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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 259

Little Princess (3)

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 24, 2011 18:32 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 259


Momiji: You're drinking too much. What's wrong!?
Magi: The major shoves everything on me...
SFX: Hic
Magi: and Yo won't help at all!!
Magi: Everyone just thinks about themselves!!

Momiji: That isn't true.
Text: Gaahhh!!
Magi: Shut up! Water!!
Magi: Bring me some water!!
Momiji: Okay, okay.

Momiji: While I'm at it...
Momiji: I'll give him a high calorie drink...
SFX: Pour...
Momiji: with a bunch of extra sugar in it.

Momiji: That way he'll get to that solid middle-aged body type sooner.
SFX: Wham!!
Magi: You're just thinking about yourself, too!!!

Sakaki: Due to the remodeling, there aren't enough guest rooms,
Sakaki: but I got you a hospital room for high level espers.
Sakaki: You are VIP patients after all.

Sakaki: Minamoto and I have a simple room for staff...
Sakaki: and the Children went to the special section.
Sakaki: For the next few days, just make yourselves at home here.
Sakaki: The examinations will begin in an hour.

Sakaki: Okay, we're ready.
Sakaki: Come with me to-...
Box: An hour later.

Sakaki: Don't make yourselves that much at home.
Sakaki: And where did you bring all this in from anyway!?
SFX: Lots and lots

Margin: Some healing for those of you raging after drinking too much!! And a nice shock for those of you who have made yourself too much at home...

Bottom: Volumes 1-25 of Zettai Karen Children are on sale now!!


Top: The official site where you can see the first episode of the anime for free and find information on the OVA is http://www.z-children.com!! Go see the Children move and speak!!
Text: Kashiwagi Oboro, the lovely and talented BABEL woman at a more innocent time.
Title: 259th sense. Little Princess (3)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


SFX: Roooar

Box: 8 years ago
Sign: Medical Research Building

Men: Is that it!?
Men: Probably.
Kashiwagi: What is it?


Men: It's that top secret matter...
Kashiwagi: You mean...

Kashiwagi: the Level 7 that is...
Kashiwagi: going to start training here?

Men: Yes, the rumor is that it's a small-
SFX: Shock

Men: I-I have to get to work!!
Men: Me, too!
SFX: Dash
SFX: Approach


Kashiwagi: Ee!?
SFX: Shock
SFX: Rumble
Chief: Are you...
Chief: the new staff member?

Kashiwagi: Y-yes.
Kashiwagi: My name is Kashiwagi Oboro.
Kashiwagi: I've been assigned to the executive department, chief!

Chief: I see.
Chief: This place has more sensitive information than even the HQ.

Chief: Refrain from spreading rumors!
SFX: Bow
Kashiwagi: Y-
Kashiwagi: Yes, sir!


Kashiwagi: The chief himself has come to the laboratory...

Kashiwagi: and he's skipping there.
SFX: Hm hmmm hm hmm
Kashiwagi: BABEL certainly has...
Kashiwagi: some odd publicity.

Kashiwagi: This is an important department and it won't look bad on my old school or for bureaucracy.
Book title: Management
Book author: Drucker
Kashiwagi: This organization has a ways to go.
Kashiwagi: It looks like there is a real reason to work here.

SFX: Roooar


Chief: For so long our country had no Level 7's...
Chief: and now we have 3!!

Chief: Aoi-kun is still being monitored at her own home, but she will eventually come here.
Chief: And they are all 4 years old!!


Chief: Japan's future is here!!

Mother: I know you'll be lonely...
Mother: but be a good girl.
Mother: We'll make sure to come see you on every visiting day.

Shiho: Okay!


SFX: Rrrrrrr
Minamoto: You said that...

Minamoto: but wasn't it actually...
Minamoto: tough to be separated from your parents at that age?

Shiho: Yeah.
Shiho: But I was a Psychometer...
Shiho: so I knew why it was happening.


Shiho: Mama was on the verge of neurosis at having her daughter always reading her innermost thoughts...
Shiho: and I knew that everyone around me was afraid of me.
Shiho: So...

Shiho: If I'm here...
Shiho: no one has to be troubled.

Shiho: And I have a servant here.
Book: The Spider's Thread
Chief: If you need anything else, just ask, okay!?
Chief: You can have picture books, toys, and snacks!!

Shiho: Hey, chief.


Shiho: When will this "Kaoru" girl...
Shiho: be coming here?
SFX: Twitch

Chief: You read my mind, didn't you!?
Chief: I told you not to do that! And you're supposed to be training to keep your powers in check.
Text: C'mon...
Shiho: I can still see this.

Chief: I see, so you saw it!!?
Chief: That's our country's treasure for you!! What an amazing level!!
SFX: Lunge
SFX: Hop
Shiho: Enough of that.

Chief: She's been here...
Chief: for a year now.
Chief: She's a Psychokinetic.

Chief: Her power control has stabilized and her limiter is doing better...
Chief: so I was thinking of introducing her to you soon.
Shiho: I...
Shiho: prefer being alone.


Shiho: Even if she's the same level...
Shiho: I bet she won't like me either.

Chief: What she doesn't like...
Chief: are her own powers.

Chief: With her powers, she could end up hurting someone she cares about.

Chief: You two are the same.
Chief: I'm sure you'll make good friends.


Shiho: We aren't the same.
Shiho: Of course the child who can read your mind will be the disturbing one.

Chief: Well...
Chief: you'll know before long.


Shiho: Who's she?
Chief: Nogami Aoi-kun.
Chief: She's a Level 7 Teleporter.

Chief: She was found earlier than you...
Chief: but you have more experience here.
Chief: Try to get along with her.

Shiho: If she was found before me...
Shiho: why was she only now brought here?
SFX: Glare

Kashiwagi: She was discovered by an examination of her psychic waves...
Kashiwagi: but we didn't know then if her powers would actually activate or not.

Kashiwagi: Teleportation requires many different powers at once.
Shiho: Who is she?
Chief: My new secretary.
Chief: I chose her because she is very good at her job.


Shiho: Well, whatever.
Shiho: Nice to meet you.

Text: Ah

Aoi: Nice to meet you...

SFX: Kyuuhhhn
Aoi: Mom is busy with Yuuki...
Aoi: and it'll help dad with his job if I come here...
Aoi: It would be better if I'm not there, so I just have to bear with it...

Shiho: This girl...


Shiho: is cute but annoying!!
Shiho: She pisses me off!!
Shiho: She's just a normal kid!
Shiho: She's just lonely because she misses her family!!
SFX: Annoyed

Shiho: She only had something bad happen to her because of her powers once...
Shiho: so why is she acting like she has it worst!?

Shiho: What a cute stuffed animal.
Shiho: Can I see it?
Aoi: Eh?

Aoi: Okay?

SFX: Smile


Aoi: Waaaahhhh!!
SFX: Cry
SFX: Dangle
Paper: Shitty bear
Chief: Sh-Shiho-chan!!
SFX: Ignore

Minamoto: That's horrible.
Shiho: But...
Shiho: she looked so much happier than me.
SFX: Bend


SFX: Click

Shiho: And I also felt that...
Shiho: I should just make her hate me before she became afraid of my powers.
SFX: Creak
Shiho: But...
Shiho: soon afterwards...

Shiho: we...
Shiho: met Kaoru-chan.
Text: The fateful meeting that began this story!!
Box: To be continued in Issue 27

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