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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Needless 91

City (2)

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 19, 2011 17:04 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 91

Chapter 91


Title: #91 City (2)
Text: Blade breaks into the city!! What awaits him there...!?
Credit: Imai Kami


SFX: Crash

SFX: Boom


SFX: Beep beep
SFX: Rumble

SFX: Beep
Men: What is it!?
Men: Is someone running into it with heavy machinery!?

Woman: Gatekeeper!! Something is wrong with Gate 666!!
SFX: Beep
Men: I know that!!
Men: I'm looking at it now.
SFX: Beep

Men: It can't be!!
Men: The gate has been destroyed!!

Men: You're kidding....


Men: You bastards!!
SFX: Run up
Men: How in the hell!?

Blade: Oh, sorry.
Blade: The door was unlocked.

Men: They're Needless!!
Men: Kill them!!!

SFX: Gunfire

Solva: Magnetic World: Anti


SFX: Hover

Men: Huh?

Seth: Graviton

SFX: Snap
Men: Gyaaaaahhh!


Men: Waahhhhh!!!
SFX: Gunfire

SFX: Bullets hitting

Men: Wh-what the hell is that!?
SFX: Smoke...


Blade: Heh.
SFX: Lift wings
Blade: If you keep using things like that, you'll wear yourself out.

Eve: No, it's okay.
SFX: Slide...

Disk: That's Disk-chan's Special Concentrated Undiluted Derodoron!
Blade: I see.

SFX: Rubble falling

Men: Uuh...
Men: Waahhh!!


Blade: I'll blow you away!!!
SFX: Hahhhh

SFX: Wham

SFX: Crash crash
Man: Bph
Man: Bph


SFX: Rumble
Blade: Okay.
Blade: That takes care of them.

Eve: Hey, why do you breathe on your fist before punching?
SFX: Rumble
Blade: Putting bad breath on it raises its power.
Eve: Ohh...
Disk: Okay, let's go.

SFX: Bright



Blade: So this is...
SFX: Wind
Blade: the City...

Seth: Everyone's eyes...
Seth: look somehow dead.

Police: F-freeze!!
SFX: Hold out
Police: Th-this is the police!!

Blade: What?
Blade: Are you comrades of those guys from before?

Police: What are you talking about!?
Police: This isn't about being comrades with anyone!!


Blade: Oh, that's right.
Blade: I had heard there were "police" here...

Police: You have committed trespassing, property damage, and attempted murder!!
Police: You're under arrest!!

Eve: What's "arrest"?
Eve: It means they're going to capture us and imprison us.

Eve: Ohh...
Eve: So if you punch people here other people that had nothing to do with it will capture you?
Eve: Why?

Police: Why...? That should be obvious!!
Police: If you commit acts of violence, you'll be punished!! That's just common sense!!


Blade: ...Then what's someone supposed to do if someone picks a fight with them?
Blade: If they win, you guys'll kill them...
Blade: and they'll be killed by their opponent if they lose.

Police: Y-
Police: You don't have to fight!!
Police: That's right!! You can try to talk it out...
Police: and if that doesn't work, you can just run away!!

Blade: Eh?
Blade: Run away?


Seth: ...This is still Japan, right?
Solva: I guess this is what you call culture shock.

Disk: I'm sure the odd ones out here...
Disk: are us.

Blade: Oh, sorry.
SFX: Step forward
Police: Eh?

Blade: Bring out someone who can actually speak Japanese.
SFX: Rumble
Blade: Otherwise, fuck off.

Police: What...?


Man: Prime Minister!!!
Man: The gate has been breached!!!

PM: What!?

Men: Unbelievable!!

Men: There's no way they could have developed a weapon that could do that in the Blackspot!!
Men: That has to be some kind of mistake!!!


Saten: Weapon?
Saten: Did you people really think that gate was enough?

Men: Eh?

Saten: I could break through that gate on my own.
Saten: It's actually a bit surprising it didn't happen until now.

