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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hayate no Gotoku! 321

High Spec Adviser

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 26, 2011 00:53 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

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Chapter 321


Right: The theatrical anime will be released on 8/27. www.hayate-project.com
Text & title: Her capable efforts and ambitions are made from love towards others. Chapter 321 "High Spec Adviser"
Left: Volume 28, both normal edition & theatrical anime limited edition, are on sale now!!
Credit: Hata Kenjirou


Margin: In order to draw a good manga, Luca has asked for frank advice. But most of the time, frank advice is...

Hina: I don't know about manga like Nagi or the others...
Hina: so I can't say anything too precise...

Hina: but can I give you...
Hina: my honest opinion?

Luca: That's...
Luca: That's exactly the type of opinion I want!!
Luca: I want a general and flat opinion!!

Luca: I want a pure opinion not affected by feelings towards how hard I've worked!!
Luca: So tell me!!


Hina: A dolphin protagonist...
Hina: is hard to empathize with.

SFX: Shock...

Luca: I-I had vaguely realized it...
Luca: but hearing it directly is something else...
Hayate: L-Luca-san!!

Hayate: I-I empathized with him!!
Hayate: I felt sorry for the dolphin!

Luca: Chiharu acts that way, too.
Luca: She softens her opinion so as not to hurt me.


Luca: I appreciate your consideration...
Luca: but that makes the sudden growth I want difficult.
Hayate: Luca-san...

Hina: May I continue?
Luca: Ah!! G-give me a second!!

SFX: Breathe breathe

SFX: Lunge lunge

Luca: Now then...
Luca: continue.


Hina: I can't tell where the story is going.
Luca: Hawah!!
SFX: Shock
Hayate: Luca-san!!

Hayate: P-please stop that, Hinagiku-san!!
Hayate: Luca-san's life is already down to zero!!

Hina: I've seen you sing and dance.
Hina: To be able to do that at your age, you must have worked hard even if you had talent to begin with.

Hina: So you have what it takes to get over this mental pain!!
Hina: Isn't that right,
Hina: Luca!?

Luca: You said your name...
Luca: is Hinagiku, right?
SFX: Clench...

Luca: Fine, continue!!
Luca: Hina!!!


Hina: And it's hard to look at.
Luca: Hawah!!
SFX: Shock
Hayate: Luca-san!!

Chiharu: Come to think of it, if you're putting out a doujinshi...
Chiharu: shouldn't you come up with a circle name?

Ayumu: What's a circle name?
Chiharu: It's group name used when putting out a doujinshi.

Nagi: Hmm, a circle name, huh?
Nagi: I guess I want a really cool circle name with a lot of originality.


Ayumu: Hmm, then...
Ayumu: If you take the Nishi from Nishizawa, you get West... West...
Nagi: Why do I have to take a character from your name?

Ayumu: Then why don't you give it the name you think is the coolest in the universe, Nagi-chan!?
Nagi: Fine!! I will!! And why are you the one getting angry here!?

Chiharu: Actually, isn't the circle name...
Chiharu: rather irrelevant?

Nagi: Then tell us what you think the coolest circle name in the universe is.
Chiharu: Eh!?
Chiharu: Me...!?

Ayumu: Oh, I wanna hear that!
Ayumu: I wanna hear what Chiharu-san thinks is the coolest name in the universe.
Nagi: Yeah, what's your coolest name in the universe?
Chiharu: Wait...!! You...!!

Chiharu: Then..Circle...


Chiharu: M-
Chiharu: Mega Drives.

Nagi: You stole that name...

Luca: Thank you very much for today.
Hina: No, no. I'm sorry about all that.


Luca: When I draw a new one, will you read it?
Hina: Yes, of course.

Hina: I'm sure you can...
Hina: become a wonderful mangaka.

Luca: Thanks.
Luca: I'll do my best!!

Hina: Well, goodbye.
Hina: Don't overdo things.
Luca: I won't. Bye.


Hayate: I never did tell her I'm a guy.
Hina: That's true...

Hina: By the way, Hayate-kun.
Hina: Do you have a lot of manga?
Hayate: Yes, Lady Nagi has a lot...

Hina: Could I read it?
Hayate: Eh? I suppose so, but why?

Hina: Next time...
Hina: I want to be able to give more concrete advice.

Hayate: Eh?


Hina: I want to cheer on...
Hina: someone like her.

Hina: I want to...
Hina: help her.

Hayate: Hinagiku-san...

Hayate: Yes.


Hayate: Let's cheer on...
Hayate: Luca-san's manga together.

Luca: Hoo...

Luca: That was rough mentally...
Luca: but opinions like that are valuable.

Luca: I don't know how to fix this yet...
Luca: but I'll use her opinions to help with the next-


Luca: Hgh...!!

SFX: Thud

Luca: Ah...
Luca: Ahh...

SFX: Collapse


Hayate: Um...Hinagiku-san!!

Hayate: I think...
Hayate: I'm going to go back and tell Luca-san I'm a guy.

Hina: Hayate-kun...

Hayate: I don't think it's right to continue lying to her...
Hayate: while I'm cheering her on.

Hina: Well, it isn't right regardless.
Hayate: T-true...


Hina: But...
Hina: I think that's the right decision.

Hina: Go, Hayate-kun!!
Hayate: Okay, see you later!!

SFX: Ding dong ding dong

Hayate: Huh?
Hayate: Did she leave already?

SFX: Slide

Hayate: The autolock...
Hayate: is fairly useless...
SFX: Step step


Hayate: Luca-san!!
Hayate: Luca-saaaaannnn!!

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 27 which will be released on Wednesday June 1st.

Margin: A famous idol by day and a manga writer by night. What has assaulted Luca's body during that hard double life!?

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