hayate: By the way, Luca-san...
Hayate: what high school do you go to?


Luca: I...
Luca: don't go to school.

Hayate: Eh?

Luca: I was poor and tried to get a scholarship so I could go to high school.
Luca: I studied hard...
Luca: and even went the student council president route...

Luca: but a lot happened...
Luca: and that was no longer what I had to focus on.

Luca: Waaah!! Sorry!! I just got real dark all of a sudden!!
Hayate: N-not at all!!

Luca: Anyway, I have something to discuss!! Come in!!
Hayate: Oh, okay.


Hayate: What is it, Hinagiku-san?

Hina: Nothing much.
Hina: I don't know the details...

Hina: but...
Hina: it must have been tough for her...

Hayate: Hinagiku-san...

Luca: Sit wherever you like.
Luca: It's a bit embarrassing how sparse the place is.
Hayate: Oh...


Luca: Anyway...
Luca: I called you here for something very important!
Hayate: And what's that?

Luca: This.
Hayate: This is...
Hayate: your doujinshi.

Luca: At first I sold 2 copies...
Luca: and then 9...
Luca: The sales went up a bit, but still not much...

Luca: I want to become a mangaka that can actually sell!!
Hayate: A mangaka that sells?

Luca: And to do that...
Luca: I need to make an even better manga.


Luca: So...
Luca: I want your honest opinions on what parts aren't any good and why!!

Hayate: Eh?

Hayate: Um...
Hayate: Well...

Hayate: I-I think it's wonderfully original.
Luca: Th-
Luca: That's not what I mean!!

Hayate: But you asked for my thoughts...
SFX: Swipe


Hayate: Hinagiku-san...

Hina: This is my first time seeing this...
Hina: and I don't know manga like Nagi does...

Hina: but can I give you...
Hina: my honest opinion?

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 26 which will be released on Wednesday May 25th.

Margin: Hinagiku's has a sharp gaze as she gives a serious response to a serious request. ...What will her honest opinion be? I can't wait...!!

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