Ishiyama: Yes.
Ishiyama: You mustn't take Needless powers lightly.

PM: Then hurry up and guard the gate!!
PM: We can't let that dirty trash...
PM: get inside of the City!!!


Saten: It's too late.
Saten: They're already in.

Men: Then what do we do!?
Men: I know!! We request help from the JSDF!
Men: No, we need to make an announcement to the people first!

Men: Prime Minister!!

PM: Ah...
PM: Um...
PM: Let's see...

Saten: You're wasting your breath.
Saten: Those people are useless.

PM: You bastard!!!

Ishiyama: This is...
Ishiyama: the beginning of our plan.

SFX: Cough


Men: Gwehhhhhhhh!!!
SFX: Splatter

SFX: Slam

PM: What!?
MEn: Uuh...

Men: Baahhhh!!
SFX: Splatter

SFX: Thud slam


SFX: Crack crack crack

SFX: Splatter

PM: What the hell!?
SFX: Bam
PM: You put something in the water!!!

Saten: It's called an Apple of Eden.
SFX: Rumble
Saten: Nice stuff, isn't it?

PM: Uuhhh...
PM: You traitors!!
PM: Damn Council!!!
SFX: Cough


PM: Why are you two fine!?
Saten: For a Needless, poison is nothing.
Saten: And some actually help us awaken.

Ishiyama: It's actually quite valuable.
Ishiyama: You should be thanking us.
Ishiyama: I just gave you a part of the Second Christ who you wanted so much.

PM: I won't let you...
PM: overthrow Japan!!!

Saten: Don't be so conceited. Japan is not so weak...
Saten: that it will be overthrown by the death of someone like you.

PM: Why!?
PM: I'm the leader of Japan...
PM: You said I could join the Committee!!!

Ishiyama: What are you saying?
Ishiyama: This is a test to see if you can join or not.
Ishiyama: This is what you wanted.

PM: Liar!
PM: This is...


Ishiyama: The 666 Member Committee is made up of the 666 people who should survive when the world ends.
Ishiyama: And it is also the group that selects who that should be.
SFX: Rumble
Ishiyama: Each member is someone who is an expert in a certain field, the possessor of great skills,
Ishiyama: or a Needless with a unique power.

Ishiyama: In other words, exactly 666 people may board our ark.
Ishiyama: The odds of you being one of them and the odds of you being at the pinnacle of a certain field...
Ishiyama: are zero.

PM: No...!!

Saten: All you can hope for is to create a talent now.
Saten: Basically, becoming a Needless is the only path remaining for you.

PM: I...
PM: can become a Needless?


Saten: Yes.
Saten: If you possess the proper qualities, you won't die.
Saten: And not just that. You'll become a splendid Needless.
Saten: Then you'll understand what it means to be Needless.

PM: And if I don't...
PM: become a Needless?

Ishiyama: Then you will die.

PM: I-I don't want to die!!
Saten: Then you'd better pray you have the proper qualities.

PM: I want to!!
PM: I want to become a Needless!!
PM: I want to become...
PM: a Needless!!


PM: I wan-
SFX: Boom

SFX: Splat

SFX: Squirt squirt
Saten: As expected, he didn't have it.


SFX: Rumble

Ishiyama: Primaria.
Ishiyama: Take care of the cleanup.
Primaria: Yes, sir.

Saten: Sorry about the constant work.
Primaria: Don't worry. It's my job.

Primaria: Clea-

Primaria: ning

Primaria: Clea-

Primaria: ning

Arclight: ...So it's over.
SFX: Step


SFX: Rumble

Saten: It is,
Saten: Arclight-niisan.


Arclight: Riru.
Riru: Yes?
Arclight: Cancel everything on the prime minister's schedule.
Riru: Understood. I'll pass that along to the secretary girls squad.

Arclight: Doppelganger.

SFX: Transforming...


SFX: Rumble

Arclight: Then let's begin the plan.
Text: Arclight is back!! What is he planning!?

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